Best Folding Mountain Bike On The Market [Reviews And Buying Guide]

Cycling is an excellent activity for keeping fit, and it can also be used as a means for transportation. Folding mountain bikes are the solution for storing your bike in confined spaces, or taking on and off public transport without issues regarding space. 

We rate the Montague Paratrooper Elite 30 Speed Folding Mountain Bike as the best overall. It features an impressive 30 speeds, helping you to tailor the bike to your environment and goals. The bike is convenient and easy to fold and unfold, so it’ll never slow you down. Plus, it’s perfect for riding on both smooth surfaces and tough terrain.

Best Overall Montague Paratrooper Elite 30 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Montague Paratrooper Elite 30 Speed Folding Mountain Bike
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Gear: 30
Best Runner-UpCyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Gear: 24
Mountain Bike for Adult Men and Women Mountain Bike for Adult Men and Women
  • Frame: Steel
  • Gear: 21
Stowabike 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike Stowabike 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike
  • Frame: Steel
  • Gear: 18
Xspec 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike Xspec 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike
  • Frame: Steel
  • Gear: 21

Discover the Best Folding Mountain Bike

To help you discover the best folding mountain bike for your style and environment, we’ve provided a selection of the top five models you can buy right now. Each of which is practical, durable, and expertly designed.

Montague Paratrooper Elite 30 Speed Folding Mountain Bike—Best Overall 

Montague Paratrooper Elite 30 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

The Montague Folding Mountain Bike comes with a whopping 30 speeds, enabling you to travel at speed you prefer and according to your environment. Whether you’re riding across the city on smooth pavements or across rugged terrains in an area with mountains, the Montague Paratrooper Elite is everything you need.

Another impressive feature of this mountain bike is that it’s strong, yet remains highly mobile. Its excellent ground mobility means it won’t get damaged evenly, even if it’s thrown to the ground. The bike is also incredibly powerful in tough situations, requiring minimal maintenance, which is highly convenient for riders.

This mountain bike’s unique qualities provide an entirely new experience for riding. For example, it features a CLIX wheel release system that means you can remove the wheels easily—and all with a single hand. 

The rackstand rear rack means the bike can stand on its own without requiring any support. Plus, the DirectConnect Folding System provides an easier folding system to reduce time wasted and also creates a quick release of the top tube when it’s time to leave.

The bike’s wheels are larger than most standard folding mountain bikes. Consequently, this allows the bike to have a larger contact with the ground, no matter the type of riding you endeavor. Plus, the excellent braking system makes it easy to shift, regardless of obstacles, and the wide handlebars provide an aggressive hardtail for single tracks. 


  • Bike wheels are larger for more contact with the ground
  • An impressive 30 speeds
  • Can travel across rugged terrain easily


  • Doesn’t pick up speed quickly

Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike—Best Runner-Up

Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike

This folding mountain bike is equipped for a variety of conditions and surfaces, making it a versatile choice for almost all riders. Plus, with an impressive selection of 24 gear speeds, this folding mountain bike is a great choice for riding to your liking.

It features mechanical disc brakes that provide a reliable stopping power, no matter the environmental conditions—and that includes when it’s wet outside. Impressively, it comes with a full suspension system, enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors. This feature also allows you to use the Cyrusher bike for extended trips and in a variety of environments for improved comfort and performance.

The main secret to this mountain bike earning a place as the runner-up is because of its high-quality components and manufacturing. Shimano makes the gears, freewheel, suspension system, and shift level—a company recognized for setting a high standard.

The Cyrusher can handle a beating, thanks to the combination of its suspension system and the large, thick tires. Its 17-inch aluminum frame provides incredible durability while keeping the bike in a solid position. This frame also minimizes vibrations to result in a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Most importantly, this folding mountain bike is easy to care for and operate. It comes with a Quick-Release Camp that folds the bike quickly. It’s also easy to fold and stow in your car trunk or a small space in your apartment. Fortunately, it conveniently and easily unfolds when you’re ready to continue your journey, too.


  • Features manufactured by Shimano
  • The impressive full suspension system
  • Fat tires can handle rough terrain


  • Heavier than most folding bikes

Mountain Bike for Adult Men and Women—Best for Men and Women

Mountain Bike for Adult Men and Women

If you want a folding mountain bike that’s suitable for men and women, this is your best choice. It’s ergonomically designed to make riding a folding bike more comfortable, so you don’t have to hunch over or hurt your knees while riding. 

It’s designed with a steel frame, which is resistant to corrosion and rust, helping the bike to last longer. Plus, you can leave it in the rain and you’ll barely notice any detrimental effects in the long run. This material also makes the bike highly durable, so it won’t damage easily should you accidentally drop it, not to mention it can withstand more weight than an aluminum frame. 

To further add to the bike’s comfort, it features front and rear disc brakes that are quick and reliable to operate. This ensures that you’re safe during all times when riding the bike and you won’t have to worry about braking when you’re descending.

It features 26-inch, 6-spoke rims that help you to pick-up speed quickly and safely. Not to mention that these wheels are fashionable for a head-turning finish that you’ll love. 

