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If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality, reliable bike, it must be from a brand you can trust. Vilano Bikes is one of those brands that we have every faith in.

If we could only recommend one model, it’d be the Vilano Shadow bike. This model is great for commuting, cruising, and exercising. It’s also designed with high-quality components, such as an aluminum frame and Shimano STI shifters.

Best OverallVilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike
  • Type of Bike: Road Bike
  • Gear: 14
Best Runner-UpVilano Forza 2.0 Vilano Forza 2.0
  • Type of Bike: Road Bike
  • Gear: 27
Best for a BudgetVilano Tuono 2.0 Vilano Tuono 2.0
  • Type of Bike: Road Bike
  • Gear: 21
Vilano 26" Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 Vilano 26″ Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0
  • Type of Bike: Mountain Bike
  • Gear: 21
Vilano 20" Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike Vilano 20″ Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike
  • Type of Bike: Folding Bike
  • Gear: 6
Vilano Neutron Electric Folding Fat Bike Vilano Neutron Electric Folding Fat Bike
  • Type of Bike: Electric Bike
  • Gear: 7
Vilano Rampage Fixie Road Bike Vilano Rampage Fixie Road Bike
  • Type of Bike: Road Bike
  • Gear: 1
Vilano Rally Balance Bike Training No Pedal Push Bicycle Vilano Rally Balance Bike Training No Pedal Push Bicycle
  • Type of Bike: Training Bike
  • Gear: 1

A History of Vilano Bikes

Before we dive into these Vilano bikes reviews, let’s take a brief overview of the company’s history. Vilano Bikes was founded by three friends who decided to turn their passion into a career. Their love for the outdoors, fitness, and cycling was the main inspiration for Vilano Bikes.

More than that, the founders wanted to develop high-quality bikes that are affordable for consumers. The company’s wide range of bikes is one of the highlights of the company and a reason why they’re still successful to this day. From mountain bikes and road bikes to folding bikes and electric bikes, this company has something for everyone. 

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Discover the Best Vilano Hybrid Bike For You 

We’ve spent hours researching the best Vilano models on the market right now. With so many bikes to choose from in this industry, we’ve scoured the Internet for the top picks and shared the top features of each model.

Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike—Best Overall

Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike

The Vilano Shadow is a great choice for commuting, exercising, and casual cycles with friends. The bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame that helps you to pick-up speed quickly while also remaining highly durable and strong.

This bike model features Shimano STI shifters that offer precise and controllable braking. As a result, you can ride in confidence while knowing that you’ll come to a reliable stop every time. Also, the 14-speed shifting gears make the Vilano Shadow a convenient, single unit that’s designed for many road conditions.

Overall, it’s an entry-level road bike with performance you can count on. Including all of its materials and components, this Vilano bike weighs just short of 30 pounds. This lightweight makes it ideal for carrying around with you and for beginners to love, too. 

Finally, it’s the perfect choice for quick, fast rides as opposed to lengthy cycles. It’s also enjoyable to ride, thanks to the smooth pedals that are responsive.


  • Lightweight components and design
  • Durable, high-quality aluminum frame
  • High-quality, reliable disc brakes


  • Not ideal for experienced cyclists 

Vilano Forza 2.0—Best Runner-Up

Vilano Forza 2.0

The Vilano Forza 2.0 is much more than an entry-level road bike. Instead, it’s very capable and provides an excellent performance. Also, it looks the part and is stylish. This all begins at the high-class aluminum frame that’s combined with an attractive, grey matte finish.

In order to keep the Forza 2.0 as lightweight as possible, it’s kitted with a carbon fiber fork to save some substantial amount of weight. This is also combined with an enhanced shock absorption system to enable a smoother, safer ride.

You may wish to use this Forza model for commuting and general fitness. It provides a more upright position than others on this list, which helps to provide a better range of vision. This seating position also eases any pressure on your back—particularly for longer rides.

Finally, perhaps the most impressive feature of this bike has 27 speeds to choose from. The drivetrain is engineered by a mix of parts from Shimano and Vilano for high-quality, reliable components. Check our review for Vilano Forza 4.0 here


  • 27 speeds choices
  • Lightweight, helping you to ride faster
  • The comfortable, upright seating position


  • Pedals aren’t as high-quality as others

Vilano Tuono 2.0—Best for a Budget

Vilano Tuono 2.0

These Vilano bikes reviews must be truthful and provide a range of diverse models, which is why we included the Tuono 2.0. This is an ideal purchase if you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to feel restricted on your choice.

The bike’s smooth gear and braking system make it a joy to ride. It’s well-designed and easy to operate, making you feel safer when cycling. In particular, this Vilano model boasts a 21 gear set that’s easily adjusted to suit your riding preferences. Simply crank up the gear for more speed or revert back down for a slower ride.

Most importantly, this machine is designed to withstand the tests of time. No matter the environment or weather, it provides stability and will remain long-lasting. Its durable aluminum frame perfectly compliments the strong, thick wheels for a smooth ride.

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  • Strong, thick wheels provide a smooth ride
  • 21 speeds to choose from
  • Designed to withstand all weather conditions


  • Disc brakes aren’t as powerful as other bikes

Vilano 26″ Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0—Best for a Mountain Bike

Vilano 26 Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0

The Ridge 2.0 is the best Vilano bike if you love adventures when cycling. In fact, it’s perfect for off and on-road conditions. Its lightweight, aluminum frame ensures that it can handle a range of environments with ease. Also, the double-butted configuration increases the bike’s durability and reduces the overall weight by 15 percent.

This mountain bike is equipped with unparalleled stopping power. Its disc brake system ensures rapid stopping ability in all weather and conditions. Plus, with this enhanced safety, you never need to worry when you’re on a cycling venture.

