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RoyalBaby is a reputable brand that creates an array of bikes for children. If you’re looking for a new toy for your little one, this brand is a great consideration. Take a look at our top six findings and don’t forget to follow our buying guide to choose the best one for you.

Our top model is the RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle. It comes with wide 2.4-inch tires that add stability for your child, so they can cycle on a range of surfaces. Also, the brake levers add safety, while remaining easy and stable to use.

Best OverallRoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle
  • Sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 inches
  • Materials: Steel Frame
Best Runner-UpRoyalBaby 3-9 Years Bicycle RoyalBaby 3-9 Years Bicycle
  • Sizes: 14, 16, and 18 inches
  • Materials: Magnesium Frame
RoyalBaby Honey Buttons Bike RoyalBaby Honey Buttons Bike
  • Sizes: 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches
  • Materials: Steel Frame
RoyalBaby Stargirl Bicycle RoyalBaby Stargirl Bicycle
  • Sizes: 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches
  • Materials: Steel Frame
RoyalBaby Little Swan Girl's Bike RoyalBaby Little Swan Girl’s Bike
  • Sizes: 14, 16, and 18 inches
  • Materials: Steel Frame
RoyalBaby Jenny Bunny Girl's Bike RoyalBaby Jenny Bunny Girl’s Bike
  • Sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 inches
  • Materials: Steel Frame

RoyalBaby Bike Reviews 

We’ve created a list of the top six RoyalBaby bikes you can buy right now in 2020. Our winning selections were based on the brake type, frame materials, size range, design, and geometry. Most importantly, your child should feel safe and secure during their riding experience, which is why we prioritized the features based on safety.

RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle—Best Overall

RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle

This is the best RoyalBaby bike available right now for your little one. When you receive this item, you won’t get a headache installing the front wheel and brake, since it arrives 95 percent assembled. Plus, it includes easy-to-follow instructions and the necessary assembly tools. 

You’ll also receive peace of mind that your child remains safe on this RoyalBaby bike. In particular, it comes equipped with safe grips and a handbrake, along with a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake for further safety. For durability, it features wide 2.4-inch pneumatic tires. These tires add stability and allow your child to cycle on a variety of surfaces. 

Furthermore, this particular model makes a great purchase for beginners. Your child will appreciate the smoothness it offers, making it easier to ride than competitive units. In fact, the RoyalBaby exclusive brake lever allows your child to use the brakes efficiently, whenever they’re needed.

Plus, its soft seat makes it comfortable to sit down for long periods. The bike also comes with a handle that provides an ergonomic grip and allows your little one to hold on tight. Also, the bike bell and DIY decal adds a fun element to the bike that your child can personalize.

This child’s bicycle has an amazing design and color that little ones will love; it’s bright, stylish, and charming. Available in Fuschia, it’s a bike that’ll stand out against other riders and sparkles on a gloomy day.


  • Pneumatic tires for stability
  • Bright color and charismatic design
  • Soft seat for comfort
  • Bike rides smoothly on surfaces


  • Only available in one color

RoyalBaby 3-9 Years Bicycle—Best Runner-Up

RoyalBaby 3-9 Years Bicycle

Next on the list of the best RoyalBaby bike reviews is this stunning unit. Most impressively, it has a unique design that makes it fashion-forward, allowing children to feel confident and stylish during use. In particular, the hollowed frame and smooth lines make this a joy to look at.

Most importantly, your child will remain safe and secure while using this RoyalBaby bike. It features a double safe braking system with front and rear disc brakes to bring the bike to a stop whenever needed. Also, the adjustable bicycle handlebar and seat allows you to make adjustments to suit kids of different heights. In fact, you can use this bicycle for many years as your child grows and develops.

It’s designed with an array of high-quality, durable materials. For example, it features safety grips to keep your child secure during use. The lightweight magnesium frame isn’t as heavy as aluminum and maintains a high tensile strength. This material helps to dampen any bumps, thus improving the overall comfort and safety during use.

Furthermore, this RoyalBaby model features a soft seat for comfort, so children can play for hours at a time without irritation or discomfort. The bike also features wide, 2.4-inch tires with 2.3mm steel tubes to remain strong and durable. These measurements allow little ones to cycle through puddles and over gravel without damaging the bike’s frame.


  • Wide 2.4-inch tires
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar for growing children
  • Unique design for a fashion-forward option


  • The 18-inch wheel model doesn’t come with training wheels

RoyalBaby Honey Buttons Bike—Best for Stability

RoyalBaby Honey Buttons Bike

This steel-frame kid’s bicycle is fun and safe for little ones to ride. In particular, the wheels are patented to improve your little one’s stability while they ride the bike. Plus, the hand brakes along the front and Quando coaster brakes provide double safety. In fact, the child-sized brakes come with a shorter lever, so the rider has convenient access to it and can apply the brakes smoothly.

