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Welcome to my Priority Ace Bike Review.

Road bikes are the supercars of the biking world. They’re lighter and more streamlined, which makes you go faster on the tarmac. But, you pay a higher price for such an enhanced experience. I’m sure this isn’t news to you. Since you’re here it’s safe to assume you’ve rummaged through articles and reviews for something cost-effective. It must be frustrating!

Well, today we have the Priority Ace for your consideration. This is not merely another budget or cheap knock-off version of something. Priority Ace takes the following innovative interpretation of the popular single-speed bike such as:

  •  A Gates Carbon Drive belt system
  • Lightweight aluminum and chromoly frame material
  • A unique flip-flop rear hub
  •  Subtle body paint with stylish design trims and graphics

 Here’s some things to consider before settling on Priority Ace – the ideal road bike:

Things to Consider Before Buying A Road Bike

Road Bike

Riding through the tarmac is so easy you don’t need so many gears and whistles. A road bike is a term that describes a machine built for such conditions. They usually feature narrower tires, lighter frames, and simple drive belt systems.

A few tips to help you settle on the Perfect Road Bike:

Something You Can Lift or Carry

Titanium, steel, and aluminum make lightweight yet sturdy road bikes. But they cost more than carbon steel which gives you better comfort to price ratio.

Cruise Control

Road bikes typically feature drop handlebars. Such a feature allows for greater ease in settling on hand positions.

The Ideal Fit

Most people forget the importance of proper body positioning as they ride. You’ll be up for an unpleasant ride if your hinny sits above the handlebar. The only way to tell is if you consult a bike shop for the right sizing.

Is A Road Bike Right for You?

However, road bikes are not built for everyone. For instance, you may experience lower peak speeds and stiffness despite how hard you peddle. Your terrain may also demand something more versatile. In that case, then you may need a mountain bike or a hybrid option.

Features of the Priority Ace Bike

 Priority Ace Bicycle

Now the benefits of picking a road bike over other options are less murky. It’s time to see how the Priority Ace can tick all the right boxes. To top it off, it comes in 2 enticing “flavors” to compliment your riding style.

1.    Priority Ace of Clubs is built with simplicity, agility, and stress-free maintenance in mind. It’s ideal for casual commuters. You’ll love it if you live in the city and want something to help you run simple errands.

2.    Priority Ace of Spades adds a performance edge to the road bike concept. This gives it more responsiveness and peak speed without you feeling burdened by the frame.

These bikes feature a gate carbon drive that you can balance with the Priority Ace’s signature flip-flop rear hub. Priority Ace also has a unique approach to race seats that make them less hard on your bum. You also get adequate control with the wide flat handlebars.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll let the features speak for themselves as you read on!

The Frame

The Frame

Both models feature a 6061-aluminum frame. This brings the weight profile to a manageable

24.0 lbs. (for mid-weight bikes).

The difference comes with the material of the fork. Unfortunately, the priority Ace only comes in black.

But, that is not much of a deal-breaker when you consider the stylish graphics that deck the frame.

It also has those unique semi-deep V rims. Such features will undoubtedly get you hopped up every time you take this bike out for a spin.

1. Ace of Clubs Frame

The Priority Ace of Clubs features a Chromoly steel fork. This feature gives you enhanced stability while riding through uneven grounds or cobblestone.

This is thanks to the material and design details of the fork. It evens out the weight distribution even at peak speeds.

2. Ace of Spades Frame

The frame of the Ace of Spades features the same weight profile and aluminum material construction. The only major difference is it has a carbon fork. This gives a slight performance edge over the Ace of Clubs.

It makes the steering nimbler since the handlebar sits on a lighter fork. This makes the Ace of spades more suited to your need for speed.

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The Suspension System

The Suspension System

Typically, road bikes need a less articulated rear or front-wheel suspension system.

Since you’ll probably not use the priority rough trails or uneven mountain terrain, then the priority Race seat (saddle) will be adequate to your needs while on the tarmac.