This Vilano bike is smooth to ride, thanks to its suspension system. Specifically, you can ride on flat road surfaces with ease, and the suspension can easily handle any bumps and rocky terrain through the absorbers, and not the pedals.

To further make riding more enjoyable, the Ride 2.0 bike features mag alloy wheels that provide excellent grip and enhanced maneuverability. As a result, you’ll feel perfectly in control on the bike.


  • Smooth and stable to ride
  • The disc brake system is suitable for all-weather
  • Wheels feature an excellent grip


  • Some reported that the saddle can be uncomfortable for long rides

Vilano 20″ Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike—Best for Convenience 

Vilano 20 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike

These Vilano bikes reviews are structured to allow everyone the chance to find the right bike for their lifestyle. This particular model is the best choice for convenience and storage. Its compact size and design allows you to conveniently store it in a boat, apartment, and RV with ease. In fact, it’s easy to fold, store, and transport.

Despite its convenient design, this folding bike is far from flimsy. Thanks to its aluminum frame and steel fork, it features a sturdy design that can last even in harsh marine environments. So once you’re riding the bike, you won’t feel as though it could buckle from under you in seconds.

It’s designed with 20-inch wheels for speedy acceleration. So once you’ve constructed the bike, it can withstand a large range. Also, the bike’s wheels offer excellent stability in a range of conditions.

Commuters may love this folding bike as it comes complete with a rear cargo rack and fenders. Plus, the bottle amounts provide the perfect storage space for a drink during a long journey.


  • Features accessories designed for commuters
  • Conveniently folds away
  • Durable, high-quality design


  • Won’t handle rough terrain like others 

Vilano Neutron Electric Folding Fat Bike—Best for Versatility 

Vilano Neutron Electric Folding Fat Bike

This Vilano electric bike comes with a 36V Samsung lithium-ion battery that’s housed internally into the frame. As a result, you can fly up a hill on this electric bike. With the Neutron, you’re in control and can acquire assistance, if necessary. Turn on the simple control and choose the pedal assist level. This helps to make riding more convenient and less of a chore.

Alternatively, you can pedal away using the seven speeds to get plenty of exercises or feel more in control of your riding style. This electric folding bike offers an impressive range between 15 and 30 miles, depending on the environmental conditions.

The Vilano Neutron can handle tough, challenging terrain. In fact, its 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and Evo Twist Grip shifter provides plenty of versatility for every rider. 

Finally, the bike folds away into 39″ L x 23″ W x 28″ H for convenient storage and locking. This is perfect for situations where you have little storage space or are simply searching for a low-maintenance, convenient Vilano bike.


  • Offers a range between 15 and 30 miles
  • Folds up easily and conveniently
  • Can fly up a hill confidently


  • It could weigh lighter

Vilano Rampage Fixie Road Bike—Best for Low Maintenance

Vilano Rampage Fixie Road Bike

This Vilano bike is easy to look after and care for and is ideal for beginners. Its lightweight, durable frame and design are its top features. In fact, the 45mm double-walled deep-V anodized wheels have matching anodized hubs for durability and to offer a smooth and reliable ride. 

The Rampage also features an urban geometry track-style frame and straight fork that are made from hi-ten steel for incredible durability. 

It features a single-gear system that makes the bike simple to assemble and maintain as well as virtually no effort required in riding the bike. This makes it great for those looking for the simple life and don’t want a bike that’s difficult to ride.

We love its clean, classic look that enables you to get around in style. It comes in a variety of color combinations, too, so you’re sure to find a style that suits our preferences or purchase it as a gift for someone else.


  • Virtually no maintenance involved
  • Double-walled wheels for durability
  • Offers a smooth and reliable ride


  • Not an ideal choice for tough terrain

Vilano Rally Balance Training Bicycle—Best for Beginners

Vilano Rally Balance Bike Training No Pedal Push Bicycle

Train your little ones to ride the bike with the Vilano Rally. The Vilano bikes fixed-gear system enables beginners to find their balance confidently. This bike’s main purpose is to help children learn to balance for an easier transition to pedal bikes.

The Vilano Rally comes with an adjustable seat, so it accommodates different heights and comfort levels. Plus, you can adjust the handlebar for the best fit for your child. 

The bike is easy to assemble with no pedals, chain or training wheels. In fact, the wheels are designed from never-flat foam, so you don’t have to waste time discovering a bike pump. Your child can simply hop on and begin their adventure.

The Vilano Rally has many adorable details that make it a one of a kind. For example, the padded handlebar keeps your child safe in the event of an accident. The coordinated seats and tires provide a stunning look to the bike, while its BMX-style frame makes it a cute starter bike for all kids.


  • Adorable details for kids
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • No installation involved


  • Some customers reported that the seat is difficult to adjust

Are Vilano Bikes Good Quality?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes. Vilano Bikes is one of the best brands for top-quality bicycles at an affordable price. Their models are diverse, so there’s something for everyone and every occasion. For example, you can discover an electric model, mountain bike, or folding bike with plenty of different versions to choose from, too.

Vilano Bikes focus on a minimalist design, so their bikes don’t come with any frills. They’re also designed to be easy to ride and create a smooth, stable ride. 

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The Best Runner’s Up

After reading this article, we hope you’re able to discover at least one model that excites you. Aside from the Vilano Shadow being our top pick, we’d love to share two other bikes we recommend.

The Vilano Forza 2.0 is attractive and stylish. But more than that, it’s lightweight and the carbon fiber fork helps to reduce any additional pressure on the bike. Plus, it’s smooth and enjoyable to ride, thanks to the shock absorption system.

Alternatively, we highly recommend the Vilano Tuono 2.0. This bike provides a stable ride and is great for anyone on a budget. Also, its smooth gear and braking system provides plenty of control when riding.

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