Night Skiing & Night Time Snowboarding: Things To Know Before You Go For A Night Ski

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We love skiing in whatever amazing form it comes in, but it is certainly astounding when the sun goes down. Your senses need to be super-heightened and you need to be reactive, fast, thinking, and planning every move in advance to ensure the best experience possible.

There are some ski resorts that even offer skiing under floodlights. The experience is really insane! Let’s discover night skiing with some more details.

Types Of Night Skiing

Night skiing can be categorized into different types. If you love to experience a more profound thrill, it’s good to try these varieties.

Urban Riding

Urban riding is all about making the city, your adorable ski area. It can be anything from walls, features, rails, or whatever is covered in snow. The riding experience can be totally new for beginners. Select dates of skiing based on the latest news before heading to a snow resort.

Floodlight Skiing

This is what actually people think of when it comes to night skiing. The route is well-illuminated by the floodlights and skiers love to zoom through. The pistes that are freshly groomed are a bit icier after the sun sets in. You can achieve excellent traction after the slopes are ready with the evening groom. This can be the ideal time to show your curves and gain the ultimate speed along the lift lines.

Powder Night Riding

This is the perfect experience that every skier dreams of. Powder night riding is done in places where the snow is light and dry. When the snow is constant in the mid-winter and the crowd has disbursed, it’s time to ride. Sometimes the powdered snow is waist-deep and it’s amazing to cut through while skiing. You can also expect free refills if the track is filled with snow again. This means you are always greeted with virgin snow each time down the slope,

Ski Touring At Night

This is a bit wilder as ski touring is done without artificial lights or street lamps. It is simply between you and your friends. You need to have proper ski touring gear and headlights. This type is usually opted for when skiers want to experience the first light of dawn. Or perhaps they are planning an expedition and want to reach the next stop by hiking through the night. Proper planning, execution, and equipment are key here as the track isn’t patrolled.

Great Places To Night Ski

If you’re looking for a place to ski in the Washington area, 906 Snoqualmie pass WA is a great option. With plenty of slopes for all levels of skiers and stunning views of the surrounding mountains, WA 906 Snoqualmie pass is definitely worth a visit. Night tickets/lift tickets are available here based on the latest news deals and events.

Though Snoqualmie pass WA 98068 is one of the best, you can also lift tickets from Whistler Blackcomb Canada, Zermatt in Switzerland, Aspen Colorado, and others. Plan your visit to a snow summit in one of these areas as many skiers and riders sign up for the summit, day skiing/day ticket, and night skiing. The night terrain here is amazing but be sure to follow the latest news

Do You Require Special Techniques To Night Ski?

No, there is no need to learn special skills or techniques. Just make sure to take proper precautions and go slow initially to learn the track. Sometimes, it may become too slippery at night especially if the snow melts during the day and freezes again at night. Using proper lighting is the key to staying safe. 

Night skiing is a great way to experience the slopes under the stars. Make sure you dress appropriately, bring plenty of food and water, and be aware of the dangers that come with skiing in the dark. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a safe and enjoyable skiing experience under the stars!

What Should Your Wear

Remember, once the sun sets, the temperature will plummet fast and so you need to be well prepared. To handle the bitter drop of mercury, consider dressing in multiple layers. Thermal ski socks, a beanie hat, and padded ski gloves are a must-have. Insulated and padded ski jackets will provide proper warmth when compared to a shell jacket.

A merino wool base layer is ideal for trapping the heat inside and boosting the insulation and warmth. If you still feel the chill outside while skiing, consider heading indoors to stay on the safe side. You can also carry an extra fleece jacket if the temperatures dip well beyond your comfort zone. Do not forget to take a balaclava or face mask paired with a neck warmer or scarf. For goggles, you need to have one with a clear lens.  

What Makes Night Skiing So Unique?

It is exactly the adrenaline challenge that makes night skiing unique. There are ski resorts that remain open even after dark and thus, allow you to take full advantage of the slopes under the velvet night sky.

Floodlights have been installed in many ski resorts across Europe and America to provide a unique experience to the skiers and extend the powder play well into the nocturnal hours. This popularity encourages many resorts to offer permanent fixtures for night skiing.

The slopes are so much quieter and you don’t have to fight to find a proper one. The peaceful and tranquilizing experience of skiing offers quality time amongst nature. It is certainly cold outside but the air is drier after the sun goes down. This means you can layer up more efficiently as the air is drier. Also, lift passes are cheaper.

To Conclude

Night skiing is great fun and an exhilarating experience. With extra caution, you can feel the bliss of moving down the snow even after dark. Be sure to wear bright clothes and reflective tapes and start slow initially. Also, be aware of your surrounding to know the features.

So, get your night tickets and enjoy it to the fullest!

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