How to Wear A Bike Helmet With A Ponytail

How to Wear A Bike Helmet With A Ponytail
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Ponytail compatible helmets are the easiest way to enjoy your rides while maintaining your good-looking hair. Discover how to wear a bike helmet with a ponytail without messing up your hairdo.

If you’re like most female cyclists, you probably would’ve wondered why helmets are generally marketed as unisex but fit men better than women.

Whatever the reason, you’re likely reading this because you are interested in knowing how to wear a bike helmet with a ponytail.

I’m assuming you like cruising around on a bike without sacrificing your good-looking hairstyle.

So how do you put safety first without compromising good looks? What should you do if you wear a high ponytail or low ponytail?

And what should you look for in a ponytail helmet for women?

Let’s get some answers, shall we?

Premium PickKask Protone Helmet Kask Protone Helmet
  • Super-lightweight helmet
  • Octo Fit adjustment system
Best Value BELL Stratus MIPS Helmet BELL Stratus MIPS Helmet
  • Lightweight and comfortable
Budget PickGiro Syntax MIPS Bike Helmet Giro Syntax MIPS Bike Helmet
  • Slim, aesthetic design
  • Well-ventilated 

Can You Wear a Ponytail with a Bike Helmet?

Of course, you can!

The easiest and most efficient way to wear a ponytail while donning your bike helmet is to look for helmets with features that accommodate ponytails.

Keep in mind that not all helmets will fit a ponytail even if they have plenty of holes for ventilation.

The last thing you want is a helmet that awkwardly sits on your head instead of snugly hugging your head.

You want to look for helmets with wider openings at the rear. That way, the safety equipment will fit your head nicely when you put your ponytail between the fitting strap and the shell’s bottom.

Are There Any Ponytail Compatible Helmets?

Bike Helmet With A Ponytail

The feeling of being free and enjoying yourself while riding your bike with your hair blowing in the wind is priceless!

And while this might sound like a kicker, you should always wear a helmet when riding your bike, regardless of your experience level.

Look for a ponytail helmet for women that look attractive with feminine designs and colors. Here are three good-quality options that are not only safe but stylish:

1. Kask Protone HelmetPremium Pick

Kask Protone Helmet

The Kask Protone is a super-lightweight helmet built to hug your head, even if you wear a ponytail. You’ll hardly notice there’s a hard-shell on your head, thanks to its low-profile design. And it offers plenty of ventilation.

It works great for all riding positions and stays snuggly on your head even on bumpy roads. The helmet features the brand’s proprietary Octo Fit adjustment system that lets you adjust the helmet even while riding.

Kask Protone might be pricey, but it is worth every cent! You simply can’t put a price tag on safety, right?


  • Elegant design
  • Extra swing adjustment
  • Fits snugly and comfortably


  • Pricier model
Check Price Today

2.  BELL Stratus MIPS HelmetBest Value

BELL Stratus MIPS Helmet

Bell’s second-tier offering is a great pick whether or not you wear a ponytail. It is lightweight and comfortable for all-day use.

You won’t experience annoying chafing or rubbing from the straps. That’s because they lay flat on your face during use, even in windy conditions. Plus, it is well-ventilated and breathable, so you’ll stay cool on warm days.

It comes with a Float Fit system that lets you adjust the helmet for a dialed-in fit. And in case you end up in a crash, the helmet is designed with slip-plane technology to reduce impact from all directions.


  • Straps lay flat on the face
  • Pulls sweat away from the forehead
  • Available in a wide selection of colors


  • Tricky sizing
Check Price Today

3. Giro Syntax MIPS Bike HelmetBudget Pick

Giro Syntax MIPS Bike Helmet

The Syntax from Giro comes in a slim, aesthetic design with multiple safety features. It combines shock-absorbing foam lining on the inside with an outer polycarbonate hard shell to offer adequate protection against a crash.

Like other helmets with MIPS technology, Syntax is extra safe. Fine-tuning the tension and vertical position is a breeze with the Roc Loc 5 fit system. Plus, its active vents and internal ducts allow for improved ventilation to keep you cool.

You don’t have to lose and arm a leg to buy this model. While Giro’s helmet might not be a high-end option, it offers impressive comfort and works well for women who wear ponytails.


  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Well-ventilated 
  • Reasonably priced


  • Chinstrap can be improved
Check Price Today

Helmet Doesn’t Fit With My Ponytail


Have a tough time fitting your ponytail into your bike helmet? You’re not alone!

Many women with long hair are in the same shoes. The safety equipment messes up their hair, doesn’t fit well, or outright looks awkward.

Should you just skip the hassle and go cycling without a helmet?

That won’t be a good idea, and you know it. So, just before you toss your bike helmet in favor of your beautiful hairdo, here are two reasons that might be causing the issue.

