Vilano R2 commuter review: Is It good Beginner Bike?

Vilano R2 commuter
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If you have to travel to work every day, why not increase your fitness and reduce harm to the environment by switching to a commuter bike? This type of bike is comfortable and practical while being equipped with all the essential features of a daily cycle.

We selected the Vilano R2 bike to review. It boasts a lightweight frame, easy-to-use brakes, and 21 speeds. And the combination of these features alone makes it compatible to use every day. Let’s explore this Vilano R2 commuter review in more detail. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Commuter Bike

Vilano R2 commuter

If you’re new to cycling, we understand how overwhelming it can be to choose a commuter bike. Below are some of the top characteristics to consider when buying a commuter bike. 

Frame Material

Your bike’s frame material makes a difference to its durability, speed, weight, comfort, and price. Aluminum is a common choice as it’s lightweight, rustproof, and durable. But you may also wish to consider a steel-framed bike, which offers plenty of cushioning against shocks and vibrations when you’re riding on technical terrain.

Suspension System

For the ultimate comfort when riding your bike, we suggest a full suspension system. This means that the bike’s technology absorbs shocks and impacts, making you feel more comfortable during your travels. A full-suspension bike is easier to ride than a hardtail model, which is ideal if you’re a beginner or looking for more assistance.

Alternatively, opt for a hardtail commuter bike for a lighter weight overall and to reduce the cost of the bike. In fact, some cyclists prefer a hardtail bike if they often ride up hills as the reduced weight makes the climbs easier.


If you’re regularly commuting, you may require additional accessories on the bike, such as a front basket, fenders, and bottle holder. These accessories allow you to transport your goods conveniently.

Also, consider mudguards if you’ll be riding the bike through muds or when it’s raining. This feature protects your clothing, allowing you to show up to the office clean and tidy.


No matter how high-quality the bike is, if it’s too small or too big, you won’t be able to experience a comfortable and safe ride. Before you begin the buying process, measure your height and the inside of your leg. These measurements will help you to determine the correct bike size specifically for you.


Bear in mind where you’re cycling so you know the type of terrain the bike will be exposed to. If you plan on riding on smooth pavements, you won’t require many gears. Alternatively, opt for 16+ speeds if you’ll be riding up and down hills, on gravel, and across bumpy and rocky surfaces. 

You may also wish to choose a high-speed bike if you enjoy using your bike for fitness purposes. This enables you to adjust the bike’s resistance, making it more difficult to challenge your fitness levels.


Finally, consider if you’ll choose rim brakes or disc brakes. The former consists of caliper and cantilever brakes. On the other hand, disc brakes are found in the middle of the wheel and are made of more durable materials, enabling the brake pads to last longer.

Features and Benefits of the Vilano R2 Commuter Bike

The best way to discover if the Vilano R2 commuter bike is for you is to appreciate its features. Below, you’ll have a brief synopsis of each key feature and an outline of what these specifications mean to cyclists. 


Vilano R2 Commuter Bike

The Vilano R2 comes with an aluminum frame, which is one of the most popular materials for commuter bikes, and it comes with various advantages as well as some disadvantages.

An aluminum frame is lighter than steel, but it also embodies a stiffer design. These characteristics mean that you can conveniently pick up the bike should you be taking it on the train (which we assume you may want this option as it’s designed for commuting). And this reduced weight also allows you to pick up speed easier since there’s less material to carry.

Furthermore, the material’s stiffness means that it provides less shock absorption than other materials, such as carbon fiber, titanium, or even steel. As a result, you may wish to avoid riding an aluminum-framed bike on gravel and bumps. 

Finally, aluminum isn’t prone to rust, making it ideal to expose to rain. And you can even store it near open waters and it’ll remain long-lasting. 

Suspension System

This commuter bike comes with a full suspension system, enhancing the overall comfort when you’re riding it. In fact, the full-suspension system means that you can ride the Vilano R2 over bumps and on gravel without you experiencing the impact.

In addition, a full-suspension commuter bike provides more capability and versatility, as you can ride it in various conditions and environments. It’ll also perform faster on difficult trails—even when there are plenty of obstacles present.

A full suspension system will increase your safety and control, too. Therefore, you’ll experience increased stability on bumps—especially when you’re descending, which is an important trait if you’ll be riding up and downhill.

