Best Bike Phone Mounts Review: Our Top 5 Choices

best bike phone mounts


Cycling aficionados love to hit the trail to free their minds from hectic daily lives, be it for casual rides or serious commutes!

But, are you one of those who like to have their phone within easy reach? Don’t like to tuck it away in pockets or pannier? Then, that’s when phone mount for the bike comes into the picture!

Whether you want to track your rides or use GPS maps for new areas, a cycle phone mount will aid you. These go over your bike’s handlebar and securely hold your smartphone for easy accessibility.

Now, there are several phone mounts available in the market, each varying greatly in design and build quality. Having a hard time selecting your ideal one?

With these Top 5 phone mount for bicycle reviews and a comprehensive buying guide, you can make an informed decision.

​Let’s dive into the reviews.



Mounting Method



Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

​Universal Bracket with Silicon bands

2. Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

​Universal Bracket with Silicon bands

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount

​Universal Bracket with Silicon bands

Ipow Universal Bike Phone Mount
Ipow Universal Bike Phone Mount

​Universal Bracket with Silicon bands

Widras Bike Mount Phone Holder
Widras Bike Mount Phone Holder

​Universal Bracket with Silicon bands

Reviews of the Best Bike Phone Mount

1. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount – Best Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

There’s quite an impressive notion that goes beyond the brand name “Roam.” It is because Roam strives to provide their customers with quality products they’ll need to “roam” freely.

The Roam Co-Pilot is one of best Phone bike mounts in the market today, and you’ll shortly know why.

Co-Pilot can hold any phone that is up to 3.5 inches wide. As we all know, most of the mobile models don’t surpass this width range, including iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and most Samsung models.

Universal Bike Mount

Roam bike phone mount is a Universal bracket designed for avid adventurers. It can snugly hold most of the iPhone models, along with few Android phones such as HTC 10, OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge.

This unique bike mount is designed to fit small as well as large handlebars, right from 0.8” up to 1.25”. Cyclists can mount it on regular bikes, mountain bikes, and motorcycles as well. The only thing is that it cannot fit supersport bikes.

Silicone Net

Roam Co-Pilot features a flexible Silicone Net that holds any phone that’s as wide as 3.5 inches.

As opposed to rubber, silicone bands won’t break when exposed to bad weather conditions. Its flexible design allows it to stretch up to 4 times its original size. This silicone net will hold your phone at all four corners with a strong grip, even on bumpy terrains.

Premium Material

Co-Pilot bike mounts in itself are crafted from premium-quality hard plastic. Not only does it prove as a strong mount, but also works to reduce road vibrations to protect your phone.


The best thing about Co-Pilot is that you can easily adjust the angle of the phone from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa. Such 360-degree rotation comes handy when you’re on the go.

Side clamping system along with silicone net provides “six points of grip” and holds your phone snugly altogether.

Roam Co-Pilot can be termed as one of the best phone mounts for a bike, especially for such a low price.

It is a unique combo of security, strength, and durability.

Customer Reviews

Customers claim that Roam Co-Pilot securely holds their phone, even over dips and bumps.

According to many, its six-point grip feels extremely secure as the phone does not move, fall or tilt whatsoever. Users have also loved its larger clamp, fitting most bikes and motorcycles.

​On the negative side, few users have complained that it breaks when used with motorcycles, especially Harley ones. Reason being, it is too fragile to withstand vibrations of motorbikes.

Things we liked

  • ​Larger Clamp fits handlebars up to 1.25”
  • ​Universal design; Fits phones up to 3.5” width
  • ​Affordably priced
  • ​Backed with Lifetime Quality Policy
  • ​Flexible Silicone net
  • ​The six-point grip is strong

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Tends to break when mounted on Harley motorcycles
  • ​Ball joint keeps loosening

Final Impression

Roam Co-Pilot is an Oversized Clamp, one of the best bike phone mount in the market for iPhone as well as few Android phones. Unlike other bike mounts, Roam Co-Pilot attaches to bikes as well as motorcycles. Its six point grip is the most secure, without a doubt.

