Terry Corta Saddle Review: Worth a Buy?

Terry Corta Saddle Review
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Terry brings a new level of comfort for women performance-oriented riders. Find out why this supportive platform is great for triathlon, gravel, and road riders in this Terry Corta Saddle Review.

The Corta Saddle is Terry’s solution for female elite cyclists with a more aerodynamic riding position. The saddle’s short overall design and low-profile cut off excess surface to minimize chafing on the thigh, and the snub-nose profile ensures little to no front pressure on the genital area.

The saddle comes at an affordable price point, at least, for a performance model. Plus, considering its superior build quality and superb construction, you are getting great value with this model.

Its distinctive graphics are appealing, and the low weight makes it a great choice for those looking to buy an efficient performance saddle.

Terry Corta Saddle Overview

Terry Corta Saddle Overview

Female performance riders often have limited choices when it comes to bike saddles. They are often forced to choose between comfort features and performance features. Thanks to Terry Bicycles, you don’t have to pick one over the other.

The Corta offers just enough comfort with light padding so it doesn’t compromise the performance of the saddle. It also features light rails to help keep the overall weight down – a factor that improves performance riding.

I invite you to take a closer look at this Terry Corta Saddle review if you are a triathlon, gravel, or road rider. It might be just the right saddle for you.


  • The flat rear offers ample support for sustained, seated climbs
  • Dropped nose with shorter overall length design eliminates soft tissue pressure
  • A large cutaway offers the best possible relief channel
  • Aesthetically pleasing cover with screen-printed graphics and perforations
  • Ultra-light rails keep the weight down for efficient riding


  • Minimal padding at the rear is not suitable for casual female riders or those who ride in an upright sitting position
  • The profile might not suit women with wider sit bones

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bike Saddle

Buying a Bike Saddle

While sleek and eye-catching designs are great, it is not the only consideration when choosing a bike saddle – at least, not if you want to find one that suits you.

It is important to look beyond aesthetics with bike saddles and focus more on a few crucial factors. Here are the most important considerations to keep in mind when buying a bicycle saddle.

  1. Fit: First, measure your sit bones before you start looking at bike saddles. The right bike saddle for you depends largely on the size of your sit bones.

Wider saddles are generally more suitable for women since they tend to have wider hip-width. However, you want to choose something that fits your sit bones, while noting the gender specification.

Rubbing and chafing will occur if a saddle is too wide. On the other hand, it will not provide adequate support for your backside if it is too narrow. This is why you should work with your measurements to determine which saddle is the right fit for you.

  1. Type of riding: A long and narrow saddle with just a little padding is your best bet for road cycling. Wide saddles with springs or plush padding should be on your radar if you mostly do recreational cycling with an upright riding position.

Consider a smaller-shaped saddle with a bit more padding if you do mountain cycling. These types of saddles provide leverage for mountain bike racers when cornering and descending.

Choose a saddle that falls between mountain and road cycling-style saddles if you do long-distance riding. This type of saddle will have a narrow nose for soft tissue relief and have some cushioning for your sit bones. 

  1. Type of cover: Choose a saddle with a leather cover if you want something that will fit like a glove over time. Many of them have a break-in period of approximately 200 miles, though.

A synthetic cover is lightweight, low-maintenance, and does not have any break-in time. But it may not be as durable as a leather cover.

Another option is a cotton cover. This has a shorter break-in period compared to a leather cover but moves a bit when you ride.

  1. Type of cushioning:Choose a saddle with gel cushioning if you are a recreational rider. Foam cushioning springs back to shape quicker, making it a fantastic choice for road cycling. Some saddles do not have any cushioning at all. This may be worth considering if saddles with cushioning have not worked for you in the past.

Some endurance bike saddles come with a combination of gel and foam. The extra gel layer adds a little bit of comfort for longer rides. 

  1. Rails: The different materials used in the rails affect the flexibility, weight, strength, and even the cost of the saddle. Your options include:

Steel: Steel rails are strong and dependable, but can be heavy. Consider a lightweight saddle if you want something suitable for racing.

Alloy: These are lighter than steel but have excellent strength.

Titanium: Titanium rails are the preferred option for riders who want lightweight saddles. These have good shock absorption qualities but can be pricier than steel and alloy rails.

Carbon: Consider carbon rails if you want an alternative to titanium rails. Be ready to spend more money, though, because they are generally more expensive.

Features and Benefits

This part of the Terry Corta Saddle review does not only highlight the features that set the model apart from the rest; it also shows you the benefit of those features to help you decide if they suit you.


Terry Bicycles is known for using high-quality materials in crafting its saddles. That tradition holds true for the Corta, too. These include:



Made from synthetic Dura-tek material, Corta’s premium cover is bonded at the rear with microsuede panels. This design increases the aesthetics of the cover. But most importantly, this combination offers a smooth contact surface that minimizes soreness and irritation from constant rubbing.

Finely screen-printed graphics add detail to the cover design. Plus, strategically placed perforations allow for breathability and increases durability.

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In designing the Corta’s shell, Terry maintained its tradition of using rigid shells for its performance and endurance saddles. However, instead of lining it up with gel, this one has a thin layer of foam.