Little ones will also have access to TPR grips that make the handlebars soft and easier to grip for maximum control. This is particularly important if your little one feels a little on edge about riding alone. The foam saddle provides comfort all the time your little one is riding the bicycle. They’ll also have access to slip-proof pedals that come with reflectors to improve visibility when riding in dark conditions. 

This RoyalBaby kid’s bicycle offers a single speed along with a single crank and heavy-duty and robust training wheels to keep children safe and stable while riding on a range of surfaces. In particular, the bike rides well in all sorts of conditions, making it suitable for urban and rural areas. 

Furthermore, this RoyalBaby bike weights around 20 pounds to ensure that small riders don’t experience difficulties with controlling the bike in the course of riding. Plus, this light weight allows parents to conveniently pick up this bike to place in the trunk.


  • Suitable for a range of surfaces
  • Soft and easy-to-grip handlebars
  • Lightweight—weighing under 20 pounds


  • Some reported issues with difficult pedaling

RoyalBaby Stargirl Bicycle—Best for Design

RoyalBaby Stargirl Bicycle

This RoyalBaby bicycle is another model to add to your kid’s collection. You’ll receive the options of pink and red or pink and blue, allowing your little one to select a design that stands out to them. Both models come with a bell, petite basket, and streamers on the handlebars. 

The bike is available in four-tire sizes and suitable for ages three-eight, which is great, no matter your child’s height. It also has a BMX steel frame and wheels, along with heavy-duty, durable training wheels and an enclosed chain guard for improved safety during use.

Your child will love riding this bicycle for hours at a time. Plus, the ergonomic seat with saddle bar provides ample support and comfort. Its wheel bearings are low maintenance and feature higher driver efficiency and lower rolling resistance for improved comfort and fun while riding.

Furthermore, the bike features a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake system for improved safety, as well as allowing your child to bring the bike to a stop whenever they need it. In fact, the brake lever has a short length that prevents little ones from having to stretch too much when they need to apply the brakes. 

Finally, the front basket is woven and made to look stylish and cute, allowing children to place toys and other accessories in it during transportation. 


  • Never-bent training wheels
  • Woven basket for storage
  • BMX-style frame and wheels


  • Limited color selection

RoyalBaby Little Swan Girl’s Bike—Best for Strength

RoyalBaby Little Swan Girl's Bike

This RoyalBaby bike has many incredible features. For example, its rugged and durable steel frame allows this model to last for many years to come. Another benefit of this frame material is that it’s easy to repair. This quality is important if you have a child who’s new to riding a bicycle and thus, may be more prone to accidental damage. 

Despite this sturdy frame material, the RoyalBaby Little Swan bike has a sleek and elegant look, while retaining lots of strength and stamina. Also, the Unicrown fork that’s included with the frame helps to support the bike’s strength and performance at the same time.

Your little princess will love riding this bicycle every day. In fact, the soft saddle on the seat post provides hours of comfort. Furthermore, the chain guards are enclosed, which provides plenty of protection for their legs, while preventing any friction from the chain during every pedal. In addition, the never-bent training wheels offer plenty of stability and provide you and your child with peace of mind that this bike will support them during the early stages of learning to bike.

With access to a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake, your child will receive double the safety, providing both parties with peace of mind. This feature is also great for providing children with confidence when they’re ready to increase their speed.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Chain guards provide kid’s legs
  • Never-bent training wheels offer durability


  • Not suitable for short or younger riders

RoyalBaby Jenny Bunny Girl’s Bike—Best for Safety

RoyalBaby Jenny Bunny Girl's Bike

Finally for the RoyalBaby bike reviews is the Jenny Bunny model. This bike prides itself in safety, allowing your child and you to have peace of mind that they won’t feel in danger during use. In particular, the front caliper brake and rear coaster brake offers double safety, which is essential for beginners. 

It also comes equipped with wide 2.125-inch pneumatic tires that add more stability than traditional tires. Not to mention that these require little maintenance, which is great for mom and dad. Furthermore, the enclosed chainguard protects children’s legs while they pedal and the non-slip resin pedals allows kid’s feet to securely remain on the bike—even if it’s raining.

We love that there’s a wide range of sizes available, making this RoyalBaby girl’s bike versatile for all ages and heights. Plus, the handlebars and seat height are both adjustable, which means the bike can grow with your little one. 

Finally, available in three colors, girls will love the Jenny Bunny. Each shade is bright and full of character, so children will love riding around on this bicycle all day. This model is also bursting with details, such as the pink ribbons on the handlebars, fender on the seat for protection against mud, and front basket for storing toys.


  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Non-slip resin pedals
  • Three colors available 


  • Low tread tires can be difficult for riding through mud and snow

Buying Guide

If you’re unsure which of the above RoyalBaby bikes are for you, we’ve created an easy-to-follow buying guide below that covers all of the essential features to consider. Sift through these categories for some key things to remember during your search.


On children’s bikes, you’ll find two types of brakes: coaster and hands brakes. The former is also referred to as ‘pedal brakes’ and the latter ‘rim brakes’. But no matter which type of brake you choose, it’s important that your child knows how to operate them and develops the necessary strength and coordination during use. Keep in mind that you may need to be patient during this learning process.

