The 5 Best Bike Trailers for Kids: Reviews of Absolute Must-Haves

Best bike trailers


Bike lovers will agree to the fact that there’s nothing more exciting than cruising around with your little ones. Bike trailer will double the fun of family outings in every way!

There’s a lot to like about these kids trailers; they can accommodate 1 or 2 kids, are comfortable for your little ones, and some even convert into strollers or joggers with extra attachment.

Parents who love bicycling, certainly consider bike trailers to be essential gear for fun outdoor activities.

With so many bike trailer options available for kids, it is likely to feel overwhelmed as to which one is best for you.

Here are 5 of Best Bike trailers that stand out from the rest because of their impressive features.

​Accompanying this bike trailer review is a comprehensive buying guide that will help you take a definitive decision.




Holding Weight



Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer

Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer

​Double Trailer ​100 lbs.
WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

Pedal Trailer ​75 lbs.
Thule Coaster XT Stroll Trailer

Thule Coaster XT Stroll Trailer

Trailer + Stroller 100 lbs.
Schwinn Echo Double Trailer

Schwinn Echo Double Trailer

​Double Trailer ​80 lbs.
InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

Single Trailer 40 lbs.

Reviews of the Best Bike Trailer

1. Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer– Best Bike Trailer

Burley Bee Kids Bike Trailer

First up in this list of bike trailer review is Burley Bee Bike Trailer. When we talk about the best bike trailer for kids, Burley is the name that pops into our mind.

Popularly known for its premium product line, Burley proves that it deserves all the fame it has received in such a short period.

From entry-level trailers to multipurpose and high-end models, Burley offers varieties of good kids’ wagon for every budget spectrum.

Original Burley Design Bee is their most popular model priced under $300.

Safety Roll Cage

For utmost safety of your children in case of an accident, Burley Bee is entirely framed in a safety internal aluminum roll cage. Bee has been tested to exceed the ASTM safety standards up to 5 times.

Unique flex connector makes sure the trailer remains upright, even if the bike lays flat.

Light as a Feather

Burley Bee is an entry-level model stacked with most convenient features you’ll ever see in a bike trailer. Most importantly, it does not dig a hole in your wallet!

Bee can be termed as “feather light” as it just weighs about 20.5 lbs.

It happens to be the lightest trailer amongst all in this bike trailer review. It offers a large rear cargo space to aid your long commutes. A grocery bag, a backpack, mini pumps or a diaper bag can fit effortlessly in its large under-seat space.

Hammock-style Seat

Hammock-style seat ensures your kids won’t sit at the bottom of the trailer. They will be safely cradled inside Burley Bee, as it has a secure 5-point harness system. You can adjust its topmost points vertically to accommodate your children, as they grow bigger.

Its lightweight frame and solid hitch connection do not create much drag while trailing your child.

Whereas, mesh helmet pockets between the shoulder straps allow for comfortable rides.

Bee is a very basic trailer with unpadded seats inside and no suspension whatsoever. Also, it is not designed to be multi-purpose so that it won’t be compatible with any of the conversion kits.

In this regard, it is a single function trailer. That might put a limit to its versatility and lifespan altogether.

Spacious Construction

2-in-1 water-resistant Bright Yellow cover is made from 600D Polyester fabric.

Burley Bee Bike trailer has ample amount of headroom for taller kids; its interior seat height is around 27.5”, whereas interior seat width is up to 22.5 inches. This trailer can accommodate two riders efficiently with a weight capacity of 100 pounds.

On the inside, there are small side mesh pockets where you can keep snacks and toys for your kids.

The Bee comes all-included with a tow arm, hitch, and a safety flag.

When open, the trailer measures 32.25” x 30” x 36”. Impressively, it folds down to 35.5” x 29.25” x 11.25”.

Thoughtful Set of Features

Original Burley Bee is packed with remarkable features such as UPF 30 side windows, and a ventilation window at the back.

Bee also features a compact fold as it flattens down for easy storage or quick transportation.

The 20” push-button wheels are a breeze to remove! So, this quickens the folding process.

Rain shield on the outside keeps your children dry throughout rainy rides. During summers, you can roll it up and secure it with Velcro straps provided.

At the back, there’s a reflective strip designed to improve the visibility of the trailer during night rides.

Customer Reviews

Customers rave about how safe, durable and lightweight Burley Bee is. Many say that the hammock-style seats are comfortable and the 5-point adjustable harness system is secure.

