IBIS RIPLEY LS Carbon 3.0 NX Review 2019

Ibis Ripley LS Review
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Ibis is a popular and talented name when it comes to building best trail bikes.

Their latest version of Ripley viz, Ripley LS boasted an aggressive attitude along with slightly more tire clearance.

Belonging to the 3rd generation of Ripley, LS is one of the best 29ers you’ll ever have to take on big games!

But, is it the right kind of 29er for you? How does it perform on climbs and descents? How is newer version better than the previous Ripley iterations?

Following Ibis Ripley LS review is going to clear all your doubts and elucidate everything you need to know about this stunning Ripley bike.

Let’s find out:




Ibis is one of the well-recognized names in the mountain biking industry today. Established in 1981, Ibis has been manufacturing an array of different bikes that excel in their intended purpose.

After bagging in tremendous popularity for “Mojo” model, Ibis goes one step further and builds their “Ripley LS”.

Ripley LS is an addition to their original Ripley model, with few extra bells and whistles. Here, LS stands for “Longer and Slacker”. Meaning, top tube length has been increased, and the head angle is slackened to make it a proper “trail” bike.

This big wheeled, short travel Ibis bike is ready for big day adventures.

The newer model accepts 2.6” wide tire and has a slightly greater mud clearance than previous Ibis Ripley LS models.

Who is it for?

Ripley LS is built to be a versatile trail bike with aggressive geometry and capable suspension.

This 29er won’t be afraid to handle rough trails. And, it’s a stunner when it comes to climbing performance. Still, this new Ripley LS model is remarkably lightweight.

It would be a great option for skilled as well as intermediate riders, as they will enjoy this bike the most, especially on technical sections of trail.

​Since it accepts 2.6” rubber, it would work excellently on sandy or loose trails as well.


Frame Design

This bike belongs to the third generation of the very famous “Ibis Ripley LS” models.

The newest version comes with improved stiffness and a wider rear triangle that can accommodate 29” tires.

As mentioned before, Ripley LS is Longer and Slacker version of original Ripley. Thus, the measurements on the bike are quite impressive and modern altogether. LS has 67.5° head angle, and 444 mm chain stays that create around 1140 mm wheelbase.

LS provides an overall reach of 428 mm (large), which is 32mm more than the original Ripley. Ibis has lengthened the top tube by 15 mm, giving it an overall top tube length of 619 mm. This top tube is designed to work with a short stem. Seat tube angle happens to be 73°.

Ibis designs this bike with proper English threaded 73mm BSA Bottom bracket, sitting at 330 mm.

The new swing arm can fit 2 Shimano side swing front derailleurs (Di2 and 1X). The mount for front derailleur also doubles as an upper chain guide mount. Weighing around 6.25 lbs. (medium size), Ibis LS can be termed as one of the lightest trail bikes to exist.

The overall geometry of the frame gives an aggressive personality, and upright cockpit feels to the bike. It is one of the most fun, nimble 29er in the market today.


Ripley LS makes use of one of the best bicycle suspension systems to be viz. Dual Eccentric DW-link suspension. And, it is what keeps the wheels in touch with the ground for efficient pedaling, without draining your energy.

Such design allows the suspension to have a wide flat platform across pedaling range. That is so it can deliver better bump compliance and maximum pedaling efficiency.

The DW-link suspension features two small eccentrics concealed inside the seat tube. Instead of external linkages, Ibis has encompassed such innovative dual-eccentric links along with bearing inside the seat tube. All of this is to give LS a clean and neat appearance and protect bearing from contamination and wheel spray.

These unique eccentrics provide excellent anti-squat characteristics and minimize the requirement of excessive compression damping, to firm up the suspension under pedaling loads. In other words, it gives you “position-sensitive anti-squat response.”

When you pedal, Ripley LS feels super responsive and energetic with quick acceleration. You can feel the stiffness of the rear end.

The traction provided by suspension over loose terrains is very well. Even over rough terrains with rocks and roots, the bike rolls quite impressively.


Ibis Gen 3 Ripley LS has its frame and swingarm build out of carbon fiber monocoque. These are integrated with a DW-link suspension, creating 120mm rear wheel travel and works with 130 or 140 mm fork.

LS also includes an internal tapered head tube, post-mount brake tabs, a mount to fit a front derailleur, internal cable routing all across and a Boost 148mm rear axle.

Fits 2.6” Tires

Ibis is the company to pioneer chunky wheels revolution for mountain bikers. Ripley LS has 35mm internal width rims and can fit 2.6” tires, thereby delivering excellent traction.

You get to roll these big-wheeled monsters at low pressures to get extra stability and better traction.

Fork and Shock

Ibis Ripley LS comes equipped with Fox Float 34 Performance fork featuring 130mm travel. This fork also makes use of Fox DPS Performance Shock, which is reliable and calculable.

It is further tuned with EVOL sleeve to repress small hits at the beginning of travel, and then ramp up during mid and end-strokes, for that much-needed support.

​Hence, when ridden over rapid-fire hits, Ripley LS seems to be more poppy and responsive.

Tires and Rims

Ibis has integrated their very own Ibis 938 Alloy wheels into Ripley LS along with Ibis Hubs. These 35mm rims provide a wide and excellent platform to accommodate wide 29” tires.

