The Best Road Bikes Under $200 On The Market [Review And Buying Guide]

Road Bikes Under $200
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When it comes to road bikes, there are so many on the market that it can make the decision process confusing. Whether you’re a riding enthusiast or are open to the idea of cycling more than driving, there’s something for every type of cyclist in this review.

Best OverallKent Gzr700 Road Bike Kent Gzr700 Road Bike
  • Frame Materials: Steel
  • Gears: 21
Best Runner UpTakara Yuugen Single-Speed Flat Bar Fixie Road Bike Takara Yuugen Single-Speed Flat Bar Fixie Road Bike
  • Frame Materials: Steel
  • Gears: 1
Best for a BudgetCritical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed Bike Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed Bike
  • Frame Materials: Steel
  • Gears: 1
Outroad Urban City Single-Speed Road Bike Outroad Urban City Single-Speed Road Bike
  • Frame Materials: Aluminum
  • Gears: 1
Road Bike Bicycles 21-Speed Bike Road Bike Bicycles 21-Speed Bike
  • Frame Materials: Steel
  • Gears: 21
Eurobike Road Bike Eurobike Road Bike
  • Frame Materials: Steel
  • Gears: 21

6 Best Road Bikes Under $200

We’ve discovered the best road bikes under $200 for everyone: those on a budget and beginners and experienced cyclists. In order to select these bikes, we focused on the number of gears, frame materials, shock-absorbing qualities, and overall comfort and performance.

Kent Gzr700 Road Bike—Best Overall

Kent Gzr700 Road Bike

This Kent road bike is equipped with numerous high-quality features. In particular, it features 21 different speed settings that range from very slow to very fast, allowing you to tailor the road bike to your fitness levels, the environment, and your preferences.

Furthermore, the bike takes into consideration that you may need to stop abruptly, which is why it comes with alloy calipers and brake levers. Plus, the bike features high-profile alloy 36-inch rims that provide a premium design while delivering a top-notch cycling experience. And all of this combined with a spongy seat ensures that you experience a cushioned, comfortable ride, no matter the distance or speed you’re traveling.

Another reason this is one of the best road bikes under $200 is its sturdy steel frame. This frame has been tested to withstand extreme stress and strain, allowing you to ride in some of the most toughest conditions with ease. Not to mention that the wheel forks on the bike are also steel, providing a firm standing. In fact, riders up to 250 pounds can enjoy a cushioned ride with ease.


  • Holds riders weighing up to 250 pounds
  • High-quality, durable frame
  • 36-inch rims that provide a premium appearance


  • Doesn’t feature a bottle holder or other useful accessories

Takara Yuugen Single-Speed Flat Bar Fixie Road Bike—Best Runner Up

Takara Yuugen Single-Speed Flat Bar Fixie Road Bike

One of the most capturing parts of this road bike is designed for simplicity and practicality, and it’s designed for an urban lifestyle. It comes with 700c rims that provide a comfortable and smooth ride on pavements and even on slight gravel.

Moreover, the Takara Yuugen Single-Speed Road Bike uses a high-quality steel frame and fork that provides plenty of cushioning and support when you’re cycling. Therefore, you can travel at high speeds on various grounds with minimal vibrations.

Finally, the road bike uses a flip flop hub that allows you to run it as a fixed gear, in standard freewheel, or single-speed mode without having to make any adjustments to the components. Not to mention that the flat bar provides ample comfort for cycling at high speeds.


  • 700c rims provide a smooth ride
  • High-quality, shock-absorbing steel frame
  • Bike minimizes vibrations and shocks


  • Brakes aren’t as reliable as some other road bikes on the list

Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed Bike—Best for a Budget

Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed Bike

The Critical Cycles Single-Speed Bike uses a steel frame that makes it a budget-friendly option along with cushioning the ride, allowing you to conveniently travel over bumps in the road as well as on gravel. However, this material can be fairly heavy for some riders, which requires you putting in more effort when cycling—especially when cycling uphill.

Critical Cycles is also available in various sides, from 43 to 61cm and offers rims varying from 5 to 30 mm. In fact, all of these features make this road bike suitable for various heights and riding styles.

