Are Rad Power Bikes Waterproof? Can You Ride Rad Power Bikes in the Rain?

Are Rad Power Bikes Waterproof?
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Rad Power Bikes are water-resistant and can work optimally in wet conditions, including in the rain and snow. However, they are not 100% waterproof. The electrical components can get damaged or develop faults if you immerse them in water.

Electric bikes from Rad Power Bikes are famous for being rugged, durable, and absolutely fun on different terrains. That’s not too surprising because the bikes are engineered by one of the reputable e-bike companies in the USA.

But are these e-bikes safe around water? Can you ride them in heavy rain or a stream trail?

This post will answer these questions and more. I will also share a few tips on how to stay safe when riding in rains. Lastly, I’ll briefly highlight what to do to protect your Rad Power bike when cleaning it.

Let’s get started.

Are Rad Power Bikes Water Resistant?

Bikes Waterproof

Rad Power Bikes can resist water to some extent but they are not fully waterproof. Unfortunately, many people use “waterproof” and “water-resistant” interchangeably, even when the terms do not mean the same thing.

Here’s a quick explanation to help you understand the difference between water resistance and waterproof e-bikes.

A thing is water-resistant if it does not let water pass through it easily. Water-resistance also means water cannot easily damage the item. However, water will eventually penetrate a water-resistant object if it stays too long or goes too deep under the water.

For example, fabrics that have water resistance can keep you from getting wet for a while but they can’t keep you dry forever.

On the other hand, waterproof means impermeable to water. In other words, the item can spend a long time and can go deeper in the water with a slim chance of getting damaged.

In this regard, Rad Power Bikes are water-resistant but not 100% waterproof.

What does this mean for you?

It means your e-bike can handle occasional splashes without any damage. However, you want to take a few extra steps to make sure water doesn’t cause any problems.

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Can You Tour on Rad Power Bikes in the Rain?

Bikes in the Rain

Yes, you can tour on Rad Power Bikes in the rain.

Seattle, Washington, in the United States is the headquarters of Rad Power Bikes. Seattle is located near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, making it one of the states that experience a lot of rain.

With this in mind, the renowned e-bike manufacturer designed the bikes to perform well in wet conditions. The battery pack on these electric Bikes, including the motor, throttle, and display are engineered to function optimally in rainy conditions.

Keep in mind, though, very heavy rain is not the type of wet condition you should be riding your bike in.

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Other wet conditions to avoid include:

  • Riding in streams: Before you hit the mountain trail or any off-road condition, try to find out if there are streams on the path. Most e-bike models from Rad Power Bikes can handle challenging terrains. But it is best to stay away from streams, as water can easily get into the electrical components and cause damage.
  • Riding in large puddles: Earlier when I answered the question if Rad Power Bikes models are waterproof or not, I mentioned the difference between water resistance and waterproof.

Riding in large puddles can beat the water resistance of Rad Power Bikes. That’s because riding in puddles is the same as dunking the bike or its electrical components in water.

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Understanding the above conditions, I strongly suggest you consider the following before and after riding your Rad Power Bike on a rainy day or in wet conditions.

  1. Wear clothing with reflectors to make yourself visible. Remember that rain is a low-visibility condition and it can be tricky for all road users. For this reason, you should take every necessary step to ensure that others on the road can see you.
  2. Follow the traffic rules. Don’t cut corners. Remember that road is especially slippery during rainy conditions.
  3. Plan out the safest route before going out. It is best to avoid trails with loose stones and gravel. You also want to steer clear of roads with cracks in the pavement when riding Rad Powe Bike in the rain.

Besides keeping you safe, choosing the safest route when it is raining can also protect your bike from harsh road elements and debris.

  1. Road hazards can be difficult to see in wet conditions. For example, bad patches on the road can be covered with floods or snow. Be extra cautious if you must ride in wet weather or cold weather (snowy roads).
  2. Dry your electric bike as soon as you get off. Use a dry piece of cloth to pat dry it. Keep the bike where it can air-dry properly.

Can I Wash Rad Power Bikes with Water?

Wash Rad Power Bikes with Water

If Rad Power Bikes are not 100% waterproof, it makes sense to ask if you can clean them with water.

The answer to the question is a resounding yes!

You can use water, soap, a sponge, and even a soft brush to clean the tires. Water and the right type of detergent won’t do your bike any harm.

However, you need to be careful when cleaning your e-bike with water. You must take the necessary precautions before you start washing e-bikes.

Learn more about how to clean your Rad Power Bikes.

rad power bikes warranty

You will find specific manufacturer’s instructions about your bike’s model on the Rad Power Bikes’ website or user’s manual. In any case, the following are some of the basic things to do before, during, and after washing your e-bike with water.

  • Turn off the bike and remove the battery. Press and hold the power or mode button for a few seconds to drain any remaining power.

While you can ride your e-bike if you get caught in the rain, you should never wash it while it is still running or without removing the battery.

  • Never flip the bike over to clean it. These electric bikes or e-bikes are designed to let water drain from top to bottom. Flipping the bike upside-down can make the water get into components and cause electrical faults or corrosion.
  • Do not use a pressure hose or jet power washer to spray water on the bike. Grease in some parts of e-bikes prevents dirt and water from reaching causing damage. But when you spray high-pressure water directly on the bike, it can wash away the grease.

Consider using a garden hose if you don’t want to use a bucket. Gentle or light water sprays are more than enough to get your bike sparkling again.

  • Your best bet is to mix warm water and non-corrosive detergent in a bucket and wash the bike. Dip a clean piece of cloth into the soapy water and give your bike a good wipe down.
  • After washing with water, gently bounce the bike on its tires to remove excess water. Pat dry your electric bike and put it somewhere in an indoor environment to dry completely.
  • Note that using a lubricant on the chain when it is still wet can cause corrosion. For this reason, it is super important to first apply a degreaser to the drivetrain. This will make any excess water in the chain evaporate quickly before you apply a bike-specific chain lubricant.
  • Only reinstall the battery and turn it on when the bike is completely dry.


So, are these e-bikes from Rad Power waterproof? The short answer is not really. It is important to always remember that water resistance is different from full waterproof.

Are Rad Power Bikes worth buying?

Rad Power Bikes can resist water because they are engineered to perform well in rain and other wet conditions. But you should not submerge the electric bikes in water. When you buy Rad Power bikes, remember that immersing any component of the e-bike in water can cause damage.

While it is okay to clean the bike with water, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to washing the electric bike.

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