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Yeti SB5c Review
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With the commencement of 2017, the Yeti SB5 has gone through quite a few uplifts. In 2018, Yeti encompassed similar frame design while incorporating few high-performance components into their SB5 bike.

Regardless of which build kit you choose, Yeti SB5 features 127 mm (5 inches) of rear wheel travel and has 150mm travel form mounted.

Now with all the mountain bike options flooding over the market, it’s quite natural to feel a little overwhelmed.

If you are stumped whether the SB5c is the right mountain bike for you, don’t worry you are just where you need to be!

This Yeti SB5c review lays out every bit of information you need to know about its performance, features, reviews, and FAQs altogether. With that, you will be able to make a definitive decision.

Let’s get into its detailed review:

Yeti SB5c Review

Yeti has been making premium bikes for core riders, even before mountain biking was treated as an industry.

Since 1985, this American company continues to implement cutting-edge race-specific designs in their bikes, thereby outshining their competitors.

Due to R&D testing on the track itself, Yeti has been able to gain ingenious insights about frame geometry, materials used and suspension designs.

One such fantastic model is their SB5c bike. It is a piece of art with excellent craftsmanship and flowing lines!

Who is it for?

The suspension on Yeti SB66 and SB95 is kind of hard edge. But SB5c is plusher, both on climbs and descents alike.

The bike sails smoothly through trails, making it worth every single penny! The SB5 is playful and super-fast, right when you first strike the pedal. That’s because of its incredible rear end pedaling efficiency and low profile tire.

  • SB5 is suitable for anyone seeking an all-mountain bike that is agile on climbs and equally dominant on descents while being lightweight.

​This is a versatile trail bike that excels at all-day backcountry adventures.

Yeti SB5c Key Features


Yeti SB5c

The Yeti SB5 frame comes in two options viz. Carbon series and Turq series. Turq series bikes are made out of high-grade carbon fiber, making them durable, well-balanced and more manageable.

On the other hand, C series bikes were created by making few changes in carbon fiber layup of TURQ series bikes.

C-series bikes make use of a different kind of carbon fiber in amalgamation with a few other materials to make them more affordable. These bikes are equally durable, stiff and strong on trails. Carbon fiber material used in this series weighs a tad bit more than TURQ series.

In this review, we are going to focus on the C series bike viz mainly — Yeti SB5c.

  • Weighing around 28.3 lbs. (12.8 kg), this Yeti mountain bike is quite stiff through and through.
  • Yeti bikes are recognized for their eye-catchy, curvy aesthetics. And the SB5c is a great example.
  • It uses PressFit 30 bottom bracket, features 66.5° head tube angle and 127 mm of rear travel.
  • Offered in five different sizes, right from XS up to XL, the SB5c is one versatile trail bike.

​Yeti offers SB5c in different build kits- you get to choose from SRAM or Shimano and FOX or RockShox build options. And, this is what varies its price accordingly.

Switch Infinity Suspension

The heart of this Yeti bike has Patented Switch Infinity System, designed in collaboration with FOX. Switch Infinity suspension technology delivers excellent anti-squat characteristics for smooth pedaling.

Getting deeper into the travel, patented linear translating pivot switches direction as your bike moves. And, the chain does not hinder suspension’s efficiency as well.

In the beginning and midst of travel, this gives you customized (relatively flat and high) anti-squat curve for efficient pedaling. Further, the custom-tuned FOX shock drops the anti-squat quickly so that it can do its job. Thereby, giving you a bottomless feel and amazing mid stroke support.

In other words, Switch Infinity Suspension is all about enhancing characteristics of the rear suspension, while retaining pedaling efficiency.

The chain stays include lightweight aluminum plate, protecting them from damage caused by chain slap.

What makes Switch Infinity Suspension so unique?

  • It has fewer pivot points as compared to any typical suspension bike.
  • Grease ports located on the sliders of Switch Infinity makes it a breeze to maintain.
  • Such design helps it maintain low frame weight and boosts rear end lateral stiffness.
  • Long length link is what makes this system so flexible, allowing Yeti to tune anti-squat and wheel path more accurately.
  • Since Switch Infinity is Tunable, it easily adapts to different travel platforms and can gain myriads of kinematics, as per the intended purpose.

​Switch infinity excels in durability, all credits to the bombproof design by FOX. It makes use of Kashima-coated stanchions, allowing for better longevity and low friction. All in all, this patented technology is designed to handle worst riding conditions.

Frame Specifications

SB5c uses 150 mm travel fork with head tube angle estimated to be 66.5°. So, this bike really strikes a balance between being an enduro race and a cross-country bike.