Parents have also loved how Bee takes just about 5 minutes to assemble or fold down, thanks to push-button wheels and smart design features. Myriads of users only have positive things to say about Burley Bee, except just a few.

​Some users have not liked its non-padded seat design.

Things we liked

  • ​Affordable child trailer
  • ​Tinted side windows, Ventilated rear window, Large rear cargo space
  • ​Weather-resistant, durable 600D Polyester material
  • ​Folds down flat
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Meets ASTM safety standards

Things we didn’t like

  • ​No suspension
  • ​Lack of padding on seat and harness

Final Impression

Anyone who’s looking for an affordable option, Burley Bee is your best bike trailer to go. As compared to its competitors, it offers similar quality, durability, and ruggedness at a much lower price. No wonder, it’s one of the Burley’s most popular models till date.

​At just 20.5 lbs. Weight, it is one the lightest trailers out there. Safe design, roomy interior, and large cargo space are its main highlights!

2. WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer– Best Pedal Trailer

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

If you want your child to experience the joy of riding by themselves, the WeeRide Co-Pilot is a cool option.

Ideal for children above 4 years of age, the Co-Pilot can be helpful to get those young legs going! It’s a pedal trailer that attaches to an adult’s bike.

Your kiddo can pedal or just coast to enjoy the weather. Both ways, it’s fun to haul this trailer around.

Quick setup

Imitating regular 20” bicycle, WeeRide Co-Pilot also comes with its padded seat, handlebars, and pedals.

It flaunts a heavy-duty steel construction and weighs around 24 lbs.

Likewise, the trailer can hold up to 75 lbs. rider.

When not in use, fold the arm down and store it away.

Patented Attachment system

Patented Sync-Link Attachment system lets you attach the trailer to any bike with a seat post.

While cheaper models don’t feature hinge attachment, this swivel Sync-Link in Co-Pilot allows easy turning around corners due to increase in turning radius.

Besides, the true “quick release system” allows faster detachment from the bike.

Unique handlebars can be adjusted vertically (up/down) to suit the rider’s height. Such smart design makes it versatile, as children from 4 to 9 years of age can ride it adeptly.

The important thing is that the handlebars are padded to enhance the comfort level of Co-Pilot.

Thoughtful Features

Front Splash Guard is something that’ll prevent your little one from spatters of dirt and water.

It has got 20” of a whopping rear wheel to support smoother rides. WeeRide also includes a Safety flag along with the trailer, so motorists steer clear of it.

Best thing is that you get to choose your Co-Pilot out of 3 funky color options viz. Green, Pink, and White.

All in all, Co-Pilot bike trailer is best out of the bunch, when it comes to pedal trailers.

Customer Reviews

There are several reviews as to how solid and durable Co-Pilot is. Parents mention that the trailer is extremely easy to attach, detach and fold down for storage. Even after years of use, Co-Pilot bike trailer continues to deliver optimal performance, say, users.

​At such a low-price, many think that this bike trailer proves to be a great steal! Overall, it’s an excellent buy, especially when your kids are learning to pedal.

Things we liked

  • ​Low-priced
  • ​Great for when your kids are learning to pedal
  • ​Heavy-duty steel construction
  • ​Adjustable, padded handlebars
  • ​Folds down for storage

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Heavyweight
  • ​Adult’s bike seat tends to move/turn with the trailer attached

Final Impression

WeeRide Co-Pilot is a great choice if you want your kid to tag along and pedal with you during rides. With Co-Pilot, your little one can pedal forward, backward or just coast and enjoy the view.

​Significantly, it’s a breeze to attach and detach the Co-Pilot, all credits to Patented Attachment system.

3. Thule Coaster XT Stroll Trailer – Best, High-end Trailer + Stroller

Thule Coaster XT Bicycle Trailer

Thule Coaster XT is one of those premium-made, high-end models which screams “excellence” in every which way.

If you are absolutely unwilling to compromise with quality, go for this Thule trailer that also doubles as a Jogger. It is packed with some extraordinary set of features.

The 2-in-1 smart design is what makes it stand out from the competition.

Patented ezHitch

Thule Coaster XT makes use of patented ezHitch for secure and solid connection with the bike.

Meeting international safety standards, Thule ensures the extreme security of your kids by all means.

Multifunctional Design

The main highlight about Thule Coaster XT is that it doubles as a stroller and the package comes included with a solid rubber stroller wheel.

Converting the trailer into the stroller is a snap!

When not in use, flip the stroller wheel upwards and clip it in place. Such onboard storage of strolling wheel adds to its convenience level altogether.