All in all, it’s an excellent option for those who want a larger universal clamp at an affordable price.

2. Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount – Best iPhone mount for Mountain Bike

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli offers yet another Universal bike phone mount to fit iPhones, along with a bunch of Android models.

Just like Roam Co-Pilot, Vibrelli bike phone mount also allows angle adjustment and 360-degree rotation of phone for the convenience of riders.

Thanks to its robust and large clamp, it can securely hold your smartphone without slipping.

Silicon Grips

With adjustable side clamp, Vibrelli also provides silicone bands for extra security of your smartphone from all 4 corners. Such a system offers a six-point grip for your phone, so it won’t fall off or tilt as you ride.

Vibrelli bike phone holder can hold any smartphone that’s as wide as 3.7 inches.

The package comes all-included with three silicone bands viz. Red, Black, and Grey. You can use any one or two together for extra security.

Easy to set up

With tools included, this bike phone holder can be installed onto handlebar in just 2 minutes.

Once installed, affixing/removing your phone from the mount is even easier, thanks to its quick release (clip on/off) design.

Vibrelli universal cycle holder features circular bracket. And so, it easily fits across bike’s handlebars without much hassle.

Universal Bracket

Not just bicycles, but Vibrelli cycle mobile holder can fit motorcycle handlebars as well.

It can be mounted on handlebars that are anywhere from 0.9 inches to 1.3 inches in diameter.

Given its rotatable (ball and socket) design, you can adjust your phone to its best viewing angle.

Not just that, you also get full-screen access of your smartphone for better functionality and control of touch screen, volume buttons, headphone jack and so on.

Customer Reviews

Even on rough terrains, Vibrelli bike phone holder does a great job of tightly gripping your phone, as per users. The phone does not move a bit.

Several users mention that it is a breeze to install this mount over handlebars, with all necessary tools included.

​The only downside is that it does not fit phones over 3.5”, even though Vibrelli claims it fits phones up to 3.7” width.

Things we liked

  • ​Universal mount
  • ​Includes 3 silicon nets
  • ​360-degree rotation
  • ​Clip on/off design is very convenient
  • ​Tools included; Easy to install

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Cannot handle vibrations and high speeds
  • ​Interferes with volume and power buttons, though claimed otherwise

Final Impression: 

Vibrelli is second best bike phone mount in this review, featuring Universal bracket. It fits larger models like iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus like a glove. With side clamp, there’s additional security of silicone band grips to hold your phone snugly.

​Bottom-line is, Vibrelli bike mount is flexible, economical and has strong six-point grip over your phone.

3. TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder

TaoTronics is a leading electronics brand, known to specialize in premium phone accessories. All of their gear is exceptional in quality, performance, and durability.

This phone holder is no different! TaoTronics has given considerable attention to its details.

It is currently one of their best-selling cycling accessories, thanks to its unique mounting mechanisms.

Maximum Protection

The secure hard plastic clamp can fit smartphones as narrow as 1.97”, and as wide as 3.94”.

Soft silicone pad located right at the center of clamp protects your phone from vibrations and scratches. And, grooved clip serves the same purpose.

The only thing is that it has rubber band grips, as opposed to silicone net found in other bike mounts. As we all know, rubber is prone to break when exposed to extreme weather conditions. But for the price, it’s not that bad.

This Orange rubber net grips your phone at all 4 corners for better protection during bumpy rides.

Quick Release

Most convenient feature about this phone bike mount is its ‘Quick release’ button. With the press of just one button, you can quickly release your mobile from the mount in no time.


Once you clip-on the bike mount, you can rotate it 360 degrees to get best viewing angle and then press it to lock in place. It’s that simple!

Inside of the clamp has soft silicone rubber lining. That is, so it fits snugly on handlebar without accidental slipping or wobbling.

​TaoTronics bicycle holder attaches to handlebars with 0.71” to 1.57” diameter.

Customer Reviews

One thing that customers love about TaoTronics bike mount is how easy it is to install. No need for installation tools whatsoever, users screw the flipper and lock the mount in place. That’s it.