Again, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic 29” x 2.6” tires is an excellent spec about the bike.

Rubber on the tires appears to be extra-wide. Whereas, the aggressive contact patch is what gives you the confidence to handle corners and roll with lower tire pressure, which in turn improves traction.

Out of the box, the Nobby Nic tires perform extremely well.

Entry-level NX build kit comes with SRAM Level brakes which work okay, but require hefty squeeze and lack power.

High-end build kits are integrated with Shimano XT brakes for better performance. Brakes are kept external for quick maintenance, whenever needed.

Build Kits

Ibis can create your Ripley LS with any build kit, thereby varying the final price accordingly.

Out of all build kits, SRAM NX build kit is the most affordable one. This build is enough for you to go out there and start smashing trails, but might make you want more.

In total, there are 5 built kits with extra options to upgrade high-end suspension and carbon wheels. 

Riding Performance

Big wheels and short wheelbase is what allows riders to drop confidently into berms. You can change directions quickly and sap up the trail with much ease. LS can also effortlessly hop in and out of a line.

While pedaling (learn more about pedals here), LS stays at the top of travel with firmness, all credits to DW-link suspension. Thus, LS feels efficient, fun and nimble to ride.

All in all, Ripley LS is best suited on lengthy rock gardens, flowy trails or hard-packed trails.

Climbing Performance

Ripley LS is designed to shine during climbs.

When pointed uphill, the bike feels fairly light, nimble and efficient. Wide uphill corners can be easily handled with minimal efforts, as monstrous 2.6” tires keep you grounded.

Light chassis and quick acceleration are what makes it faster on climbs. The position of the rider feels comfortable, whereas the three-stage damping offered by Fox Float DPS Shock gives that extra bit of bite to the bike.

Climbing performance of the bike remains efficient, whether you stand or be seated. But, there’s just a slight pedal bob in the open position of Shock.

On tougher terrains, seated climbing might give you a hard time due to short travel rig.

Overall, Ripley LS is capable of getting you at the top during all-day slogs, without causing much pain. It has excellent gripping abilities on the climbs.

Since front end is super responsive, navigating technical sections and slower speed climbs are much easier with Ripley LS.

Single-track Performance

On technical single-track, you can flick the bike through all sorts of turns with confidence. The stiffer front end means the bike can pedal out of corners at high speeds in a much more balanced and fun way.

​Even the chainstays are short so that the bike can handle switchbacks nicely.

Descending Performance 

Dialed suspension, “Longer and Slacker” Geometry and big wheels allow the Ripley LS to perform well on descents.

It is intended for climbs, but that does not mean it cannot handle downhill trails.

After you pedal it to the top, the bike can fairly smash up the downhill of any mountain. Thanks to steep head angle, the handling becomes responsive and quick on descents.

​It is quite a sporty descender.


  • ​Excels on loose and rough climbs
  • ​Confident cornering
  • ​The DW-link suspension provides superb traction
  • ​Gives a light, spritely, balanced feel
  • ​Nimble, fun and responsive to ride


  • ​Tall riders might suffer due to the short reach
  • ​Internal cable routing tend to make noise inside the seat tube

Customer Reviews

Riders feel that this 29er is the best trail mountain bike that they’ve ridden. At speeds, it rides faster and much more confidently and efficiently, say users.

Riders at the taller end of the spectrum might find it hard to deal with the short reach. But otherwise, it is quite fun and nimble overall.

​Many think that though it is best suitable for climbs, it also does not fail to perform on descents. Cornering and turning abilities on this bike are remarkable.


Q. What is the warranty provided on Ibis Ripley LS bike?

Ibis backs their newer Ripley LS model with 7 years of warranty.

Q. Where can you buy this LS version?

You can buy Ibis Ripley LS from the official website of Ibis Cycles. Sometimes, you can even find Ibis Ripley for sale on platforms like eBay or PinkBike.

Q. What is the price of Ibis Ripley LS?

Price for the Ibis Ripley LS depends on the build kit that you select.

  • Basic entry-level model viz. NX build kit starts above $4000.
  • GX Eagle build kit is priced over $4500.
  • Shimano XT build kit costs more than $5500, all due to XT 1 x 11 drivetrain, Fox Factory suspension, Carbon Ibis bars, and Shimano XT brakes.
  •  X01 Eagle build kit surpasses the price range of $6500.
  • Lastly, high-end XX1 Eagle outshines everyone with its price reaching over $9300. It features SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain, Industry 9 hubs, few ENVE components, and Carbon Ibis rims.


With this Ibis Ripley LS review, we conclude that LS is a proper all-day mountain bike that can handle almost all trail types, but best suitable for hard-packed trails.

Unique Ibis style, clean profile, and sweet lines are what makes the bike look classy.

Ibis Ripley LS offers a playful, nimble ride with sharp handling.

If you don’t mind its expensive build kits, the frame design is highly commendable and suitable for flowy trails.

Anyone who needs light-duty to mid-duty mountain trail bike is going to love Ripley LS. Pro single-trackers, as well as intermediate riders, are going to get most out of this brilliant bicycle.

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