However, to experience all of these benefits, the bike requires more components than a hardtail bike. This means that the bike has a heavier weight overall, which can make cycling more difficult. Not to mention that the bike will be more expensive than a hardtail model.

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This commuter bike comes equipped with 700c double-walled CNC alloy wheels and a quick-release skewer. In addition, these wheel dimensions mean that they maintain the same speed, once the momentum is built up. This enables you to crust at a higher average speed than other wheels. And if you stop pedaling, the bike won’t lose speed as quickly as smaller wheels.

Furthermore, 700c wheels roll over branches, gravel, and potholes easily, improving your overall comfort. This feature enables you to tackle technical terrain easier, preventing you from feeling restricted when you’re cycling. And when you hit a bump in the road, the Vilano R2 will glide over it, making the ride as smooth as possible.

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of 700c wheels is that you can travel farther in less time, as you’re able to maintain a higher speed compared to other sized wheels. Finally, 700c is a preferred option for taller riders, and it looks more natural on a large-framed bike.



This commuter bike is equipped with 21 speeds, which you’ll find is more than plenty for the average cyclist. This multi-speed bike enables you to ride comfortably on a variety of terrain at different speeds. And by changing the combination of gears on the bike, you can adjust its resistance, making it more or less difficult.

Furthermore, you’ll remain more in control when cycling with this vast selection of speeds, and this number means that you can cycle up and down hills safely and easily.

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Finally, brakes are one of the most important features of a bike; you need to know that it’ll come to a responsive stop when you need it to. The Vilano R2 commuter bike is kitted with caliper brakes that are the most popular brakes for bicycles.

Caliper brakes are sleek and simple and work by clamping down on the metal rim once you apply the brakes. This type of brake system is lighter than disc brakes—up to half a kilogram. And this weight can make riding your bike easier and more enjoyable—especially when you’re cycling on tough terrain or up steep hills. 

Furthermore, they’re easy to maintain, making them a sufficient choice for entry-level cyclists, and they feature quick-release wheels that are fast and easy to change.

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Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Frame Aluminum Lightweight and stiff characteristics. Remains rustproof, making it suitable for riding in the rain.
Suspension System Full Increased overall weight compared to a hardtail. Reduces the impact of shocks and vibrations from hard surfaces.
Wheel 700cc double-walled Maintain the top speed easier and can glide over potholes, improving the comfort when you cycle. A preferred option for taller riders, and it complements large frames.
Gear 21 Allows you to ride on various terrain and at different speeds. This versatility puts you in control as you can adjust the resistance.
Brake Caliper The most common brake type. Easy to maintain and adjust. Lightweight, helping to make your ride easier.

Social Proof

Let’s take a look at some of the top reviews to explore what past customers had to say about the Vilano R2 commuter bike.

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After reading this Vilano R2 commuter review, we appreciate that you still may wish to keep your options about and look at comparing this commuter bike to similar bikes available on the market right now.

Vilano R2 commuter vs Tuono 

We chose to compare the Vilano R2 bike to the Tuono, because they’re similar in characteristics, making it a fair comparison. For example, both commuter bikes offer 21 speeds, which provide plenty of versatility for riding in various conditions and allowing you to control the resistance.

The Vilano Tuono bike is also equipped with an aluminum frame, allowing it to remain lightweight and rustproof, thus improving your comfort when riding along with the bike’s overall longevity. And it also features 700c wheels, which captures all of the advantages we mentioned above.

But one of the biggest differences between these commuter bikes is the saddle. The Tuono features a more cushioned seat, which aids in comfort when you’re riding far and fast.

Also, the Tuono commuter bike offers disc brakes, which offers an incredible amount of stopping power—enabling you to bring the bike to a stop in all types of weather. And this brake type only requires a small amount of force to the lever, and the bike will come to a halt, resulting in reduced muscle fatigue.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this Vilano R2 commuter review. This bike is compatible with entry-level cyclists, but it also comes equipped with some high-end features, such as 21 speeds, a lightweight, and an aluminum frame.

Designed with robust tires, this commuter bike is capable of riding on rough terrain and offers excellent traction when you’re riding in the rain or on mud or snow. And its slim design makes it an excellent contender for hopping on and off the train or conveniently storing in the office.

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