1. Ace of Clubs Suspension System

This model features Priority’s trademark race seat. A 27.2mm Alloy steel seat post holds it in place.

Thanks to such a feature, your tires absorb all the bumps and imperfections of the road.

2. Ace of Spades Suspension System

The Ace of Spades has the same seat post and saddle. The only major difference is the material of the seat post.

This variation of the Priority Ace has a 27.2 mm carbon fiber seat post. So, you can experience amazing traction yet maintain control of your machine as you fly past other riders.

The Wheel

The Wheel

Both Priority Ace models feature 700c Aluminum rims and spokes. The wheelbase varies with your preferred size.

The small version has a 996mm wheelbase, while the XL size is 1042mm. The Priority Ace also features a unique flip-flop rear wheel hub.

This unique feature allows you to slide off the wheel with basic garage tools. You can also customize the cog set and get more out of your machine.

1. Ace of Clubs Wheels

The Priority Ace of clubs WTB ThickSlick 700 x 28 mm tires come with 32 H alloy rims. It also features a loose cassette ball-bearing hub on the rear. The rear hub features a similar open ball-bearing hub.

2. Ace of Spades Wheels

The Priority Ace of Spades has the same wheel dimensions and tires as the Ace of clubs. However, the difference comes with the performance-enhancing bearing hubs. The front has a cassette (fixed) bearing hub, while the front is also sealed.

Such a sealed bearing system ensures that the Ace of spades can take a greater beating than the Clubs variation.

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The Gearing System

The Gearing System

The gearing system of a road bike is another vital yet neglected factor. Sure, most road bikes don’t come with fancy Shimano gear and derailleur systems. But, it’s still wise to opt for a road bike that helps you do some of the mechanical work.

Here’s how these Priority Ace models rank against each other:

1. Ace of Clubs Gearing System

The clubs model has a 55T CDN front sprocket and 22T CDC rear cog. It also features a 115T CDN belt that powers the Gate S150 crankset. Such a collection of features gives you all the traction you need for relatively smooth terrain.

The Priority Ace of Clubs model has a sealed square taper bottom bracket. So, you needn’t worry about dirt and grease accumulation.

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2. Ace of Spades Gearing System

However, the spades model has a few performance-enhancing features. The front features a 55t CDX sprocket, while the rear cog is a 20t CDX model. You also get more miles to each pedal stroke. This is thanks to a genius combination of a 115T CDX drive belt and a gate S300 crankset.

The bottom bracket also has an outboard sealed bearing system. This means the spade can take a greater beating compared to the lighter model.

The Brakes

The Brakes

So far, we’ve seen that The Priority Ace can rave to top speeds and maintain traction. But, all that power is dangerous if it’s hard to bring it to a stop. Or, at least, slow down on steep descents. After all, the last thing you want is to mow into other road users.

While the braking system doesn’t feature hydraulics, disks, or other enhancements, it’s still equal to the task. 

1. Ace of Clubs Brakes

The Priority Ace of clubs comes with standard rim brakes. These handy components feature wires to adjust for optimal tension using a standard pair of pliers and a screwdriver.

2. Ace of Spades Brakes

The Ace of Spades also features the same type of rim brakes. This feature provides enough stopping power even when you’re flying through town. Features at a Glance.

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Features at a Glance

Feature Type Specification What it Means to you
Frame Lightweight aluminum construction This makes the bike lighter and easier to handle. It also makes it resistant to rust and corrosion, hence more durable.
Suspension System Priority race seat (saddle) Ensures a comfortable ride and more control over rough, uneven road surfaces.
Wheels Rear-wheel flip-flop hub Allows you to take the rear wheel off intuitively, minus the need for special tools.
Gearing System Enclosed rear-wheel cog Ensures the bearing system is free of dirt and debris that can affect their lubrication and effectiveness.
Braking System Standard rim brakes Easy to maintain and replaces compared to alternative braking systems.

