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Best Cycling Rollers
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No matter where you live in the world, there’s always going to be a day or several days, that it’s just not safe or fun to ride your bicycle outside. Instead of investing in an expensive stationary bike that won’t give you the same feel as riding outside, you can invest in a indoor cycling roller that will provide you with a full workout without compromising the feeling of riding outside.

We’ve gathered some of the best cycling rollers on the market that are high-quality and, in many cases, budget-friendly. Working with a indoor cycling roller will allow you to keep up the effort to work on your balance and still give your body an intense workout. They force you to ride the same way you would outside so you’re practicing and exercising not just your body but your balance as well. Therefore, ensuring that you choose a rollar that’s amongst the best bike rollers should be your main concern.

overall BestTacx Galaxia Indoor Retractable Bicycle Rollers Tacx Galaxia Indoor Retractable Bicycle Rollers
  • Wheel: All wheelbases
Runner-UpTacx Antares Indoor Retractable Bicycle Tacx Antares Indoor Retractable Bicycle
  • Wheel: 26”-29”
Best On BudgetRock Bros Bike Rollers Adjustable Bike Trainer Rock Bros Bike Rollers Adjustable Bike Trainer
  • Wheel: 16”-29”, 700c
Kreitler Alloy Roller Set Kreitler Alloy Roller Set
  • Wheel: All wheelbases
Elite Arion Folding Rollers with Mag Resistance Elite Arion Folding Rollers with Mag Resistance
  • Wheel: 24”-29”
Soozer Rolling Cycling Trainer Soozer Rolling Cycling Trainer
  • Wheel: 24”-29”, 700c

Review of the Best Cycling Rollers

We’ve gathered together six of the best cycling rollers on the market, and we’ll go through some things that make them a unique or great investment if you’re serious about cycling!

rear wheel with magnetic resistance roller bike

Tacx Galaxia Indoor Retractable Bicycle Rollers – Overall Best

Tacx Galaxia Indoor Retractable Bicycle Rollers

This is our list’s best of the show and comes in at 9.75 out of 10 stars! This tacx antares rollers is one of the best quality bicycle rollers and also budget-friendly, so you’ll get the best of both worlds as you’re looking to switch from outdoor cycling to indoor cycling for the day or season. For that reason, some consider this as one of the best bike rollers.

The rollers on this bicycle roller are tapered inward, which keeps your wheels centered and stable no matter how fast you ride. Tacx antares rollers has also patented the swing system they use, which allows for rocking back and forth that absorbs acceleration and deceleration as you ride.

The entire back and front wheel rollar will also fold up so it can be easily stored out of the way and still be secure. The front roller spins equally for added stability and speed track as you train and enjoy a smooth ride. There’s no power required to run this roller in a straight line, and the maintenance through Tacx is free!

If you live in a small apartment or don’t have much room, this is a great option! Since it folds up small, it can be stored just about anywhere, and you can pull it out whenever you need to train. It’s also high-quality materials, so even if you use it every day, it will stand up to the wear and tear and serve you and every bike trainers well for its entire lifespan.


  • Product dimensions: 14.17 x 4.92 x 2.95 inches
  • Product weight: 18.08 pounds


  • Tapered inward, conical rollers to keep wheels centered
  • Patented swing system for increased stability
  • Foldable design


  • More expensive than other designs
best bike roller system

Tacx Antares Indoor Retractable Bicycle Roller – Runner-Up

Tacx Antares Indoor Retractable Bicycle

This is another great bicycle rollers from Tacx and is the runner-up in our list with 9.5 out of 10 stars! This is a solidly built roller that is even more budget-friendly than the above mentioned Tacx.

This Tacx antares rollers offers the same roller style, tapered to keep wheels centered, as the above roller does and folds down to a smaller size. It also fits bikes from 26″ to 29″ in diameter, so no matter the type of bike you have, you can get a great workout and practice balancing before heading back to the trails. The tapered drums give you excellent stability, so you won’t need to worry about tipping over or sliding off your bicycle roller as you’re attempting to get a full training session in.

Coming in as a runner-up, this bicycle roller is simple and compact but may not be as sturdy as the other Tacx roller above and other Tacx rollers. It is much more budget-friendly, so you can get a great deal if you’re just starting out working with a bicycle roller! It will still last for quite a while, but it is a good first step, so you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get your first and amongst the best bike rollers.


  • Product dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Product weight: 18.7 pounds


  • No power required
  • Tapered rollers for extended stability
  • Fits a wide range of bikes


  • Not as durable as other models
roller set for best lateral movement

Rock Bros Bike Rollers Adjustable Bike Trainer – Best On Budget

Rock Bros Bike Rollers Adjustable Bike Trainer

If you’re just starting out using a bicycle roller, it can be a little overwhelming to see the price tags that are often associated. This is our choice for the best budget bike roller with 9 out of 10 stars so you can invest in your first roller without breaking the bank!

This is a durable and high-quality bicycle roller that features high-strength and high-end aluminum alloy rollers that hold your bike wheels in place. The entire roller is foldable and will save space when you fold it up for the day.