  • The helmet is pitched too high: This is usually because you’ve threaded your ponytail somewhat incorrectly through a vent on the rear of the helmet.
  • The helmet is pitched too low: In this case, the back of your ponytail is resting on the helmet. This means your helmet is pitched too low in the front, and it doesn’t look good or even comfortable at all.

In either case, it is not safe to wear a bike helmet incorrectly.

No doubt, wearing a helmet is better than not having one at all, even if it isn’t worn properly. But if you want the safety equipment to properly do what it’s designed to do, it needs to fit your head properly.

Okay, knowing the possible cause of the problem is only one-half of the equation.

What should you do if your helmet doesn’t fit?

Good question.

Let’s get to the crux of the matter.

How Do You Wear a Ponytail With a Helmet?

Threading long hair through the back of the helmet is a pretty straightforward process:

Here’s how to do it correctly in three easy steps:

  1. First, wrap the long hair in a ponytail.
  2. Next, pull the ponytail between the fitting strip and the bottom of the shell.
  3. Finally, adjust the straps.

Prefer seeing how it’s actually done? Check out this short YouTube video.

But what if your helmet doesn’t have a fitting strip?

No biggie.

Simply thread your ponytail through one of the vents in the back if it can fit in nicely without causing the helmet to pitch too high.

Alternatively, you can just let your hair hang under the bottom shell.

In both cases, you want to make sure that the helmet rests properly on your head. The last thing you want is to affect the effectiveness of your helmet’s safety features.

High Ponytail Or Low Ponytail?

Here’s something else to consider:

When you’re learning how to wear a helmet with a ponytail, think about your ponytail style.

Do you wear a high ponytail or low ponytail style?

You have a high ponytail if you tie your hair higher up off your neckline, directly at the back of your head.

On the flip side, you have a low ponytail style if it is tied at the bottom of your hairline. Typically, this style lets your hair hang down the back of your neck rather than dangling from the back of your head.

If you can understand your preferred ponytail style, it will be easy to figure out whether or not a bike helmet will be a good fit for you just by looking at the back.

Are There Bike Helmets That Don’t Mess Up Your Hair?

Here’s a point-blank answer: no!

In reality, there isn’t a single helmet on the market that doesn’t mess up your hair, at least to some extent.

But not wearing a helmet allows the wind to make your hair worse!

The best way to keep your hair intact when wearing a helmet is to wash and style it. Next, remember to wear a bandanna, skullcap, or head sock.

It might not be the “coolest” thing to do, but a bandanna or head sock between a hard-shell helmet and your hair can help maintain your hairdo.

How Can I Keep My Hair From Flattening Out in a Helmet?

Wear a good-quality helmet that fits your head correctly. It’s that simple.

But there’s more.

Make sure the interior of your helmet is clean. Also, make sure to style and cover the hair properly so it doesn’t flatten out under your helmet.

What is the Purpose of Bike Helmet Holes?

Bicycle helmets usually come with several holes. But as with most things, punching holes through helmets can weaken their structure.

Wait, what?

Aren’t helmets designed to offer protection?

So, what the heck is the use of all the holes when they can work against the purpose of helmets, to begin with?

The holes in the helmet serve a vital purpose.

First, they provide ventilation by allowing air to pass through them. This minimizes sweat through speedy evaporation and keeps your head cool.

Secondly, you can’t wear a ponytail with a helmet if there aren’t any holes in them, right?

What to Look for in Ponytail Helmet for Women

Keep the following features in mind the next time you shop for ponytail compatible helmets:

  • Size: The helmet must fit correctly. Too large, and it might fall off. Too tight, and you risk discomfort and other health issues. For ideal results, measure the circumference of your head before scouting for helmets.
  • Comfort: A lightweight helmet that does not weigh down the head is another important factor to consider. You’ll put a lot of strain on your neck or shoulders if you choose a heavy helmet. It is also essential that the helmet has adequate ventilation so that you can stay cool in hot weather.
  • Material: Choose a helmet made from materials that won’t damage easily. ABS and polycarbonates are both good choices.
  • Style: For women, there is a wide variety of cycling helmet styles to choose from. Most manufacturers produce a wide selection of mountain biking, road cycling, and commuter helmets. A good rule of thumb is to choose whatever fits your riding needs and personality.
  • Hairstyle: Think about your hairstyle and hair length. Generally, a helmet with a wider opening between the fit dial and shell is your best bet if you wear a ponytail.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – how to wear a bike helmet with a ponytail. Plus, a few tips on what to look for in a good-quality hard-shell headgear.

If you prefer wearing a ponytail, bun, or just like to wear your hair long, the easiest way to do that while having a bike helmet on is to get ponytail compatible helmets.

Remember to buy good-quality models. The Kask Protone Helmet is an excellent choice.

Like what you read? Have any questions?

Drop a few lines let me know your thoughts.

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