Best Bike Helmet For Small Head

Best Bike Helmet For Small Head

The best bike helmet for small head is not just about size. Safety features are important, too! Check out some of the top picks that offer top-of-the-line safety technology, comfort, and great price.

You take your safety seriously but most bike helmet options aren’t particularly designed to suit people with small heads.

It can be frustrating, and I get it.

That’s why I’ve hand-picked some of the best helmet models that won’t just provide a good fit for small heads but also offer impressive safety features.

Price is not an issue here. These options cut across nearly all budgets.

Whether you’re an adult with a small head or you’re looking for something suitable for your teenager, you’ll likely find it on this best bike helmet for small head review.

Let’s get started.

Best OverallBell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet  Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet
  • Small, Medium, Large
Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet  Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet
  • Small, Medium, Large,
Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Cycling Helmet Giro Synthe MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet
  • Small, Medium,
Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS MTB Cycling Helmet  Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS MTB Cycling Helmet
  • Small, Medium, Large
Giro Montaro MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet  Giro Montaro MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet
  • Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large
Smith Portal MIPS Bike Helmet  Smith Portal MIPS Bike Helmet
  • Small, Medium, Large

Review of the Best Bike Helmet for Small Head

1. Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike HelmetBest Road Helmet for Small Head

Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

Have a head as small as 52 cm? Bell’s Falcon got you covered! This MIPS-equipped helmet is not just small, it is also well-built.

It offers superior comfort, thanks to the soft inner liner.

You’ll hardly notice this lid on your head even if you wear it for long rides. It is light yet strong, durable, and can withstand some of the hardest impacts due to its fusion in-mold outer shell.

With 18 sizable vents, this model is an excellent pick if you are cycling in warm weather.

Just in case you sweat a lot, it’s got Bell’s clever sweat guides to keep annoying sweat away from your eyes.

Getting a custom fit is a breeze with this model. All you have to do is adjust a dial.

And to keep the lid securely on your head, it is fitted with quick-adjust fasteners that keep the straps flat so they don’t irritate or annoy you during rides.

And the best part?

Bell managed to keep the price low while equipping the lid with some of its most impressive advanced technologies.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Sweat guide pulls moisture away from brow pad
  • Easy-to-use dial for quick adjustments
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Tricky to release buckle
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2. Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling HelmetBest Mountain Bike Helmet for Small Head

Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet

If you’re in the market for a helmet that will protect your noggin even in the gnarliest of falls, it is safe to say the Switchblade fits that bill perfectly!

Okay, I know some people might take that with a pinch of salt.

That’s understandable, though, considering the not-so-impressive performance of the earlier version of the bike lid.

But Giro this upgrade is ASTM certified and completely user-friendly. It feels very solid like a DH helmet should.

That means it offers nice airflow, a better comfort level, and provides high levels of protection on the dirt trail.

It is a convertible half-shelf lid, meaning you can use it as an open-face or full-face helmet – whatever suits you!

Plus, it comes in eye-catching colors to match the rest of your gear.

No doubt, MTBers will find this mountain bike helmet for small head an excellent pick.


  • Comfortable
  • Easily removable chin bar
  • Excellent airflow
  • Rugged and durable


  • An expensive helmet
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3. Giro Synthe MIPS Adult Road Cycling HelmetBest Budget Pick

Giro Synthe MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

What’s there not to love about Giro’s Synthe MIPS bike helmet?

You’ll want to consider this option if a lightweight road bike helmet appeals to you. And thanks to its aerodynamic design, it enhances your efficiency and performance in road races and rides.

No matter how hot the weather is, Synthe will keep your head cool and comfortable with its 26 vents!

The compact form makes it an ideal choice for riders with small head.

But here’s what I love most about this helmet.

Getting a comfortable fit is pretty straightforward. With Giro’s Roc Loc 5 fit system, you can easily adjust the tension and vertical position.

It might not be the most expensive road bike helmet for small head, but it definitely ranks high when it comes to providing a perfect fit.

Want to dock your sunglasses while riding?

Easy-peasy! Simply hook the sunglasses securely on the dedicated ports. Keep in mind that this works better for glasses with straight arms.

My only real gripe with this lid?

It doesn’t come with a spare pad, and that’s a shame! You’ll have to buy extra padding, even if you go for the more expensive version of Synthe.

The good thing is that you can easily find a spare pad to fit the helmet nicely, so you can use it for many years to come.


  • Affordable price range
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great ventilation
  • Incredibly lightweight


  • No spare padding
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4. Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS MTB Cycling Helmet

Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS MTB Cycling Helmet

Forefront 2 is another MTB helmet that deserves a spot on any list of the best bike helmet for small head.

Why’s that?

First off, the full-coverage helmet boasts not one but two important safety technologies – MIPS and Smith’s patented Koroyd protection.

Here’s what this means for you.