Hand brakes are generally the safest option for kids who are learning. Plus, most kids feel more confident using this type of brake. In particular, the child can use hand brakes with their feet on or off the pedals, providing two options for them. Furthermore, hand brakes don’t require a backpedal to operate them. Plus, your child won’t need to be positioned at a particular angle, allowing them to easily brake in an emergency and feel confident when applying the brakes.

This brake type is also easier to modulate because it’s easier to control the braking power. For example, then stopping on a slippery surface, you might need to stop slower to come to a safe halt as well as prevent mud from splashing onto the children. 

Coaster brakes can be frustrating for children when they’re learning. They also weigh more, which results in a heavier bike, making it more challenging to control.

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Seat Height

You should also think about the seat height so your child remains comfortable all the time riding the bike. Opt for a minimum of 1-1.5 inches less than your child’s inseam. But we recommend having your little one sit on the saddle before they begin riding the bike. Once they’re seated, their feet should be able to sit flat on the ground. If they’re dangling above the ground, the seat is too high and this can cause some safety implications for times when they need to brake.

Ideally, your kid’s bicycle will have an adjustable seat—although, not all units come with this feature. But having an adjustable seat allows you to change its height as your child grows. Although the bike might be slightly more expensive to come with this feature, you’ll end up saving money from not having to purchase another model as your child grows. Plus, purchasing another bike for your child can be quite intimidating for them and require another learning session.

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Your child’s bike must have the right geometry for their height and comfort. Fortunately, many of these models are designed so that your child’s leg will be extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke for efficient pedaling. When kids are learning to ride their bike, they need to feel safe and confident during the training process. Therefore, both feet should comfortably touch the ground while they’re seated on the saddle. Otherwise, there’s the chance that they could fall off when steering around the corner or coming to a stop.

Many other factors can affect bike geometry. The fork offset is one of them. This refers to how far the front axle is offset from the steering axis. A small offset on the fork—around 15mm—makes steering more stable, making children feel more balanced on the bike and produces less instability whilst turning.

You also don’t want your child to have to stretch too much when referring to the distance between the seat and the handlebar. Alternatively, they shouldn’t feel too cramped and trapped. By lengthening the reach slightly, the center of gravity is shifted forward and centralizes your child’s weight. A longer reach with a shorter stem is a great combination for improving children’s comfort and stability.

In addition, the handlebars have an important role to play in geometry, to. Slightly wider handlebars improve stability when pedaling at higher speeds and increase a child’s confidence as they feel more balanced.

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A bike’s drivetrain is a combination of all of the components that push or pull the bike along, including pedals, chainrings, cranks, chain, cogs (cassette) and derailleur.

The smallest sized bikes for children don’t usually have drivetrains so that your child can propel forward with their feet. This is great for improving confidence while limiting insecurity and unsureness. It’ll also help to teach your child about coordination, balance, and speed, without allowing them to travel too fast.

As you move up to a advanced move bike for your child, this will typically have a one-speed drivetrain and consist of brakes and pedals. They’ll usually come with stabilizers too so that little ones feel balanced and continue to learn the idea of riding a bike.

For a learner or young child, a single-speed drivetrain will suffice. But as they become more skilled and older, they’ll likely prefer to travel up hills and become more confident by riding on a variety of surfaces. In which case, we recommend opting for more gears to add more variety and create a more adventurous ride.

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Frame Materials 

There’s a variety of materials to choose for your kid’s bike frame. The most important factors to consider are the material’s weight and strength. You don’t want to purchase a flimsy material that won’t add any protection in the event of an accident. On the other hand, it needs to be lightweight to make the bike comfortable to steer, as well as convenient for parents to store it in their car’s trunk.

In particular, steel makes a suitable material for intermediate riders, since it’s a stronger and sturdier material compared to aluminum, making it more possible to ride the bike over rough surfaces and generally enjoy a more challenging and adventurous ride. However, steel requires some maintenance, as if it’s not protected, this material will rust and corrode quicker than aluminum counterparts.

Magnesium and aluminum are our top recommended materials as they’re lighter than steel, making it easier for your child to control and more convenient for you to hold or transport. Also, aluminum can absorb shocks and minimize vibrations as your child travels over gravel and bumps on the ground. But for a budget-friendly alternative, a bike designed with a magnesium frame has many similar benefits and features but at a reduced price.

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The Best Runner’s Up

We hope you enjoyed reading the above RoyalBaby kid’s bike reviews, and there’s certainly plenty of choice available for parents when looking for a new toy for a little one. But, If we could only recommend two RoyalBaby bikes as the runner’s up, it’d be the RoyalBaby 3-9 Years Bicycle and RoyalBaby Little Swan Girl’s Bike. The former features a safe braking system and adjustable seat and handlebars for comfort.

Alternatively, the second model has a frame that’s easy to repair and maintain. Plus, it has a sleek and elegant look, while retaining lots of strength and durability.

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