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No doubt, the Trek Stache 9.7 is one big show-stealer when it comes to “Plus-sized” bikes.

Big-wheeled, fast and lightest of all, the Stache 9.7 won’t fail to allure the riders with its reliable performance on smooth, buffy terrains.

Pretty aesthetics, sleek design, and strong handling are what makes this Trek 29er standout on most trails and streets.

But is it ideal for you? How does it perform on rough terrains? Is it reliable on uphills and descents?

This Trek Stache 9.7 review goes deep into its specifications, features and how it performs on different types of terrains. This is so you can decide whether it’s the right 29er for you!

Let’s dive into its in-depth review:

TREK Stache 9.7 Review


TREK Stache 9.7

Since 1976, Trek has been creating the best bikes to ever exist in the market. Quality craftsmanship, rugged build, and superior performance are what makes them so popular amongst riders. Designers and Engineers at Trek have made sure to redefine your experience of riding a hardtail with their Stache 9.7, as its build to perfection.

“Plus-sized” bikes are hot in trend right now, and Trek has set a whole new benchmark with the launch of Stache 9.7.

Who Is It For?

Trek Stache 9.7 has been designed to be ridden hard, not ideal for a novice or beginner.

In all aspects, Stache 9.7 is fun and agile hardtail, perfect for people looking to pick up speed, rail and pop off on smooth trails. Though it performs okay on rough terrains as well.

Added traction and floatation is what makes it so versatile for riders.


Stache 9.7 is all-new, innovative version of the 29+ mountain bike.

Wider 3” tires with 120 tpi, allow for relentless grip and boost the performance of these 29ers, letting you roll over anything with greater momentum.

On the other hand, the exceptionally short chainstays provide peppy, fun rides.

 Stache is a full suspension trail bike, featuring simple hardtail design and great benefits of plus-size tires.

Key Features


TREK Stache

Stache 9.7 is the lightest 29+ hardtail ever created by Trek, all credits to the OCLV Mountain Carbon frame.

The frame looks oversized, yet is shockingly lightweight and brings the bike to its full potential.

In the Trek product line, every model with “9.” in their name means that they feature carbon frame.

This particular trek hardtail runs on 3” x 29” tires with Boost spacing.

The right side of the frame features an elevated chainstay; this is so it can accommodate the huge, chunky wheels. And, such design also eliminates chain slap.

Chassis of Stache 9.7 is remarkably sturdy, to deliver precise handling and quick pedaling response.

Tapered E2 head tube and flowing frame tubes, allow for great torsional strength to easily direct this 29er wherever you’d like.

Shifter and dropper post has internal cable routing to give the bike a cleaner and uncluttered look.

​For better stability during fun rides, the bike is housed with an air-adjustable RockShox Pike RL suspension fork. The 15mm thru-axle delivers extra precision while handling, whereas 120mm travel and bulky 35mm stanchions make hard landings much more convenient.

Frame Specifications

For 17.5” frame size, Stache 9.7 comes with 611 mm effective top tube with a 416 mm reach and 635 mm stack.

Chainstays on this are 420 mm, whereas the wheelbase measures 1116 mm.

The relative seat tube angle comes out to be 73.7°, whereas the head tube angle is 67.8°.

Stache 9.7 weighs around 28.7 lbs./13.02 kg when setting up with tubes.

The bike has a maximum weight capacity of around 136 kg (300 lbs.), including the weight of the rider, cargo, and bike itself.

Wheel Design

Wheel Design

Trek makes sure to locate the wheel deep into the frame.

The rear of Stache 9.7 looks funky due to rear fork viz. “Midstay.”

Asymmetrically designed Midstay has the chain running on the underside of rear fork. This causes the bottom bracket to come nearer to the wheel. Such a unique design is aimed to make the Stache 9.7 more agile.

If you place the tire deeper into the frame, you will stay near to the mid-section of the bike, the chainstay and wheelbase get shorter, and your bike will be amazingly agile!

Unique Midstay features “Stranglehold dropout,” with which you can convert your Stache 9.7 into a single-speed bike whenever.


When it comes to maneuverability, Stache 9.7 outshines in every which way possible. It is enjoyable and easy to direct the bike, especially during street tricks.

It floats over the trail, while the 29+ tires give you excellent grip. Thereupon, letting you make high-speed turns.


SRAM GX Eagle Rear shifter

Stache 9.7 is integrated with SRAM’s all-new, Eagle GX parts.

SRAM GX Eagle Rear shifter and derailleur packs roller bearing clutch, providing good durability and ultra-fast shifting.

​Chunky 10-50T SRAM Cassette and 32T SRAM Descendant Eagle single-ring crankset, altogether make funky roller-coaster terrains much more manageable.

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Other components

To keep Stache’s rotating mass fairly low, SUNringlé 28-hole, Duroc 50 SL tubeless-ready rims are affixed to Boost 100 (front) and 148 (rear) alloy hubs. These components further add to the high durability of Stache 9.7.

