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About Daniel & Sarah

Hey there! We’re Daniel and Sarah, just a couple of adventure junkies who are absolutely nuts about everything outdoors. 


Over the years, we’ve scrambled up mountains, biked around New Zealand, hiked the Himalayas and camped under more starry skies than we can count. We’ve collected a ton of know-how along the way, and we’re super stoked to share our tips, tricks, and tales with you.

Feel free to think of us as your fun-loving guides on this wild ride called “Outdoor Lab With J”. We’ve got your back whether you’re a seasoned outdoors-person or someone who’s just starting to explore what Mother Nature has to offer. Let’s hit this trail together!

About Outdoor Lab With J

“Outdoor Lab With J” became a part of our adventure when we took over the website in 2022. Originally established by the elusive “J”, the site already had a foundation of rich content and a thriving community of outdoor enthusiasts. We recognized the potential to grow this platform and knew we could contribute our own experiences and insights to enhance its value. 


Today, “Outdoor Lab With J” is proudly owned and managed by Shak Media Pty Ltd (ABN 90 636 089 195). Building on J’s legacy, our goal is to provide you with even more comprehensive content. Whether you’re seeking advice on outdoor gear, safety tips for various activities, or inspiration for your next adventure, we’re here to help. 


Through “Outdoor Lab With J”, we hope to cultivate a community where people feel encouraged and equipped to embrace the wonders of the outdoors. We are committed to your safety and enjoyment, and we look forward to exploring this exciting journey together. Join us, and let’s unleash the adventurer in you with “Outdoor Lab With J”!

OutdoorLabs With J

About The Author

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