The MIPS protects your noggin against rotational impacts and the Koroyd material extends to the lid’s rear to cushion the effect of blows to the back of your head.

Smith equipped the lid with a highly adjustable visor. You can rotate it high enough to allow you to store your sunglasses securely.

You’ll love the straps!

And that’s not just because they are easily adjustable but also because they are not annoying. They lay flat and don’t irritate your skin.

That’s not all.

Although it is a full-coverage helmet, the airflow is surprisingly great and refreshing.

And for the icing on the cake, Forefront 2 looks darn good!


  • Stylish and sturdy construction
  • Incredibly lightweight MTB helmet
  • Straps lay flat
  • Available in many color options


  • Slightly expensive
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5. Giro Montaro MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Giro Montaro MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Giro’s Montaro will fit heads as small as 51 cm!

Its size combined with its compact shape makes it an excellent pick for mountain bike riders with small heads.

Here’s one of the main reasons I’ve included this model on my list.

The helmet is rugged enough to take a ton of punishment from the elements while protecting your noggin with its full hardbody.

Surprisingly, though, it is very light.

With 16 wind tunnel vents, you can wear the helmet even on warm days without worrying about sweating. Plus, the visor will keep the glare out of your face.

Don’t like the matte midnight-blue color pictured here?

No worries.

Giro’s Montaro is available in more than 15 different attractive colors. Finding something that suits your preference shouldn’t be a problem.

And unlike many other options, this model is true to size so you don’t have to worry about sizing down or up. Just order your usual size.


  • Comes in a wide selection of colors
  • True to size
  • Includes visor and goggle compatibility
  • Rugged and lightweight construction


  • Camera mount feels cheap
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6. Smith Portal MIPS Bike Helmet

Smith Portal MIPS Bike Helmet

Portal MIPS helmet is your best pick if you want an ideal commuter or urban helmet for small heads.

First things first, this helmet is chic! Although it only comes in a few different colors, they are all attractive and will get heads turning.

But Smith’s Portal MIPS helmet is not just about aesthetics.

It’s easy to get a very precise fit. The size adjustment wheel at the rear allows you to get a custom snug fit each time as if it is specifically built for your head.

To make it even more secure, the side and chin straps are easy to adjust and will fit nicely around your chin.

And while it offers a snug fit, it is not overly tight and won’t make you sweat – not with 18 strategically placed vents!

At first glance, this model looks like a road bike helmet.

Of course, you can use it for a road race. But Portal isn’t as aerodynamic as most road bike helmets.

I’ll stick to city streets with this lid, and I strongly suggest you do the same if you prefer to go with this model.


  • Stylish and lightweight design
  • Breaths well
  • Offers a custom fit


  • Not very aerodynamic
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Buying Guide for the Best Bike Helmet for Small Head

Choosing the best small head bike helmet goes beyond looking at size charts.

Of course, it is important to pick a lid with the right measurements but you also want to consider other features.

Keep an eye out for features that support your riding style and provide maximum comfort. To help you make the right helmet buying decision, here are a few important factors to consider:

Your Riding Style

Not every bike helmet is built to offer maximum protection in all riding conditions.

Before you choose a lid for your noggin, you should consider the type of riding do you do. For example, the riding condition on the road or city streets is different from what you’ll expect on dirt paths or trails.

Although it is possible to find a bike helmet that will work for all terrains, you’ll be better protected if you use something specially made for your riding condition.

In other words, you’re better off choosing a mountain bike helmet for small head if you ride mostly on challenging terrains such as loose or rocky terrains with trees and low-hanging branches.

On the flip side, a road bike helmet for small head would be an ideal pick if you ride mostly on paved roads or you want something for on-road racing, touring, or even for commuting.

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Safety Features

This is an important one!

If you are observant enough, you’ll notice that all the helmets on this list are MIPS-equipped. That’s not a coincidence.

Told you in the intro to this review that I hand-picked these models, right?

The MIPS or Multi-directional Impact Protection System is a slip-plane technology inside the helmet that mimics the brain’s protection system.

This safety feature significantly reduces any rotational forces to the head in case of a crash or fall.

Of course, all bike helmets pass the same safety standards, whether or not they are MIPS-equipped.

But if you’re going for the best bike helmet for small head, you may as well invest in a MIPS option for maximum protection.

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Good Fit

A bike helmet that doesn’t fit is a risk in itself. Measure your head and only choose a helmet that fits your head nicely.

If it doesn’t fit snugly when you wear it, there is no guarantee that the lid can protect your noggin from impacts.

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Choose a bike helmet with enough ventilation.

Nothing is more annoying than having your head drenched in sweat just because you are trying to ride safely.

But you don’t want something that lets in too much air! Lids with too many vents or large openings can be uncomfortable when riding in cold weather.