Social Proof

Getting an impression of what others think about a product is the first step to a worthy purchase. Likewise, we’ve spent a reasonable amount of time and energy scouring the web.

Our search produced the following impressions.

For one, Priority Ace is such a new and exciting product. It seems that users are too busy enjoying their rides that they have no time to post their experiences.

But, with such amazing features, people still want to get out there and grab one. Fortunately, this Reddit user got the encouragement he needed.

Even experienced mountain bikers are willing to take a spin. This is all thanks to Priority Ace’s sleek design.

And, to top it off, ordering a new Priority ace bike has never been so easy.

Social Proof


This review is choke-full of handy features that make the Priority Ace an amazing product. But, if you’re anything like me (very picky), then you may need to consider the rest. That’s the only way to settle on the best!

Luckily, you won’t have to search the web. Here’s how the priority Ace ranks against other models in the brand.

Priority Ace Vs. Priority 600

The Priority 600 peaks way ahead of the Ace in terms of speed and enhanced features, unlike the Ace, which has design hints of automotive construction.


The asking price of the priority aces is $ 499, depending on the size and features. You may have to break the bank if you want a Priority 600. The starting price is $ 2,299. But, as they say, “you get what you pay for,” and in this case, it’s enhanced performance.


This 12-speed Priority bike has a Pinion Gearbox. It also features a DS2 rotary feature that comes straight out of the minds of 2 Porsche engineers. The priority 600 lets you hit peak speeds 30 times faster than conventional bikes.

It also sits on branded name Goodyear County tires for optimal traction and control.


Despite the enhanced features, this bike is still quite light and easy to handle. It can take on more challenging terrain such as gravel and unbeaten hiking trails. The only observable drawback is the hefty price tag.

But, it would be best if you considered upgrading to Priority 600. That’s if you need loads more power for each pedal stroke.

Priority Ace Vs. Priority Classic Plus

Are you in the market for a road bike with a mountainy feel to it? Then it would help if you considered the Priority classic plus.


The good news is you won’t need to break the bank for this bike. It can be yours for starting from just $ 549. That’s slightly higher than the Ace.


The raised handlebars are the first difference you’ll notice. It also has an Ultra-light frame. Unlike the Ace, this is a 3-speed road bike that can power through rougher roads. It also features a gate carbon drive, which makes it less of a hassle to maintain.

Such feature makes it slightly heavier at 25.0 lbs. plus, it comes with a handy water cage and puncture-resistant tires.


The Priority Classic Plus is ideal for you if you prefer to remain upright while cruising the scene. It peeks to higher speeds than the Ace. Even the stopping power is enhanced thanks to the rear coaster and front brakes.

It’s also available in a wide range of sizes. So, you could opt for this model if you can’t find a

Priority ace.

Priority Ace Bicycles: Are They Worth it?

Size Small Medium Large   Extra-large
 Wheelbase 996  1,005   1032 1,042 
 Gender Women, Kids   Uni-sex Uni-sex  Men 
 Frame material  Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy   Aluminum alloy  Aluminum alloy
 Fork material  Carbon/aluminum Carbon/aluminum  Carbon/aluminum  Carbon/aluminum 
 Tires/ rims 700c WTB ThickSlick / 32H Alloy  700c WTB ThickSlick / 32H Alloy   700c WTB ThickSlick / 32H Alloy 700c WTB ThickSlick / 32H Alloy 
 Reach  380 395   401 420 

As you can see, it’s hard to settle on the right road bike. This is especially true if you’re picky. That’s why I hope you’ll find a healthy mid-way option in the Priority Ace. As I breathe the last sighs on this review, here’s how the priority ace will serve better than the rest:

  • This model comes from a trusted brand and features the best materials and design concepts.
  • It comes at a reasonable price, especially when you consider the premium features.
  • The Ace is easy to maintain. Plus, it comes 80% pre-assembled.

So, the only question left is, “when should I get the priority Ace?” The answer is right now while stocks last. These machines are flying out of the shelf, so please click here to check the product out.

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