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Pure Fix Bike
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There are many Pure Fix bike reviews on the Internet, and we wanted to share some of the bike’s top features, specifications, and benefits. The Pure Fix Original bike is designed for everyday riders as opposed to for beginners. 

It can be a bike that’s great for daily commutes, and it’s also reliable for weekend trails and off-road conditions. Plus, the bike’s tires keep you in full control, whether you’re stuck in traffic or on wide roads. 

This bike comes to you partially assembled. Although it doesn’t come completely assembled, it’s not difficult to put together compared to other road bikes. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Road Bike

Pure City bikes are an excellent option for those who love road bikes, but there are many things to consider before diving in to make a purchase.

For example, the frame material has a huge role to play in durability and performance. Most commonly, you’ll discover an aluminum-frame bicycle with a carbon fiber fork. The combination of these materials provides a great balance of reliability and durability, while the carbon material helps with absorbing shocks.

Also, consider the bike’s groupset. The drivetrain on an entry-level bike typically has 8,9, or 10 speeds. Most bikes will have a double or triple chainset on the front. The more gears the bike has, the higher your chances are of finding the right gear for the environmental conditions and your riding preference.

Finally, consider the road bike’s wheels. The higher your budget on your wheelset, the better performance you’ll receive. This includes higher-quality wheel bearings, lighter rims, and deeper profile rims that together improve the bike’s aerodynamics.

Features and Benefits

Pure Fix Bike

Let’s take a look at the Pure Fix bike spec, features, and benefits that make this bike a great choice for enthusiastic cyclists.


It’s important that riding a bicycle is enjoyable and smooth. The Pure Fix Original Fixed bike doesn’t feature any pedals, which can make it difficult to pedal uphill—especially if the climb is intense. 

However, this bike can handle minor includes swiftly while still proving a tough physical workout that you’ll need to stand on the pedals for. With that being said, the Pure Fix Original bike makes it easy and smooth to ride on smooth terrain without any bumps or rough surfaces. Therefore, you can comfortably cruise through the city streets, which is ideal for commuters.

Also, the bike’s frame plays a huge part in this Pure Fix bike. In particular, the frame is designed of steel and features stock grips on the handlebars. As a result, the combination of these features help to reduce vibrations that can contribute to comfort on a range of surfaces.

Furthermore, the bike’s geometry and design aren’t aggressive, allowing you to ride upright and sitting down comfortably. Your shoulders won’t feel over-stressed, and your elbows and wrist will remain relaxed, enabling you to ride for long periods.



As we touched on, the Pure Fix Original bike only features one gear, which can make it difficult for riding in a range of conditions. However, you’ll receive a proper gear ratio when riding in a city setting.

This bike’s brand wants to provide riders with a variety of options when cycling. Pure Fix offers bikes with two cogs, which allows single-gear enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits offered. Plus, the fixed gear is solid once you’re riding it. In fact, having only one gear can make it easy and simple to operate, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t require a lot of maintenance. 

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Feels Solid on Rough Roads

Solid on Rough Roads

This Pure Fix bike feels almost too light on bumpy roads, which can mean it receives a large amount of vibration. On the other hand, the bike boasts a high tensile frame that can handle some of the roughest roads and environmental conditions.

The bike’s Wellgo aluminum pedals are strong, which can provide riders with an extra grip they might need when riding with only one fixed gear. Fortunately, it’s easy and convenient to switch between single speed and fixie mode.

Features Specification What this Means
Gears Single Gear A single-gear road bike doesn’t require any maintenance, although it can be difficult to cycle on a variety of conditions.
Frame Aluminum This lightweight, durable frame makes the bike smooth to ride. Plus, this feature allows you to ride over bumps without you feeling the impact.

Social Proof

We looked at Pure Fix bike reviews to take a look at customer feedback online to discover some of the truth about this road bike.

One of the most positive reviews we discovered was how easy and simple it was to assemble the road bike. 

Another positive aspect is how ideal it is to use for commuting. Although before turning this road bike into a commuter model can require changing the tires. But doing so can make it reliable and great for traveling to and from work.

On the other hand, if you decide to purchase this road bike, you should bear in mind that finding replacement parts and additional accessories to suit this model can be difficult. Therefore, you’ll need to do a bit of searching and maybe have spare parts available at home if you need to make some changes.

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There are three other Pure Fix bikes reviews, we’d love to recommend three alternative models to the Pure Fix Original bike and will look into the top features and keys of these road bikes. We chose these three models based on the similarities between them and the Pure Fix Original bike, but with several key differences.

1. Schwinn Kedzie Bike

Firstly, the Schwinn Kedzie bike features weight-saving alloy rims and can take you around in style and comfort. This bike’s frame is made of steel with steel forks that makes it easy for riders to meander through traffic. As a result, the Kedzie bike provides excellent strength and performance for all cyclists.

The Schwinn Kedzie bike can handle unexpected situations and tough conditions, such as a deep turn and bumps. This is all thanks to the front and rear caliper brakes that can bring the bike to a convenient and reliable stop quickly. One big difference between the Pure Fix Original and Kedzie is the weight. To save extra weight, you have the option of removing the chain guard.

The Schwinn Kedzie bike weighs around 32 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds, making it ideal for most cyclists. 

Overall, this road bike features a riser handlebar, which comes with many benefits. Possibly the main advantage of this road bike is that you can lift your hands to a higher position. As a result, this alleviates some weight off of your hands when riding in a relaxed or neutral position, while allowing you to travel over obstacles easily.

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2. Captain Marvel

Next up as an alternative is the Captain Marvel road bike. This 700c bike is ideal for commuters in need of a ride that can match your toughness. When you ride the Captain Marvel, you’ll have a smooth, elegant riding experience that isn’t prominent on frills.

There’s no need to waste energy on shifting the bike, as it comes without shifters and derailleurs. As a result, you won’t have to spend as much time on maintenance, allowing you to focus more on riding and enjoying the experience. Although this bike is technically a single-speed model, the flip-flop hub features a freewheel that makes it reliable and comfortable for urban commuters.

The bike features a lightweight high-profile alloy rims that comes with alloy caliper brakes for crisp and reliable stopping. The Schwinn urban seat and urban grips provide a comfortable design for cyclists. Plus, the lightweight and sleek design make it ideal for those who love to ride.

Finally, you’ll receive a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own it, and the Captain Marvel bike provides you with the freedom of riding.

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3. Jamis Ventura Comp

Finally, another alternative to the Pure Bix Original bike is the Jamis Ventura Comp road bike. Firstly, it’s an impressive bike with plenty of features. Most impressively, this road bike offers a refined ride that’s smooth and crisp. 

The bike features a smooth-shifting drivetrain, full-carbon fork, reliable disc brakes, and a high-quality, lightweight bike frame. The frame provides a well-balanced experience for all cyclists—including beginners and intermediate riders. 


Overall, the Pure Fix Original bike features a lightweight, durable frame with sturdy aluminum pedals. It also provides a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. If you’re searching for a road bike for a vigorous workout, this model can be a great addition to your life.

Its frame helps to reduce vibrations and absorb shocks for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. As a result, it provides a reliable ride, which is ideal for commuters and you can also ride it on city streets.

If you’re searching for a road bike that’s reliable without any difficulties to ride, this certainly makes a great contender. The simplicity of this road bike makes it attractive to many owners. It’s smooth and quiet during operation, which enhances its overall positive riding experience.

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