Keep an eye out for models with moisture-wicking pads. These can help you focus on your path instead of worrying about sweat trickling down your eyebrows.

Also, make sure the strap materials won’t irritate your skin.


Whatever you do, choose a lightweight bike helmet.

Generally, lightweight helmets offer a better riding experience and can mean the difference between reaching your destination well refreshed and looking exhausted.

It’s easy to forget but always look out for the weight of the lid you are eyeing.

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What is the smallest size bike helmet?

The smallest size bike helmet fits heads as small as 44 cm – that’s really tiny!

The smallest bike helmet I have seen so far is the Schwinn Classic Infant Helmet. It is suitable for 44 – 50 cm heads.

Giro’s Scamp is next at 45 – 49 cm.

Of course, bike helmets of these sizes are designed for babies and toddlers. So, if you plan on biking with your baby, you may as well find the best small head bike helmet for the child.

But before you get a bike helmet for your little one, make sure the child is ready to wear a helmet.

By that, I mean your toddler needs to have good neck strength before adding the weight of a helmet to his or her head.

Should a bike helmet move on your head?

A bike helmet should not sit awkwardly on your head. Instead, it should “hug” your head.

In other words, you want to choose a bike helmet that will fit snuggly but not too tight that you feel uncomfortable when you wear it.

Here’s something you should never do if you are buying a helmet for your child: never buy a bike helmet for your child to “grow into!”

Buy one that hugs and fits your child’s head now.

Keep in mind that wearing a loose bike helmet is very risky. The lid can fall forward, especially when riding on bumpy surfaces.

If this happens, it will obstruct your vision and may cause accidents.

Here’s a quick test to know whether or not your helmet is too loose: wear the helmet as you normally would and buckle it nice and tight.

Now, push it from side to side and front to back.

Does it shift more than one inch on your head? If yes, it is too loose. You should adjust the straps for a snug fit.

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How should a bike helmet fit your head?

A bike helmet should provide a good fit. That means it should be comfortably snug around your head.

The helmet should be level on your head and not sit awkwardly.

When you wear it, there shouldn’t be more than a 1-inch gap from above your eyebrows to the front edge of the helmet.

And when you fasten the strap, it should fit closely under your chin. When you open your mouth, the strap should feel slightly snug against your jaw.

Are MIPS helmets worth it?

Yes, MIPS helmets are worth it! They may cost more, but they provide an additional level of safety.

Here are three studies that support this claim.

A 2019 study shows that MIPS-equipped bike helmets can reduce the risk of injuries and brain trauma by 42%.

Another recent independent research conducted in 2021 indicates that bike helmets with new safety technologies do a better job of preventing brain strain that can result from oblique impact.

And lastly, a 2021 study suggests that helmets with rotation-damping systems can significantly reduce rotational head acceleration and the risk of related injuries.

In a nutshell, paying a few extra dollars to upgrade to MIPS-equipped helmets is very well worth it.

How do I know if my helmet is too small?

If a helmet doesn’t fit snugly, it probably is too small.

Instead of a snug fit, a small lid will feel too tight. Even when you loosen the straps, moving your head from side to side or up and down can be a bit difficult.

Another obvious way to know that a helmet is too small for you is when you experience discomfort or painful pressure points on the back or sides of your head.

When you buy a new bike helmet, it is a good practice to try it on at home for about 15 to 30 minutes.

This will give you the overall feel of the lid before you take it for a ride. If it doesn’t fit within this time, it is better to return it.

Lastly, look closely at your forehead after taking off the helmet.

See a red forehead? It probably isn’t a skin condition!

If you get a red forehead when you take off a helmet, the lid might be the wrong shape for your head or it is simply too small.

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What Size Helmet Do I Need For A 22-Inch Head?

Size charts for helmets can be tricky!

What one manufacturer labels as “small” may actually be “medium” on another brand’s chart.
That’s another way of saying there is no one “universal size chart” when it comes to helmet sizes.

Your best bet would be to measure your head. When you have your accurate head measurement, compare it with the different brand size charts to find your match.

Keep in mind that “small” is a relative term.

And when it comes to finding the best bike helmet for small head, you’ll also want to factor in the shape of your head.

In other words, a helmet may not offer the right fit even if it is small.

If you have a 22-inch head, make sure you determine whether your head is long-oval, round oval, or intermediate head shape.

This will help you pick the best small head bike helmet for your head.


All of these helmets offer excellent performance and first-rate safety technology, thanks to the integration of MIPS.

Plus, they are comfortable and will fit nicely on both teenagers and adults with small heads.

If I were to go with just one option, it would be the Falcon Road Bike Helmet! It’s interesting how Bell expertly combines functionality and affordability with this model.

But hey! It’s your choice.

After all, we don’t all have the same small head size, right?

And you may prefer a mountain bike helmet for small head instead of a road bike helmet for small head.

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