One of the key features of this roller is the sealed bearings and the rubber foot pads, which allows the rollers to roll along smoothly and keep you pedaling securely. You can also use this roller with a wide range of bikes from mountain bikes, 700c road bikes, and bike tires 16″-29″. So no matter what type of bike you’re training on, this bike trainer is a budget-friendly investment that folds down flat when not in use!


  • Product dimensions: adjustable
  • Product weight: 6.5 kg


  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Adjustable for different size bikes
  • Budget-friendly


  • It doesn’t fold as small as other designs
roller set for warm up

Kreitler Alloy Roller Set – Premium

Kreitler Alloy Roller Set

If you train on your bike indoors a lot and it’s time for an upgrade, this is our premium choice for your next bike roller! The price tag is higher than other riding rollers on our list, but you get what you pay for. We give this roller 9 out of 10 stars for durability and quality on this bicycle roller.

All of the materials used to make this roller are created and designed in the US, so when you purchase, you’re keeping business here in the country. You can also get this roller in a wide range of drum diameters so you can customize the overall experience to your tastes with ease.

This roller also features a Killer Headwind fan that gives you adjustable resistance and a cooling breeze with a fan that can be rotated to point the airflow wherever you need it. Some many more bells and whistles come with this premium option for a bicycle roller and the price tag reflects it. You can use almost any bike and front and rear wheel size with this roller as it includes the belt and the standard frame.


  • Product dimensions: 18.5 x 8 x 2.75 inches
  • Product weight: 4 ounces


  • Completely made in the US
  • Interchangeable drum diameters
  • Killer Headwind feature


  • More expensive than others

Elite Arion Folding Rollers with Mag Resistance

Elite Arion Folding Rollers with Mag Resistance

The construction of most bike rollers is all the same. This bicycle roller stands apart as it uses magnetic resistance unit to give you a different experience when training on the roller inside your house, and we give it 8.75 out of 10 stars.

These folding bikes are unique in that it allows for an easy transition from no resistance to low or high resistance with the magnetic suspension. Each of the drums is parabolic shaped to give you more ride control as you train, and the integrated handle makes it easy to transport from place to place. The resistance feature is unique and can be very easy to use to increase the benefits of your overall workout by using a head unit or an app. Being able to adjust your resistance easily as well as have an attached fan will keep you rolling, longer.

The entire construction is ultra-lightweight and easily folds up to make storage easy. This roller is unique, but it can be hard to find online or in person. If you want this particular roller, you may need to wait for a while before you can get it shipped to your house and get it all set up!


  • Product dimensions: 32.3 x 14.3 x 24.9 inches
  • Product weight: 3.52 ounces


  • Magnetic resistance levels for easy transitions
  • Integrated handle for easy transport
  • Parabolic drums for ride control


  • Not easily available

Soozer Rolling Cycling Trainer

Soozer Rolling Cycling Trainer

While the design is similar to all of the other bike rollers on our list, this aesthetic is unique and will stand out when you use it! We give this roller 8.5 out of 10 stars for overall use.

This roller is specifically designed for use with mountain bikes and is offered at a very budget-friendly price. Each piece of the roller is made of durable materials and precision machined steel that gives you an ultra-strong aluminum and steel frame and optimal stability for every ride.

Use this roller with bike wheel sizes ranging from 24″-29″ and 700c road bikes for a smooth ride. The roller itself is also lightweight and very portable, saving you space and giving you the freedom to take it with you if you need to move around. This is an ultra-lightweight model that is ideal for taking from race to race or moving from place to place in your house. It’s also extremely budget-friendly, so you can easily afford the roller and use it for as long as it will last. This is the one of the best bike rollers for fit freaks!


  • Product dimensions: 32.25 x 19.25 x 6.25 inches
  • Product weight: 17.5 pounds


  • Very budget-friendly
  • Wide range of wheel sizes for use
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t fold as small as other designs

Buying Guide

No matter how many different types of bike rollers you see, it’s always best to think critically about the type of material, design, and overall cost of the product you’re researching. We’ve brought together some quality information so you can make the most informed decision when you purchase your first or next bicycle roller!

Construction Quality

Whether you’re buying a new car or your next bicycle roller, you want to keep a careful eye on the construction quality and design and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your money.

Any roller you research or purchase should be able to hold the weight of both you and your bike for a long period and keep the friction down while you spend that time moving quickly. The central components of the roller construction are the rollers themselves, the frame, and the belt, if applicable.

Most rollers that are high-quality are made of aluminum, and you’ll see these on many different types of bike rollers on the higher end of the spectrum. High-density polyethylene rollers work well too and can even reduce noise. These polyethylene rollers cause some vibration, so be sure to take that into account when purchasing your next bicycle roller.

Traditional rollers will most likely include a belt which can keep your rollers working well for years. The frames of your rollers are typically made of aluminum or steel, but some include polyethylene. Aluminum or steel frame may feel sturdier, but if you need to move the roller frequently, it can get heavy quickly and make it hard to move around.

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Wheel Base

In contrast to bike trainers, bike rollers only need to be adjusted once and can accommodate almost any bike type. Simply adjust your roller to fit the wheelbase and take off! You won’t need to adjust it again until you get a new one.