Note that, Eff. Seat Tube Angle on this bike is 73.7°, whereas chainstays are 436.9 mm.

Descending Performance

SB5c performs like a hammer over challenging and rocky terrains. The bike accelerates out of corners with much precision and speed.

Despite having only 127mm rear wheel travel, Yeti feels efficient on rough descents.

Rear suspension is capable of handling any hard square-edge impacts you throw its way; better than SB66 and Sb75.

You won’t find SB5c losing its momentum, except for when you put it through a lot of pounding. Regardless, Yeti SB5c will just be fine over rockiest of terrains.

Overall, the bike is impressively well-balanced and light, making it a breeze to ride.

It is nimble and agile, both on the trail as well as in the air.

On smoother, high-speed sections of trails, Yeti rides like a bird- effortlessly accelerating in and out of turns, without losing its stability.

Thanks to Switch Infinity Suspension, transitioning from upward to downward position feels smooth. Thus, providing a stable platform for riders to stand up and sprint, while retaining the travel for larger hits.

On larger jumps and drops, Yeti does not allow rough bottom outs at all, even after using all of the travel.

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Climbing Performance

The SB5c features a very well-designed rear axle path, which is why this Yeti bike can hide its travel quite remarkably.

Riders can strike on pedals, without finding the bike bouncing around like crazy under them. The chain provides enough tension to prevent the rear suspension from squatting. Hence, the rear shock won’t dampen your pedaling efforts.

Again, the bike is quite nimble on technical sections of climbs.

Thanks to the roomy top tube, lightweight rear end and supportive rear suspension, the Yeti feels seamless when you lift it up and over obstacles during climbs. And it does all of this without putting in a lot of efforts.

Fast rolling Maxxis Rekon 2.6 rear tires make this bike a climbing beast! Whether you want to cover up long sections of single-track, or sprint through the wall of roots, SB5c is a stealer all the way through.

Pedaling Performance

On flatter sections is when Yeti SB5c comes alive. It allows high-speed and flowy rides, even on wavy, winding terrain. That’s because the bike is quite pumpable, while of course being pedalable.

It rides absolutely effortlessly on rock gardens, with a fair amount of dampening.

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Internal Routing

For a cleaner and neat look, this Yeti bike frame is designed with internally molded carbon tubes inside.

​This, in turn, allows for seamless cable routing, thereupon allowing quieter rides. Such design also serves ease of maintenance.


  • ​Top-notch Switch Infinity Suspension
  • ​Well-balanced when pointed down (descents)
  • ​Good uphill pedaling efficiency
  • ​Speedy on rough terrains
  • ​Versatile trail bike
  • ​Premium Materials, Stunning Finish
  • ​Compatible with Plus-size tires up to 2.8”


  • ​Tires need to be more aggressive
  • ​Expensive price tag

Customer Reviews

Many customers have loved the all-new version of Yeti that poses some killer upgrades.

Sleek internal cable routing, Switch Infinity Suspension, metric shock tooling, and tweaked geometry is what makes it so versatile altogether, say users.

Myriads of users have found Yeti SB5c to be one of the best mountain bikes ever made in the market. They’ve also agreed to the fact that it possesses excellent uphill and downhill abilities.

Few riders claim that 5C bike is stiff yet light, and it stays firmly planted on the trials. It tends to float over loose terrains.

On the downside, many have found its hefty price tag to be too much.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the warranty on Yeti SB5c bike?

The Yeti SB5c (Frame and Switch Infinity Link) is backed with LIFETIME Manufacturer’s warranty. Whereas, Paint and Finish are covered for one year.

Q. Where can you purchase SB5?

The SB5c is available for purchase on the official website of Yeti Cycles. You can even find Yeti SB5 for sale occasionally on eBay.

Q. What is the price of SB5c bike?

SB5c comes in different kits, and that’s why its price varies as per the kit you choose. Normally, the price range starts at $4999 and goes up to $6199.


The SB5c is an extremely well-designed addition to Yeti product line up.

It is a versatile trail bike made for long all-mountain biking, including long climbs and descents.

Light, agile and fast, this Yeti bike is fun to ride and behaves just like you’d expect it to.

Patented Switch Infinity Suspension is what makes it light, stiff and potential on terrains. This suspension offers excellent tuning for leverage ratio and anti-squat properties. Thus, making it ideal for multi-day bike packing trips or all-day epics.

If you customize it with some premium parts, you can have your own light enduro race bike as well!

As long as you don’t mind its expensive price tag, SB5c certainly won’t disappoint you as a high-end mountain bike. You can check it out here.

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