Designed with a single speed, the Harper Coaster road bike is easy to ride, making it suitable for beginners or if you don’t plan on riding your bike that often. And for a speedy ride, it’s also equipped with extra-wide tires that measure 700 x 23c to provide incredible shock absorption. In fact, for a smooth ride, the bike features deep-V rims, freestyle pedals, and a KMC chain. These features make the bike suitable for picking up high speed—in a variety of environments.

In addition, the road bike has a foot braking system that makes riding more comfortable and intriguing. And if you love sleek road bikes, this is a great choice for you—not to mention that it captures a stylish appearance.


  • Easy to set up in less than 15 minutes
  • Available in various sizes for different riders’ heights
  • Features shock absorbing qualities


  • Some riders may require more than a single-speed bike

Outroad Urban City Single-Speed Road Bike—Best for Easy Riding

Outroad Urban City Single-Speed Road Bike

The Outroad Single-Speed Bike is the type of purchase you should make for riding around your neighborhood or taking leisurely cycles to the corner shop. Equipped with 700c wheels, it offers the high-speed experience of a road bike without the complexity of an advanced road bike. And the 30 mm deep V double-walled alloy wheels enhance the bike’s overall safety and fastness.

This road bike boasts a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame that reduces the bike’s overall weight, allowing you to cycle at high speeds easier. And the welds are smooth to the touch, which makes the bike comfortable and smooth for riding—even when you’re traveling over rocky terrain or uneven surfaces.

Furthermore, the Outroad road bike features a reliable braking system that brings the bike to a stop. This allows you to cycle at fast speeds without any fear that you’ll feel unsafe on the road bike. And with enhanced security features and control capabilities, the Outroad provides plenty of comfort and stability for beginner riders.

Finally, the bike features pull gates that provide safe parking capability, allowing you to set your bike to the side, which is an ideal feature if you’ll use the bike for commuting to work.


  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • 700c wheels offer a high-speed riding experience
  • High-quality, reliable braking system


  • The bike doesn’t provide as much shock absorption as others

Road Bike Bicycles 21-Speed Bike—Best for Speed

Road Bike Bicycles 21-Speed Bike

If you like cycling fast, the Road Bike Bicycles bike is one of the best options for you. Featuring 21 speeds, it provides an array of capabilities so you can cycle uphill, downhill, on even terrain, and in various other conditions.

And it also comes with a special speed change. The broken arm design makes the process of switching speeds quicker and more accurate with higher autonomy. Plus, the positioning tower wheel is designed with high-quality steel. Not to mention that the inclination angle can make the chain easily enter the grass and make the bike more stable overall.

Moreover, the road bike features an elastic, memory sponge saddle that provides plenty of comfort for long journeys, riding at high speed, and more. Plus, the saddle is topped with a leather texture and wear-resistant, a breathable quality that allows you to ride for long periods of time, even in summer.

It’s the sort of bike you need in your life if you’re looking for a high-performing one. In particular, the light windshield shape prevents you from sitting upright in a rigid position and the bends are used in the front and back respectively. This feature provides a higher windward passing rate and overall lighter weight.

Finally, it comes equipped with mechanical double disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power and allow you to brake easily with stronger protection.

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  • High-quality mechanical disc brakes
  • Memory sponge saddle
  • Smooth speed changes


  • Some reported that it takes a while to arrive

Eurobike Road Bike—Best for Versatility

Eurobike Road Bike

Finally for the best road bikes under $200 is the Eurobike option that’s available in two frame sizes: 49 cm and 54 cm. And it utilizes high-quality Shimano components that are fitted onto the bike. This includes Shimano A050 shifters that provide plenty of control and movement with the 21 speeds, along with a Shimano Tourney TZ rear derailleur.

In addition, the Eurobike unit uses a 26-inch aluminum frame that provides plenty of elegance along with a functional quality. In fact, the aluminum material makes the overall bike lightweight. The wheels are also wider than typical road bikes, allowing you to ride on different terrain and in a variety of weather.

