Snowboard Boots Sizing Chart: A Comprehensive Guide

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Choosing the right size for your snowboarding boots is crucial. Boots are one of the most important things you want to add to your arsenal. Simply put, if you are not comfortable out there on the hill, it is likely you are keeping yourself off from all the fun. This is quite unacceptable for every snowboarder. Also, in extreme cases, improper shoe size can cause serious injuries.

Snowboard Boot Size Chart

Foot Length (Cm)Men US BootWomen US BootEuro Boot

The Importance Of Boot Sizing

The boot sizing for snowboarding is the same as the show sizing standards maintained in street shops. All you need to make sure that the feet comfortably snug in without experiencing any pinch or poke. Also, extra tightness can hamper air circulation inside the snowboard boots. Let your toe wiggle slightly but prevent it from moving too much. Buy snowboard boots typically with a little snug as they will eventually loosen in the long run after several uses.

Choosing The Right Length

The size snowboard boots can fluctuate – so, you need to be aware of the same. It is quite possible to have 9 and a half on one foot and 10 on the other.


Fortunately, most snowboard boot sizes come in mondo-print size. This is where the length is measured in centimeters or millimeters. The mondo-print shoe measurement for your snowboarding boot is designed to achieve the best fit. However, this theory is not always bound to be correct as new-age brands come up with different snowboard boot sizing that may vary from others.

Euro Boot Size

The Euro boot sizes too, vary between brands. Therefore, it is important to note the difference between a Mondo-print boot size and a Euro boot size. As a rule of thumb, it is important to measure your foot at home and find the best fit from the conversion chart based on the measurement.

A Safer Option To Boot Size

It’s always safe to try your snowboarding boots in person. So, it’s always good to choose a snowboard boots fit that is super comfortable. There’s absolutely no substitute for it. Even if you are eyeing to buy it online or the shop does not have a particular model of your choice, it is still good to measure your foot beforehand. There’s no harm if you’re an online buyer, just find the boots that match your measurement and experience the bliss.

Now, similar to board and bindings, you should choose your boots that match your riding style and ability. Usually, freeriders and beginners prefer tighter hold for better stability and responsiveness. On the contrary, freestylers prefer softer boots that play more, in order to achieve greater flexibility and forgiving when performing park and urban tricks.

Comfort Is The Key

Gradually as you grow with your experience, you will more likely to follow flexible choices with a higher degree of forward lean. Comfort has no substitute when it comes to snowboarding and thus, fir is always appreciated. Some riders choose boots that are half a size or a size bigger than normal street shoes.

Whatever you choose, your heels should fit in tight while the toes should only feel the frontal part of the shoe especially when you’re leaning back and putting pressure on your heels. If your boots have laces, make sure they are tightly hitched so that you can proper heel lift and flex your legs. Whatever position you are in, comfort should always be prioritised.

Boot Flex

Like all snowboard gear, your boots should match your riding style. There are different types of boots available and they come with a range of flex for accommodating all types of riding styles and terrain choices.

Freestyle Riding & Softer Flexes

If you are riding freestyle, consider having a boot with a softer flex. Also, every mountain rider can benefit from the versatility of a softer boot. Softer flexes are recommended to ensure greater manoeuvrability and forgiveness when stomping landings. This is also a crucial factor for adding tweakability during buttering boxes or jibbing handrails.

Freeride & Stiffer Boot

If you are riding freeride, it’s good to have a stiffer boot. It is a great choice if you love to tear apart backcountry. It is also an advantageous choice for all-mountain riders who want to have a super responsive snowboarding boot that provides maximum support. The rigid design of stiffer boots helps to generate an extreme amount of edge power during destructive turns while having complete control of the move.

How To Maintain Your Boots?

Boots undergo a lot of stress when snowboarding. This involves flexing and stretching, constant contact with ice and snow, warmth and moisture from inside. So, the idea is to keep your new snowboard boots fresh and enhance their durability.

It’s good to take out the boot liner and dry them separately. You may use professional boot driers, but usually, the liners automatically dry on their own.

If you are confronted with nasty odours from inside the boot, it is because of the accumulated bacteria and fungus. This usually happens when you wear synthetic snowboard socks. Therefore, it’s good to apply antibiotic sprays. Make sure the application doesn’t damage the boot’s materials. Also, you can put them in the freezer as the cold will kill the bacteria inside and reduce the smell.

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Snowboard boots are an important piece of gear, and it’s essential to find a pair that fit well and are comfortable. There are different types of boots available for all types of riding styles and terrain choices. Buying snowboard boots becomes easier if you stick to the standards and determine your riding style. It’s important to choose a boot that matches your ability and comfort level. You should also consider how you will maintain your boots so they stay in good condition for years to come.

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