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Are you a freestyle skiing fanatic? The International Ski Federation allows skiing fans from all around the world to participate in recognized freestyle skiing games. 

Freestyle skiing is an epic demonstration sport that began during the 1800s in Norway. The sport was recognized and introduced as an official medal event in the 1979 Olympic games. 

Perhaps you haven’t had the chance to participate but only witness spectacular tricks on television. Worry no more! We are here to present some iconic freestyle skiing tips and tricks to help you practice better. 

Freestyle Skiing Disciplines to Keep in Mind

Paddy Graham is the best freeskier from Britain who has previously participated in the Winter Olympics. He breaks down the skiing principles effectively. 

Slopestyle Run

This skiing practice includes 5-6 features such as rails, jumps and different obstacles. It is essential to perform stunts with every feature on the course to secure scores. 

Half-Pipe Ski

The half-pipe is snow-made and measures up to 22ft high. Riders get 5-6 chances to show their skills in the air as they complete laps around the walls down the track. 

Big Air Run

This discipline gives you the liberty to cross the snowboards or skis to enable body flexibility while riding. This competition allows participants to cross over 60 feet tall ramps for points. Competitors get more points based on the rotations and stunts they perform mid-air.

Differences Between Freestyle Skiing and Freeride Skiing 

The track or the terrain is the primary difference between freestyle skiing and freeride skiing. 

Freeride skiing locations are usually off-track areas where it is only possible for helicopters to fly. On the other hand, freestyle skiing locations are manually constructed. These include track parks that have rails, jumps and pipes. Both types of skiers perform the same stunts but the tracks remain variable. 

How To Improve Freestyle Skiing Techniques 

This sport includes aerial events that involve riding past dangerous elements on pure skill and instinct. The technical difficulty is extremely high. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Get the right skis if you are serious about participating in world championship games. 
  • Skis made for freestyle competitions have twin tips for optimal performance. The poles are comparatively shorter as well. 
  • Do not ride recklessly as the risks of accidents are high and it can be life-altering. 
  • Try your best to ski backward for better body and skis control. 
  • Train on a trampoline for aerial awareness. 
  • Do not rush. Everyone knows Rome was not built in a day and you have to practice long and hard to master skiing stunts. 
  • Take control of your body and skis until you touch the landing hill during your skiing jump. 
  • Keep your head up to complete a perfect jump with optimal body balance on a freeride or freestyle track. 

Easiest Skis Tricks 

Let us check out some of the must-try skis tricks:

180 Spin 

Pro-tip to perform this stunt: Do not bend forward or backward while landing. You can either spin your body to the left or right when airborne but will land backward every time. 

360 Safety Grab Flip 

Spin the body over the shoulder when you are in mid-air during this stunt. You will need to tread heavily when you land. 

Backflip Jump 

Try this somersault that is performed backward compared to a conventional flip stunt. You have to complete 1 full body spin on your snowboard or skis while you are in mid-air. 

Helicopter Jump 

This stunt gives you the opportunity to do a rotation of your choice that includes 360, 720 or 1080. 

Top 10 Tips to Consider for Freestyle Skiing 

Practice 1-Ski Turns 

1-ski turns are a highly effective mogul skiing regime that helps to practice ski ballet. These skis turn practice gives insight into the core fundamentals of how centered your body is during a downhill ski. 

Point Your Knees 

It is essential to flex your knees and ankles whenever needed to control the pressure of your skis. This is an easy mantra to follow and gain ample balance. 

Position Your Eyes for Downhill 

The best skier will keep their eyes downward during aerials or moguls. It is essential to locate and point your ski tips for the turn apex. Shift your focus from one apex to another just while turning for excellent multi-directional release.  

Flex the Muscles on Hitting Bumps 

It is essential to extend the legs and flex the muscles while hitting bumps on ski tracks. Your legs can act as shock absorbers for mogul tracks. 

Change Tempo & Tracks 

Athletes ski at different tempos and speeds. It is easier to perform flips and spins with better body and ski control. Use the snow skis to adjust your plate bindings and control the speed for aerials and moguls. 

Move like a Clock Hand 

The sun is always overhead in freestyle skiing. The Winter Olympics are scheduled at places that have ample snow-laden mountains for skiers. Move your knees like a clock hand for maximum balance on steep and icy terrain. It helps your body to move better. 

Carve with the Poles 

Use your poles to control the speed of your body and ski during jumps or moguls alike. The poles help to slice the snow and offer the thrust needed to speed up or slow down. It also helps to control your body during sharp turns. 

Tip to Turn 

Tilt your body to the side you want to turn like a falcon. This is known as edge angle in freestyle skiing. It helps to strengthen your radius while turning on tracks. A skier can easily control direction and speed when they follow the principles of a bird and their flight techniques.

Soft Touch Skiing 

Lesser groomed mountain tracks are known as off-piste tracks by skiers. Ski with soft ski-to-snow touch to manage the terrain first. 

Maintain Focus 

Keep the width of your leg length consistent while skiing. All athletes know that this is a big secret to perform freestyle skiing stunts seamlessly. It entails a smooth and balanced run. 


The world cup for skiers and athletes hosts a wide variety of freestyle sports events for skiers.

The International Olympic Committee conducts the World Cup for aerial skiing and mogul skiing. Athletes participate in the winter games for the prestigious gold medal. The competitor with the highest total score bites the gold. Follow the exclusive tips for a competitive edge in your course of freestyle skiing training. 

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