The road bike’s equipped with an ergonomic handlebar and seat that provides excellent posture and an efficient riding position. This handlebar design also provides plenty of control when you’re cycling on rough trails, without any pressure or strain on your bike. Plus, the adjustable seat height offers further back support and a comfortable riding position.

Finally, the bike features V brakes that provide stronger, more long-lasting stopping power than traditional V-brake systems. This enables you to cycle at high speeds, up and down hills, and even when it’s raining or snowing without your safety being at risk.


  • Various seating heights
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum frame
  • Suitable for riding in various environmental conditions


  • It’s not designed for beginner cyclists

Buying Guide

For moments when you’re unsure of which road bike under $200 to choose, we’ve created an easy-to-follow buying guide with the three top features and considerations to bear in mind throughout your search.


There’s a handful of factors to consider when choosing which tires you need for your road bike, such as width and diameter. For width, you’ll typically have the following options: 23, 35, 28, and 32 mm. The wider the tire, the more comfort you’ll experience, because you can run a lower tire pressure without the risk of a flat. And wider tires typically provide better control and traction. On the other hand, narrower tires are more aerodynamic, allowing you to cycle at fast speeds easier.

Next, consider the tire tread. A smooth road tire rolls faster and provides a better grip on smooth surfaces, as it offers a larger contact area on the ground. Alternatively, treaded tires are thicker and heavier and make great choices for riding long distances—especially when the conditions are bumpy and uneven. In which case, you should consider tires with larger knobs that offer more traction and an overall safer riding experience.

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Flat Bar vs. Drop Bar

A flat bar is a more upright type of bike handlebar and is best for control and maneuverability as it offers a wider grip. And these are the qualities you need when traveling on tough terrain or at high speeds.

Furthermore, flat bars are typically higher up than drop bars, which means that you’ll be sitting more upright on the saddle. And more of your weight is on your rear end as opposed to your hands, resulting in less pain and great comfort.

You’ll also find that the bike is much easier to control, steer, and apply the brakes. For the latter, this is because the brake levers are locked at your fingertips and doesn’t require you to change hand positions to reach them.

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Alternatively, drop bars are another type of riding style for cyclists. They offer various hand positions when you’re riding, allowing you to feel in control and ride to suit your own preferences. In particular, you can ride on the bars, in the drops, or on the hoods. When you ride on the hoods, your arms and hands are in a natural position, which offers an immense amount of hand relief for long bike rides.

In addition, drop bars have an aerodynamic advantage. For example, riding on the hoods means that your body catches less wind and you can ride quickly will less effort. This is also beneficial if you’re commuting and need to reserve your energy.

And you’ll also find that you can ride uphill slightly easier than with a flat bar. This is because you’re able to shift your body weight to the front, which makes it easier to climb uphill. And you also have additional leverage for pedaling in a forward-leaning position.

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Frame Materials

As you may already be aware, there are various frame materials to choose from for a road bike. The top materials include steel and aluminum. Steel is an ideal option if you’re on a budget since the material is cheaper to produce. Steel also absorbs shocks, helping to minimize vibrations and overall discomfort when you’re cycling.

Alternatively, an aluminum bike frame is more lightweight, enabling you to pick up speed quicker and with less effort required. It’s also easier to cycle uphill on a road bike with an aluminum bike frame. However, this material doesn’t feature some of the shock-absorbing qualities that steel offers, which means that you’ll feel more of the impact on tough terrain.

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We hope you enjoyed these road bikes under $200 reviews of the best selections you can buy right now. Our main objective was to provide the top selections available right now without them breaking the back.

For our top recommendation, we suggest the Kent Gzr700 Road Bike. This comes with 21 speeds for excellent versatility so you can ride at a speed you want or tailor the bike to various road conditions. And its sturdy steel frame makes the road bike budget-friendly along with shock-absorbing qualities that makes your rides more comfortable.

Alternatively, the Takara Yuugen Single-Speed Flat Bar Fixie Road Bike makes an incredible runner up. It’s practical and well-suited for an urban way of life. Plus, it offers a high-performing, smooth ride on some gravel and over bumps in the road.

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