Robust Built

Thule Coaster XT excels regarding spacious interior and ergonomic design features.

Roomy Interior of the trailer measures 21” length x 23” width and 25” height. It has a maximum sitting height of about 23.6”.

Weighing around 26.5 pounds, it’s not lightest trailer out there. The maximum user weight capacity of Coaster XT is about 100 pounds.

The plush padded seat is one thing absent in all bike trailers in this review, but Thule Coaster has it! That’s right. The seat is comfy, and secure 5-point harness system features softly padded shoulder patches to add to the comfort.

Adjustable Design

To promote ease of use, the Coaster XT features HeightRight adjustable handlebar. What’s that? Parents can make height adjustments for handlebar as per their comfort level.

Even the hitch can be adjusted to different positions as per the convenience of riders.

When not in use, Coaster XT can be folded down compactly for easy storage and portability.

At the back, there’s extra storage space to haul around your gear.

Customer Reviews

For the most part, Thule Coaster XT has received positive reviews from the users. Many say that it is built with high-quality materials and is extremely comfortable in all aspects. Trailer converts to a stroller in no time, that’s most-appreciated by parents.

Other key features loved by users are its padded seat, premium harness system, and large cargo space.

Things we liked

  • ​Premium Trailer + Stroller
  • ​Meets safety standards
  • ​Adjustable handlebar
  • ​Foldable frame
  • ​Padded seat; High-quality harness system
  • ​Rear cargo space
  • ​Safety flag included

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Windows seems to fade

Final Impression

No doubt, Thule Coaster XT is for those who are searching for a high-quality, well-built double trailer that also converts to a stroller.

Abiding by its high price, Thule offers some plushiest of features such as padded seat, padded shoulder patches with secure 5-point harness, adjustable handlebar and roomy cargo space.

There’s nothing negative to say about Thule Coaster XT.

4. Schwinn Echo Double Trailer– Best Affordable Double Trailer

Schwinn Echo Bicycle Trailer

All those occasional riders who are looking for a Double bike trailer but don’t want to spend a fortune, have a look at Schwinn Echo!

Such well-built, functional double trailer falls under the price range of $150 to $200. And that’s a huge bonus!

Given its thin fabric and small pockets, it’s not the best bike trailer out there. But, Schwinn offers 20” full-sized tires with metal rims at such a budget-friendly price, which is highly commendable.

Apart from these, there are no bells and whistles on this trailer, and it doesn’t weigh much either.

Solid Construction

Made out of the aluminum frame and polyester canopy, you can tell that Schwinn Echo is extremely lightweight. It weighs less than 26 pounds.

Moreover, this double bike trailer has 80 lbs. of total user-weight capacity. Meaning, it can hold up to 40 lbs. The weight of each rider.

Echo sits on two large 20” pneumatic wheels, which are further reinforced with alloy spokes to enhance its overall performance.

Behind the seat, there’s a nice cargo space which can hold around 12 lbs. of gear.

Safety features

Retractable rain shield on the top prevents your children during rainy commutes. Likewise, mesh canopy acts like a bug screen and ventilation window so your kids can enjoy the sceneries.

Interior seats have a 5-point harness and comfy shoulder pads for secure cradling of your children. Whereas, the mesh pockets can be utilized to stow in the helmets whenever not in use.

 Schwinn includes a safety flag along with the trailer to improve its visibility.

Customer Reviews

Parents feel that Schwinn Echo is roomy, stable and a steal when offered at such a low price. Additionally, many seem to like the quick-release wheels, as it’s a snap to put it together or fold down.

Most appreciated feature about Echo is the alloy spokes reinforced in air wheels which support smoother rides, say users.

​On the downside, few customers mention that the fabric is of poor quality, as it starts to rip off at the buttons. Also, some of them find the harness system to be of poor quality.

Things we liked

  • ​Budget-friendly trailer
  • ​Folds down compactly
  • ​Large 20” wheels with alloy rims
  • ​Bug screen and rain shield included
  • ​Cargo space fits 12 lbs. Gear
  • ​Universal coupler attaches to most bikes

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Does not convert into a stroller
  • ​The harness system is of poor quality

Final Impression

Since there’s no suspension, Schwinn Sync is optimal to use on paved bike paths. Universal coupler fits rear wheels of most bicycles.

This bicycle trailer does not double as a stroller. If that’s what you seek, Schwinn Echo is not for you.

Bottom-line is, Schwinn bike trailer is a budget-friendly, well-designed gear that feels effortless to tow!

5. InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer– Best Budget Single Trailer

InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

Owing to its roomy interior and comfortable design, InStep Sync happens to be the best single trailer by far.

As we all know, InStep is a renowned brand in the fitness gear industry. And, their Sync model is the most basic one, designed with the plushiest set of features.

It cannot be termed as an everyday trailer, but it’s good for occasional commutes.


Sync Bike trailer becomes second best lightweight trailer in this list with 21.5 lbs. of weight, just slightly heavier than Burley Bee.

It can withstand about 40 pounds of rider weight.

As can be seen, Instep bike trailer is designed to be simple and solid. You won’t find any fancy features in here.

Simple Design

Spacious interior has a lightly-padded seat and secure 5-point harness system to hold your child snugly.

Right behind the seat, there’s a small cargo space to store your stuff.

InStep trailer stands on two 16” pneumatic wheels featuring molded rims that add to its performance and aesthetics. These quick-release wheels come off within seconds, and you can fold down the frame in no time!

Unique 2-in-1 Canopy design includes a bug screen, and on the top, there’s a rain shield provided as well. When it isn’t raining, you can roll it up and secure it with a strap.

Likewise, rear mesh window provides proper ventilation for your little one so that they won’t feel suffocated.

InStep offers this trailer in funky Blue, Green and Red color options.

Customer Reviews

Customers claim that InStep Sync is a solidly built trailer and doesn’t feel like you’re pulling it; it’s that lightweight! Also, many think that it folds down real quick for easy storage.

The interior is quite roomy, and the cargo space behind the seat is fairly good to keep small handy items.

On the negative side, few users think that it lacks sun protection. Also, non-padded seat and harness limit its functionality to just short rides.

Things we liked

  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Easy to set up
  • ​Rain shield and bug screen included
  • ​Quick-release wheels allow easy foldability
  • ​Low-priced
  • ​Safety flag included

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Not ideal for long or bumpy rides
  • ​Lack of padding on seat and harness
  • ​Plastic rims are prone to warping

Final Impression

InStep Sync Single Bike Trailer is a lightweight, durable and affordable option for all those who seek great value for money. You can even get an add-on stroller kit to make it more versatile.

InStep bike trailer is great for small and smooth rides across town. Due to lack of padding and smaller wheels, we don’t recommend it for bumpy rides.

Buying Guide for Best Bike Trailers for Kids

When buying a bike trailer, make sure you consider a few things before making your final call.

Whether you are looking for a single trailer or double one?

Do you want it to convert to a stroller? Are you going to use it as an everyday trailer or just occasionally?

Ask yourself these questions and then consider below-given factors when deciding about your best bike trailer.

1. Types of Kids Bike Trailers

Generally speaking, bike trailers are of three types’ viz. The traditional trailer, Pedal trailer and Multi-purpose trailer.

  • Traditional Trailers: Regular trailers look like a buggy and have large interior space to accommodate 1 or 2 kids. It comes in different variants such as single trailer and double trailer. These are most secure, comfortable and durable to carry during bicycle rides.

            Your children are secured to the seat with the help of a harness system.

  • Pedal Trailers: Pedal trailers are designed to mimic adult bicycles, as they come with handlebars, seat, and pedals. Such trailers are deliberately made for older kids (above 4 years of age) who can pedal on their own. It’s a great option when parents want their little one to be more involved and learn to padel. One drawback of pedal trailers is that they are less safe than regular baby bike trailers.
  • Multi-purpose trailers: These are regular trailers that convert to a stroller or jogger, thanks to the front wheel attachment. Just use the trailer during rides, and once you reach your destination, you can convert it into a stroller and enjoy toting around. Such a design is a bang for the buck, as you don’t have to buy a trailer and a stroller separately. Few of the high-end models will also provide a jogger attachment or ski attachment to overawe users.

2. Weight Capacity

Think about how long you’re going to use the trailer for and make sure you check its weight capacity.

If you are opting for a double trailer, check its weight and total user weight capacity. Sometimes, parents might find it hard to tow weight of 2 kids if the trailer in itself is heavy.

3. Connection

How the trailer attaches to bike holds great significance as regards to safety and smoothness of rides. Most of them are incorporated with universal couplers that fit most bicycles, except for few specialty bikes.

Check whether you want trailer hitch arm to connect to bike’s frame or the rear axle. Some hitch arms have a swiveling mechanism (ball and socket) to keep the trailer upright, even if the main bike falls flat. While others like Burley Bee have flex connector, to twist the trailer away in case of accidents.