Another great feature of this folding mountain bike is how smooth the gears are to change. Although this bike also comprises 21-speed gears, the rear derailleur system provides smooth gear changes on every ride. As a result, you’ll spend less time adjusting the gears and wasting effort and more time riding.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable ride
  • Picks up speed quickly


  • Pedals can slip in the rain

Stowabike 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike—Best for Tough Terrain

Stowabike 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike

The Stowabike is a great purchase for commuters. Its incredible folding frame is impressive, considering it’s made of steel and is durable and strong when the bike’s in use. If you’re searching for a mountain bike that you can store at home, in the car, or take with you on public transport, don’t turn your head at the Stowabike.

It features a dual suspension system that makes the bike comfortable to ride. This offers a smooth ride, so you can use the bike for traveling over bumpy surfaces and tough terrain. As a result, the Stowabike bike is best for a range of surfaces.

In particular, this folding mountain bike comes with a front, and rear derailleur and a three-speed left grip shifter. It’s also primarily designed for absorbing tremors from uneven surfaces on your route while the cycling trails have a spring shock system for further comfort and a smooth ride. For additional comfort when riding, the saddle is padded.

It’s also convenient for carrying around with you, as the frame folds from the hub of the bike. It then unlocks with a safety handle near the seat. Simply lift the pin and bend the frame in half to fold it so you can carry it around with you.

Once you’ve assembled the bike, it weighs a total of 36 pounds, which is lightweight—especially given the frame material. Thankfully, the rims and shocks have an alloy construction and the frame is corrosion and scratch-resistant. 


  • Can easily fit into tight spaces
  • Convenient to fold and unfold
  • Has a sturdy design


  • The manual doesn’t give all the instructions you need

Xspec 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike— Durability Pick

Xspec 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike

Finally, the Xspec Folding Mountain Bike offers a reliable and fast stopping power. The bike’s disc brakes won’t wear out your tires, allowing them to last longer than most folding mountain bikes. These disc brakes are also more consistent so that you can judge braking more accurately and come to a smooth stop.

The bike is designed to be rigid and durable in use. Plus, its attractive design means it has a likeable appearance that many customers love. Most importantly, this folding mountain bike is convenient and easy to fold, making it great for commuters and those on the go. Simply lift the bike on your shoulder with the shoulder carry strap to take it with you on the go.  

The Xspec comes with a reliable and durable suspension system, allowing you to ride the bike even on the toughest terrain. As a result, this bike is smooth and enjoyable to ride. 

Another huge benefit of this folding mountain bike is the Shimano products that are used for a durable, high-quality finish. The derailleur and shifters use Shimano products as do the alloy double-wall rims. Plus, the diamond wheels and 22.5-inch handlebars are manufactured by Shimano, too.

You can reach top speeds with this mountain bike due to its total of 21 speeds. As a result, you’ll never have to be late for a meeting again and you’ll be able to use this bike for leisurely cycles, too.


  • Reliable brakes for stopping power
  • Uses high-quality Shimano products
  • Incredible suspension system for smooth journeys


  • Some say the pedals are poorly made

Buying Guide

If you’re feeling unsure of which mountain bike above to choose, here are some guidelines you can consider during the buying process. 

Folding Mechanism

If you’re purchasing a folding mountain bike, it’s because you want it to be convenient and easy to fold and unfold, and carry around with you. In the current market, there are three folding methods to choose from. These include: half-fold, triangle fold, and breakaway.

Of all of these methods, the half fold is the easiest to dismantle, making it a great choice for situations when you need to fold the bike quickly and conveniently. You don’t need any tools to do this and you can easily conduct the task when getting on the subway or for storing in the office. However, this folding mechanism doesn’t use the sturdiest bike of all the folding bikes.

The triangle fold is sturdy and easy to fold, although the bike isn’t as easy to ride. Also, when the bike is folded it doesn’t fit into space too confined since it won’t fold as small. 

Finally, the breakaway mechanism is the most preferred folding method for most customers. It makes the bike easy to fold into a very compact size, allowing you to store your bike in a confined space, such as a small apartment or a car’s trunk. On the other hand, you should consider that this folding mechanism is usually harder to reassemble, so it’ll require some patience.


Ideally, your folding bike will be lightweight, especially if your main purpose for purchasing one is for portability. Engineers try to limit the bike’s overall weight, so they’ll typically weigh less than regular mountain bikes, especially since they’re usually smaller in size.

Generally speaking, folding mountain bikes that are made from high-quality components will weigh less than cheaper mountain bikes. However, you’ll need to increase your budget for a bike that’s lightweight for this feature.

We suggest choosing a folding mountain bike that’s no heavier than 40 pounds, or you’ll need to consider if you can comfortably carry the bike if it weighs any more. Although a suspension system is ideal for most users—especially if you’ll be riding the bike over bumpy surfaces. Although, a full suspension system will add more weight to the bike.

Although, if a suspension system is an essential feature, you could consider reducing the size of the wheels to eliminate any further weight on the bike. 

