Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike
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The High Timber bike by Schwinn is a mountain bike which is going to be able to cope with a wide range of different situations and terrain. It’s highly affordable but still has a good level of quality with its ride and specifications.

It’s great for exploring trails with many impressive features. In this Schwinn high timber 26 review, we will look at its pros and cons to see whether or not it will be the perfect choice for you.

A ​Quick look

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Timber mountain bike is going to be able to give you a smooth a comfortable ride whether you are on the road or cycling through bike paths and tough courses. It copes very well with difficult terrain with a good amount of stability when traveling over bumps in the road.

It’s quite a heavy mountain bike which does affect its agility and reduces the maximum speed you can reach when compared with other mountain bikes. With that weight, you do get the benefit of a bike which is sturdy with great durability.

It doesn’t quite have the spec of more expensive mountain bikes, but that’s what you expect with an affordable bike. Overall, the High Timber offers impressive value for money and an impressive level of quality in its drivetrain, frame, and design.

Who is Schwinn?

Schwinn has been making mountain bikes for many years, almost 120 years, and with that is experience and craftsmanship that you can trust. Having formed in Chicago, they are one of the most well-known bicycle brands in the world and deliver then with a high amount of quality.

The High Timber is no different as it is a great mountain bike and if anything goes wrong, then you’re going to have a reliable customer service team of Schwinn bikes behind you. It’s a reputable brand, and that should give you confidence in the bike you’ll be getting.

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Who is this product for?

This bike is going to be perfect for any biking enthusiasts who are looking to hit the trail for the first time. It’s a great entry-level bike that is going to be ideal for casual riders who like getting off the main roads.

​It doesn’t quite have the specifications of a high-end model, and therefore if you’re a mountain biking expert who likes hitting the hard trails, this might not be for you. For everyone else, this is a very good mountain bike with brilliant qualities.





​Steel alloy


21 Shimano gears


​Linear pull brakes


Available in 24, 26, 27.5 or 29 inches



​Gear shits

​SRAM grip shifters


​42 pounds


​SR Suntour M2000 Front suspension fork


​68″L x 23″W x 41″H

Key features

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Sturdy frameThe High Timber frame is vital for any mountain bike, and the High Timber is no different. It has a good quality frame which gives the bike and an immense amount of durability.

It is made from steel, although the front and rear alloy wheels feature alloy rims, which is good for that durability but it does add an extra level of weight. Aluminum frame or carbon frames would be preferable but they do come at a significantly higher cost.

For the price point you can have very few complaints with the frame, especially if you prefer aluminum frame bikes. The geometry is styled to tackle all types of terrain and it’ll be able to go over rough terrain with a minimal amount of fuss.

Quality gears – When you’re traveling on trails the drivetrain is crucial in being able to give you the control that you need with a quick gear feature. You need to be able to effortlessly shift between gears to ensure that you are hitting the right speeds.

The 21 Shimano gears on this mountain bike are going to seamlessly move between one another which is helped by the grip shifters that it has, different from the twist shifters bikes available in the market. It enables quick gear changes without missing a beat.

All that means that you’re never going to be left struggling for speed as your gears try and catch up. The chain is also securely attached, meaning that they aren’t going to jump off as soon as you hit a bump on your trail.

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Average brakes – When it comes to all types of biking, linear-pull brakes (V brakes) aren’t going to be able to give you the highest level of stopping power. They can still be highly efficient and that’s what you get on the High Timber bike break.

The brakes are very good and will give you an impressive level of stopping power. While not having disc brakes, and being top of the range you are not going to have any complaints.

You can upgrade them if you wish to as they are easily replaceable but more than likely you’ll be happy enough with them. Along with the shifting gears, they will give you plenty of confidence to ride at high speeds.

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Great tire options – There are tires here which are going to be suitable for riders of all sizes. There are options of Schwinn high timber 27.5 and 29 inches, Schwinn high timber 24 inches and also Schwinn high timber 27 inches to ensure that there is going to be something for everyone.

For the tallest of riders, the steering can be quite clunky with a tire of 29 inches with the frame being better suited to the two other options. It still gives you a good ride with the biggest tire and will allow you to tackle trails.

The tires that come with the bike are very good and will be able to offer you a superior level of grip. They can cope with many different types of conditions and will let you ride with confidence.

High weight – One negative of this bike is the high level of weight that it has. Most of that comes from the steel frame which does help to give it a lot of strength.

That lightweight strength means that the mtb bike is slightly less agile than lighters models and you can feel that when it comes to turning the handlebars. The ride is still easy enough and beginner riders won’t really notice.

There are advantages to that weight. This is a bike that is going to last for a long time and it’s also going to be able to cope with rough terrain.

Easy ride – This is a bike that punches above its weight when it comes to the ride that you are able to have. It’s very smooth which is helped by that optimal gearing system which will allow you to easily transition when you are putting in extra effort.

It is also capable of smoothing out bumps in the road and preventing your bellows and your hands from getting and juddering pain, due to the front wheel and the back wheel sizes the quality of wheel bearings. If you’re looking a Schwinn men’s high timber or Schwinn women’s high timber then you need to look no further as this is a mountain bike with the apt wheel size is for everyone.

Suspension – The front suspension that is fitted onto this mountain bike is great at being able to give you the comfort that you need while going over bumps, without being too spongy.

The schwinn suspension fork is able to give the hardtail mountain bike a nice and rigid ride when you need it but when also take those shocks. This suspension mountain bike is quite impressive for its price and isn’t going to let you down.

Pros and Cons


  • ​21 Shimano gears
  • ​Easy to adjust
  • ​Gives you a smooth ride
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Can be upgraded


  • ​Low-quality plastic paddles
  • ​No disc brakes
  • ​The seat post can be a little uncomfortable

Customer Reviews

The reviews on this bike are usually positive with a few grumbles about the quality of the bicycle in some areas. The pedals, for example, are made from quite cheap plastic, but most of the other spec is decent, and the bike is also upgradeable.

Aside from that, the ride is noted to be very smooth, and a lot of compliments are given to the gears that it has installed. It copes very well with rough terrain, and it is also praised for the durability it has. The reviews are consistent with a mountain bike at a lower price point, which has a good level of quality.


Final Verdict

There you have it, the best guide for the best mountain bike. It has a limited lifetime warranty, so make sure you check if there is a credit approval for the ease of payment. Packed with features like quick release seat post, rugged terrain tires, alloy crank, speed shifters, this timber mountain bike is definitely a dream of many riders.

For anyone interested in mountain biking for the first time or more casual riders, this is going to be an excellent option. It’s highly affordable and can match some other models and more expensive bikes.

Experienced mountain bikers will probably be looking for a little out of their mountain bike, but this is a great all-around model which would be ideal for most users. Once you are comfortable with mountain biking you have the option of upgrading it should you wish.

With so many features, why wait to select a purchase date? This timber mountain bike is all you need in life to add a little adventure in your life.

​Overall, it’s a bike that is highly recommended for those who have a smaller budget. It offers very good value for money, and it’s a mountain bike that you’re going to be able to have a lot of fun with with the best way.

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