The low-padding makes it great for the competitive female rider who wants to enjoy comfort without sacrificing performance.



Silver-plated titanium rails adorn the underside of the Corta saddle. In addition to being durable rails, they are also light. This keeps the weight low and makes it a solid choice for women looking for an efficient and lightweight saddle.

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Shape and Size

Shape and Size

Corta has a shorter length compared to many other performance saddles in Terry’s line. This design reduces the excess surface area that can increase the chances of rubbing against the thigh and causing chafing. 

Like many other models, it has a pear-like shape with lateral shaping at the rear to provide the most favorable sit bone support. The foam density and center cutaway are optimized for greater relief.

You don’t have to give up comfort in the quest for performance features, thanks to a combination of minimal padding and overall lightweight of the saddle.

Spotting a dropped nose design, there is little to no chance for the saddle to cause discomfort in the genital or soft tissue area. That means you can ride in an aggressive position with your pelvis further forward without any worries.

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Shock Absorption

This saddle doesn’t have a lot of padding, but it still manages to dampen some of the vibrations from the seat post and bike frame. The shell is rigid enough and provides a solid platform for an overall enjoyable ride when you need to push your performance boundaries.

Features Summary

Here is a glance at the features of the Terry Corta Saddle.

Feature Type Specification What This Means
Cover Dura-tek cover with micro-suede panels The synthetic cover combined with the suede panels offers a soft and smooth contact surface to minimize rubbing and possible chaffing
Insert Rigid shell with dense foam Provides comfort without sacrificing performance.
Shape and size Drooped nose, large cutaway, with short overall length, measuring 9.8” x 5.8” (250 mm x 149 mm) The snub-nose style and large cutaway alleviates pressure in key areas, including soft tissues and sit bones.
Shock absorption Minimal padding Riding on rough trails is not very discomforting and vibrations from the Seatpost and bike frame are minimized due to the foam density and rigid shell.
Rails Ti 316 titanium rails The durable titanium rails are light to keep weight down.

What Others Are Saying

A bicycle saddle might not be a huge investment, but it can affect your overall riding experience. For this reason, it makes sense to check out what other buyers and users think about the model you are eyeing before betting your hard-earned money on it.

I did some digging and found mostly positive customer ratings and reviews for the Corta saddle. Take a look at the screenshots below.

What Others Are Saying
What Others Are Saying
What Others Are Saying
What Others Are Saying
What Others Are Saying

Terry Corta Saddle Alternatives

There is no doubt that Corta is a great performance saddle. But there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to bike saddles, regardless of how well the saddle is crafted.

Before I draw the curtains on this Terry Corta Saddle review, here are two great alternatives you may want to look at. These are also great for performance or endurance riding and may suit you better if you prefer saddles with longer profiles.

Corta Saddle vs FLX Gel Saddle

The FLX Gel saddle comes in a unique split saddle design with an extra gel insert for greater comfort. It has an overall stiffer feel, making it a great choice for performance cycling. 

Donning a sleek shape with a very slim profile, the saddle is tailored to suit female elite riders who move around on the saddle and like to ride fast over long distances. The manganese rails keep the overall weight low.

It has a durable, perforated leather cover with a white patent accent for enhanced aesthetics. The shape of the saddle eliminates numbness in soft tissues, and the slim nose reduces chaffing during long rides. Check our Flx Gel Saddle Review.

FLX Gel Saddle Summary

  • Price: $135.95
  • Rails: Manganese
  • Area (length x width): 10.2” x 5.5” (260 mm x 142 mm)
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces (258 grams)

Click here to check out the FLX Gel Saddle.

Corta Saddle vs Butterfly Century Saddle

As one of Terry Bicycles’ most popular models, the Butterfly Century is worth considering. This is especially because it works for many women who want a saddle that will offer better comfort for endurance riding.

The Butterfly Century has a bit more padding than the Corta model, but not too much to cause discomfort over long distances. It has a very low profile and features the widest cutaway in all of Terry’s models.

Consider this model if you have wider sit bones and do a lot of endurance cycling. The Poron XRD technology ensures incredible shock absorption and the wide cutaway means greater soft tissue relief. Check out our complete Butterfly Century Saddle Review.

Butterfly Century Saddle Summary

  • Price: $179.95
  • Rails: Ti 316
  • Area (length x width): 10.3” x 6” (262 mm x 152 mm)
  • Weight: 9.5 ounces (268 grams)

Click here to check out the Butterfly Century Saddle.


The short-profiled Corta saddle is an ideal choice for women cyclists who ride with the pelvis rotated further forward. The dropped nose design eliminates pressure on soft tissues upfront, and the large cutaway makes for a better relief channel.

While aesthetics doesn’t automatically translate to great performance, Corta’s gorgeous look is a plus. The distinctive graphics on the perforated cover combined with microsuede panels gives Corta an overall appealing design.

It is a lightweight saddle with more than enough support for the sit bone at the rear, giving the competitive rider an efficient model without compromising on comfort.

In a nutshell, Terry Bicycles’ Corta Saddle could be the right saddle for women cyclists looking for a model engineered specifically to support climbing and aerodynamic power pedaling. Click here to check out the Terry Corta Saddle.

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