You’ll want to be sure that your wheelbase is set to the correct size so you have plenty of room to create quality stability when biking. Bike rollers utilize your actual bike and have no built-in stability, so it’s all up to you to stay stable. Having the right wheelbase can help you maintain your stability and keep upright.

Once you adjust your wheelbase to match your tire size, you’ll be able to train like you’re on the trails. Setting the wheelbase for your bike allows you to interval train or max out your time on the roller with ease.

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Drum Design and Material

The drums that you ride on with a bike rollar are crucial to your overall success!

Drum shape is either parabolic, uniform or conical shape and drum size can play a role in the amount of resistance that’s created when you ride. Parabolic rollers are larger on the outside near the frame and thinner in the middle. The parabolic rollers pull your bike toward the middle of the roller so you won’t tip or fall off as easily.

Roller size determines resistance and the larger the drum, the lower the resistance. With less resistance, you can keep your speed high without exerting as much effort. Smaller drums create more resistance, which can add up to more bike tire wear and tear. If you want to do intervals or sprint warm-ups, these smaller drums will give you the resistance you want.

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If you live in a smaller apartment or house or you want to take your roller with you from race to race, having something compact and easy to transport or store is important when you’re looking for a new bike roller.

For many rollers, this ability to be easily packed is an extra feature and will end up costing you extra. The Tacx Antares folds up small so you can tuck it away when you’re done and is still a budget-friendly option. Being able to put your roller away will save you time and energy if you want to move it from race to race or keep it out of sight when company comes over is essential when purchasing a bike roller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bike rollers themselves are a pretty simple piece of equipment. But when you add in all of the factors of riding your bike indoors, there are a few questions that you want to ask and have answered before you go out to invest in a quality roller. We’ve gathered up some frequently asked questions so you can get your questions and queries answered before putting some serious money into your bike roller.

How do you use Zwift on bike rollers?

You can use Zwift with traditional rollers or invest in their “smart” rollers to enhance your overall experience. To use it with traditional rollers, you simply need to pair a supported PowerMeter to get the most out of your Zwift experience and help control the resistance as you bike.

How to use bike rollers?

If you’ve never gotten set up with smart rollers for bikes before they can seem a little intimidating. But with a few hints and tips, you’ll be biking all the time whether it’s snowy, rainy, sunny, or cloudy outside!

To start, you’ll want to ride using tennis shoes or trainers instead of your cycling shoes so you can quickly put a foot down to keep your balance. Set up your roller set next to a wall or inside a doorway so you have support on either side while indoor cycling.

Start with your bike in a low gear and make sure your wheels are in the middle of the rollers. Hold on to the wall or doorframe to keep your balance and keep on pedaling. Look straight ahead while you pedal; you won’t be looking down at your front wheel when you’re out on the road, so keep your eyes straight ahead while you’re on the rollers too.

Let yourself relax but stay focused on the training! It can be tempting to turn on the TV or look around to see who all has come in the room, but you’ll want to stay focused so you can stay on track and in the middle of the rollers.

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How will use bike rollers help?

Using bike rollers helps in several ways! One of the simplest is that it allows you to keep training for the trails without having to be outside in the elements if the weather is too bad or you don’t have quite as much time. You can also improve your balance, engage your core, and increase your pedaling efficiency by using rollers in your training regimen. Rollers are also simple to store out of the way so you can continue to train and engage your body without investing in a high-end stationary bike.


A bike roller is a simple piece of equipment that can have a big impact on your training. When you invest in a quality bike roller, you’ll see definite benefits when you head out and hit the trails.

Bike rollers allow you to ride your bike while indoors so you can focus on your balance, increase your handling, and still build muscle even if the weather isn’t great outside. The overall construction like the construction of the back and front wheel, plays a role in the benefits you’ll see as it dictates the resistance you’ll utilize and the wheelbase you’ll need to incorporate.

If you are a beginner, you should pick a roller with a low learning curve, efficient power meter, wider front and back wheel, hard plastic components, etc, so that you can train and work on your core strength even when you are watching TV. Having such features are important for a good workout, especially when its indoors.

The winner of our best bike rollers count down is the Tacx Galaxia Indoor Retractable Bicycle Rollers which offers you the best quality and adjustability for the price. It’s more expensive than others on our list, but when you combine the ability to fold it up and put it away easily with the quality construction, the price tag is worth it!

The runner-up is Tacx Antares Indoor Retractable Bicycle Roller. This is another quality construction from Tacx that has a more affordable rollers design than the winner of our countdown. While it may not last quite as long, it’s still well designed and made of high-quality materials. The range of tires it will accommodate isn’t quite as wide, so you may need to carefully determine which bicycle roller will fit your bike tire.

That’s our final thoughts regarding the best rollers under $1000.

Picking a best rollers or a bicycle roller can dramatically increase your performance on the trails or roads! Taking the time to learn the best way to train on a bike roller as well as training sessions that maximize your experience will help you hit the trails wiht your road or mountain bike once the weather improves with new skills and strengths! Happy training!

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