Another feature that can reduce the bike’s weight is the material used on the frame. Most commonly, the best folding bikes use a steel material, which is highly durable and strong but can add more weight to the bike. Instead, aluminum is a preferred material if a lightweight design is essential for you.

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The frame’s material is important to the bike’s integrity and durability.


This material improves the riding quality and comfort. Plus, it’s also durable and resistant to impacts, which makes it long-lasting and perfect for most riders. Impressively, it’s fairly cheap and easy to repair any damage and keep up with maintenance. 

However, steel is one of the heaviest materials for frames, which can reduce the bike’s speed. It’s also more prone to rust, so you should make your decision carefully if you love near water or plan to bike in the rain.


This is the most popular material for bike frames and is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to pick-up speed quickly. Despite this weight, it’s generally stiff and tough, helping to make it long-lasting, and it won’t crumble in small accidents.

However, you should consider that the frame’s stiffness doesn’t offer a smooth ride like some of the other materials. Plus, aluminum weakens over time, and is difficult to repair.


This material is incredibly strong while remaining lightweight. It’s also rust and bombproof, without requiring any painting or lacquering.

On the other side, titanium comes with a hefty price tag due to the intense laboring required. It’s also difficult to repair if it experiences any damage.

Carbon Fiber

Finally, carbon fiber is the lightest bike material available and is incredibly strong and durable. This material is resistant to fatigue and completely resistant to corrosion, making it long-lasting. Its design, strength, and flexibility make the riding experience more comfortable and less wobbly.

Alternatively, you should consider that this material is experience and difficult to repair. It can weaken or break suddenly, without any warning.

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Folding mountain bikes come in a variety of sizes, and although they’re smaller than full-sized mountain bikes, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable to ride due to their smaller frame.

For the wheels, 16 inch is the most common size, as it’s compact while also remaining fully functional for riding in an array of conditions. However, the smaller the wheels are, the more you’ll feel the impact of bumps and rough terrain.

There are many folding bikes with 20-inch wheels, which go slower than smaller wheels, but are preferred for riding on technical terrain. You may wish to consider bigger wheels if you’ll be traveling long distances, because they have more momentum, requiring less effort from you.

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Your folding mountain bike will have a choice of two types of brakes: hydraulic or mechanical. There’s a big difference in efficiency between both brake types. In particular, although mechanical disc brakes perform the best, they don’t match the efficiency of hydraulic brakes.


Hydraulic disc brakes keep cyclists in control of their speed while promoting safety in all weather conditions and different types of terrain. This type of brake system is also easy to stop, requiring minimal effort on a rider’s part.

Hydraulic brakes are enclosed, which reduces exposure to elements that ordinarily would mess with the bike’s longevity. The brakes are also smooth to operate, as they’re self-adjusting and reliable.


On the other hand, mechanical brakes require easier and more convenient maintenance. They’re also less expensive, making the folding mountain bike cheaper to buy overall. Mechanical brakes are more efficient than hydraulic brakes, as the brake pads are compressed against the rotor during use. 

However, bear in mind that this type of brake system isn’t as effective in wet conditions or when the terrain is rough. Plus, the cables stretch over time, so you may need to make more adjustments compared to hydraulic brakes.


There are two types of suspension systems to consider: full and hardtail. You can decide the right style for your riding needs and preferences by taking a read of the top features and qualities of each.


This requires a large budget, so carefully consider how often you’ll use your bike and the seriousness you want it to have. A full-suspension system is preferred if you ride on technical trails, such as over roots, off of drops, and downhills. This type of suspension system is designed to offer better traction and handling, even in the roughest terrain.

You should also opt for a full-suspension bike if you’re looking for a comfortable ride. This system will absorb impacts from jarring bumps that would otherwise cause fatigue and discomfort, helping you to ride for longer with more comfort.

You might also want to opt for a full-suspension system if you have a love for speed and want to ride fast, despite technical sections on your route.


Alternatively, a hardtail suspension system is a better option if you’re on a budget and looking to spend less than $1,500. This type of suspension is simpler to design and manufacture, thus, reducing the overall cost.

We recommend a bike with a hardtail suspension system if you’ll mainly ride on smooth trails. A hardtail bike can offer a fun and fast ride that will absorb small bumps with the front suspension fork.

You may also choose a hardtail suspension if you’re looking for a lightweight bike. Full-suspension bikes are heavier, as they require more parts, which can make steering more difficult and picking up speed a challenge. Alternatively, a reduced weight makes it easier for climbing uphill or covering longer distances.

The Runner’s Up

If you’d love to have more options for the best folding mountain bikes, we’ve declared two models for the runner’s up. The Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike has 24 gear speeds, allowing riders to have to suit the road conditions and their style. 

It features mechanical disc brakes that offer excellent stopping power, even when it’s raining. Plus, the bike has a full suspension system, enabling you to have a comfortable experience in an array of conditions.

Alternatively, the Stowabike 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike is durable and strong, making it long-lasting. Plus, it comes with a dual suspension system to offer a comfortable ride, even on bumpy surfaces and tough terrain.

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