All the magic of Stache 9.7 is due to massive Bontrager Chupacabra tubeless-ready 29 x 3” tires. These plus-size tires are deliberately designed to offer low rolling resistance and remarkable grip.

Wet or dry terrain, your Stache 9.7 will stop instantly in its tracks due to the premium SRAM Guide R hydraulic disk brakes.

Every tip-in and drop-off becomes a breeze with Bontrager Drop Line 125 dropper post. You can adjust the riding position and saddle height with a handlebar-mounted lever, as per type of terrain (climb or descent).

Flaunting high strength and lightweight design, the 35mm diameter OCLV Carbon fiber handlebar is smartly integrated with Bontrager Line Pro stem.

Climb Performance

Stache 9.7 being stiff yet light rolls over almost all types of terrain. Mainly, the Trek Stache 9.7 is an outstanding climber. Roots are fairly easy to overcome, as you can speed up while riding over them or fly up the wheels.

Lightweight frame, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, and oversized wheels minimize rider’s efforts. Short reach makes you sit upright on the bike. At 73.7°, the seat tube angle proves to be slacker but it doesn’t hinder the performance of the bike.

​Its 28.7 pounds of weight further allows for smooth climbing.

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Downhill performance

On flatter segments, the Stache 9.7 runs super-fast and stays stable, confident. When moving downhill, it runs speedily over some terrains and might ride somewhat rough on other types of terrains.

Stache 9.7 responds very well to the rider and offers sharp handling. So, you need not to worry about steeps, as long as it isn’t too bendy.

Over rock gardens, Stache 9.7 won’t feel pleasant to ride, instead feels brutal. Though, you will ride just fine over short rock gardens. But, sustaining long rock gardens is going to hurt!

Bottom-line is, Trek Stache 9.7 is fun and funky to ride, only on the right type of terrain. Seeing its carbon fiber hardtail design, you cannot expect it to excel on rough terrains.

Who is going to love Stache 9.7? Anyone who is looking for a cross-country inspired bike for faster rides on smooth terrains! Trek 29er is best hardtail mountain bike to embark upon long-distance rides, as it demands less effort from the rider.

Keep in mind that, these chunky wheels will give you a hard time on tight switchbacks and corners.

Tire Pressure

As for tire pressure, it gets critical on this Stache. Too little air will make cornering hard for you, and you might feel bouncy with every pedal stroke. Whereas, too much air will demean damping benefit of this bike. Tire pressure range of 15-16 PSI will work best for Stache 9.7. You can use a regular or hand pump to fill it up.Learn how to use the hand pump.


  • ​Can be run geared or converted to Single-speed
  • ​Stranglehold thru axle allows you to adjust the length of the chainstay
  • ​Boost Spacing: more tire clearance, short stay, and strong wheels
  • ​OCLV Mountain carbon frame is strong, light and efficient
  • ​Huge 29+ tires allow for fun, nimble rides
  • ​Ideal for smooth, buff terrains
  • ​Features SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain


  • ​Does not feature downtube cage mounts
  • ​Rides brutally over choppy terrains

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Customer Reviews

Stache 9.7 has received myriads of positive reviews from riders across the globe, few of which claim it to be the best hardtail mountain bike present in the market.

As per customers, Stache 9.7 is fast, durable and yet very lightweight in design. Unique geometry, premium SRAM parts, and chunky wheels make it suitable for smooth uphills and descents.

For the price, users think that is exceptionally durable, offers excellent riding performance and excels in its playfulness.

On the negative side, few of them mention that Stache 9.7 performs poorly over choppy, rough terrains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the price of Trek Stache 9.7?

Trek Stache 9.7 falls between the price ranges of $3500 to $4000, for a carbon fiber frame.

Q. Does Stache 9.7 comes with a warranty?

Trek backs their Stache 9.7 model with a Lifetime warranty on frame, 2 years warranty on all rear suspension parts/Bontrager parts and 1 year on paint and transfers.

Q. Where can buy the Stache 9.7?

Trek Stache 9.7 is available for purchase at most bike shops. Or, you can buy it online directly from Trek’s official website.


This Trek Stache 9.7 review signifies that the bike is fast, nimble, agile and rolls over most obstacles.

We recommend this plus-sized bike for fast rides over buff trails, with no sharp corners. You can even master the trails if you ride it right. Downhill performance of the bike is also fairly good, but you need to be more alert.

Once it gets the momentum, it speeds up remarkably well on the uphill as well as steeps. But, it tends to ride brutally overlong rock gardens and choppy terrains.

OCLV Carbon construction and 29+ mid-fat tires deliver superb traction and momentum while being lightweight.

Thanks to Tubeless-ready rim strips, tires, and valves, you can now effortlessly go tubeless on your Stache 9.7.

Hands-down, it is one of the best hardtail mountain bikes available in the market today.

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