It is better if the trailer and hitch point both have a low center of gravity for precise balance. Low-level hitches are better than the ones that attach to the seat post.

4. Safety

The floor of the trailer must be solid enough to withstand bumps and dips. Otherwise, your child will take the impact, and thereby suffer from backaches.

In the case of rollover or tip, the trailer must have some design to protect your child. An excellent example for this would be Burley Bee and how it is entirely built into aluminum roll cage to protect your kids during an accident.

Helmet pockets are a nice addition to the design of trailers. Featured in most modern trailers, helmet pockets help your child keep their head up and secure.

Safety flag, reflective piping or reflective strips at the back are some great features to alert motorists, especially during night time rides.

5. Materials

Premium bike trailers make use of the aluminum frame, as it is lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant. That makes it easy for you to tow the trailer.

​Whereas, few average models come with steel frames that are comparatively heavy.

6. Cargo Space

Not for occasional rides, but cargo space matters when you are planning to use it every day. This will allow you to stow-in grocery bags, diaper bags, and other essential gear.

7. Harness System

3-point or 5-point harness will make sure your kids stay secure to the seat. When looking for such system, check whether the harness has a light amount of padding or shoulder patches to fit comfortably over child’s body. Otherwise, non-padded harness might irritate your child after some time.

Also, the adjustable harness is much better than non-adjustable ones. That’s because, as your child grows bigger, you might need to adjust the harness to fit across their shoulders comfortably.

8. Seat

Average-priced bike trailers generally have hammock-style seats. Lack of padding on these seats makes it somewhat uncomfortable, especially when 2 kids sit together.

​Bench-style seats like found in Thule Coaster XT feature sufficient amount of padding. Most commonly seen in high-end trailers, bench-style seats are comfortable, durable and supportive altogether. Even two kids won’t squish together with such seating style.

9. Suspension

Choosing a bike trailer with suspension system is always better than the one without. Why? Because a trailer with no suspension won’t be able to handle blows efficiently.

The center of gravity is located right over the wheelbase. Adult riders have their arms extended over handlebars and legs on the pedal, which helps them bear the blows.

But, children coast in the trailer and might take the impact of road shocks if there’s no suspension. This affects their weak necks and spines.

10. Weather Protection

The best bike trailer is the one that includes ventilation windows, offers sun protection (with UPF), has a bug screen and a retractable rain shield.

11. Tires and Rims

Air-inflated tires will help smoothen your ride, whereas plastic tires will perform terribly over rocks and bumps. Some trailers also feature rubber tires, which are better than plastic but not as smooth as pneumatic tires.

The large size of the wheel will help cushion the blows. Trailers with 20” of large wheel size are always recommended.

Steel spokes are prone to get rusty with time, if not taken proper care of. Whereas, aluminum rims are fairly corrosion-resistant.

​Avoid opting for trailers with plastic rims, as they will break in just a few rides.


​Q. Is a kid’s bike trailer safe to use?

Bike trailers are pretty safe to use, especially in small towns or the countryside, as long as you avoid traffic areas.

As compared to bike seats, they are a much safer option. That’s because even if you tip the bike, the trailer will most likely stay upright except for when you speed too fast.

Another key point is that the trailer stays low to the ground, so they are less likely to twist around.

Few trailers even have roll cage design for extra protection.

Q. How old should the passenger in baby bike trailer be?

For regular trailers, the recommended age for kids is around 12 months. Children below this age have not yet developed strength in their spines and necks.

If you convert it into a stroller, the child must be old enough to sit upright, unattended.

For pedal trailers, the child must be above 4 years of age to pedal effectively.

Q. What safety measures are to be taken when using a bike trailer?

  • Make sure your kids and you are wearing a helmet during rides. Kid’s helmet should be light in weight.
  • Do not put children below 12 months of age into trailers.
  • Secure them snugly with the help of harness system.
  • Make sure the hitch is attached precisely to the bike.


Best bike trailer can make your family outing more exciting! Out of all the choices pooling around in the market, finding a bike trailer that suits your budget and needs can be intimidating.

Considering what kind of trailer you want, what type of terrain you’ll be riding on and how often you will ride it, you can make an informed decision.

Out of all models, we conclude Burley Bee is the best bike trailer as it outperforms its price.

Its feather-light frame is easy to tow, whereas large cargo space and spacious interior are excellent perks, lacking in other trailers!

​What makes it stand out is the secure roll cage design. This will make sure your kids remain well-protected inside, in case of an accident.

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