​Myriads of users have found it to be secure, sturdy and durable. It manages to hold your phone snugly even on bumpy bits of trail, say, adventurers.

Things we liked

  • ​Quick release button
  • ​Strong clamp with a rubber net
  • ​360-degree rotation
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Universal design fits phone up to 3.94”
  • ​Ideal for bicycles and strollers

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Not ideal for high speeds
  • ​Tends to break after 3-4 uses

Final Impression

TaoTronics is a highly-rated bike phone mount, featuring 360-degree rotation, simple mounting mechanism, and universal design.

​TaoTronics offers minute detailing like small silicone pad, grooved clip, silicone lining on the clamp to prevent your phone from scratches and absorb vibrations. The quick-release button is another perk! Overall, it’s great value for money.

4. Ipow Universal Bike Phone Mount

POW Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar

Ipow is a reputed brand that manufactures smart electronics accessories.

One such smart accessory is their Universal bicycle mobile holder with soft rubber lining inside clamp and 2 silicon butterfly nets.

Silicone Butterfly Bands

One thing Ipow offers here that you won’t find in many bike mount is an orange rubber lining designed to absorb vibrations and protect your phone from scratches.

Adding to this, Ipow also includes 2 silicone butterfly nets that tightly grips your phone from all corners. There are 2 colors provided viz. Red and Black, you can use them interchangeably as you’d like.

Smart Design

Not just your phone, but Ipow encompasses thoughtful features to protect your bike as well.

There’s a silicone pad on the inside of clamp to prevent the bike’s handlebar from scratches. Three diameter settings on the clamp allow you to attach it onto handlebars up to maximum 1.33” diameter.

Universal Fit

Wide design can fit smartphones as small as 2.3” in width, and as large as 3.5”.

It works with most iPhone models and a bunch of Android ones as well.

The best thing here is that uniquely-designed Clamp head allows 360-degree rotation and front/rear angle adjustment to get that perfect viewing angle!

​Such versatile bicycle phone holder can be mounted on bikes, treadmills, scooter and few motorcycles as well. So, that’s a huge pro!

Customer Reviews

Buyers have loved the 2 silicone butterfly nets that come with the bike mount; it securely grips devices in place. Another thing that’s most appreciated by customers is that soft orange rubber on the inside of mount that protects your phone from slipping and dampens vibrations.

​And for such a low price, cyclists have loved how robust, secure and fairly durable it is!

Things we liked

  • ​2 Silicone butterfly nets: Black and Red
  • ​Orange rubber lining to reduce vibrations
  • ​Silicone pad inside clamp to prevent scratches on handlebars
  • ​Fits up to 3.5” large phones
  • ​360-degree rotation

Things we didn’t like

  • ​The ball joint is weak
  • ​Does not work well on bumps

Final Impression

For such a shockingly low price, Ipow proves to be one of the best bike phones mount out there as it includes almost all features found in high-end bike mounts. To name a few, it has 2 silicone nets, rubber grooves, 3 diameter settings for handlebars and universal design.

​It is suitable to use mostly on stationary bikes and for light-duty rides. The ball joint is somewhat weak in design, so your phone might tilt during high-speed cycling or bumpy rides. Hence, it is recommended for light-duty use and not for aggressive adventures.

​5. Widras Bike Mount Phone Holder

Widras Bike Mount Bicycle Phone Holder

Out of all bike mounts in this review, Widras Bike Phone Mount is considerably pricey, given its premium construction.

Main highlights of Widras phone holder includes anti-shock feature and easy setup.

In a short period, Widras has managed to sweep the market and appeal customers with its hi-tech and creative design.

Silicone Bands and Rubber Grip

Widras offers 2 Silicone bands in eye-popping red and black colors, it goes around corners of your phone and secures it. Out of these two, you can use anyone at a time.

Universal mount fits devices that are 2.2” up to 3.7” wide.

The area where your phone mount have Rubber Grips to prevent it from trembling, thereby providing a tight grip. It also serves another purpose of preventing your phone from scratches.

Strong Circular Clamp 

Circular mount on the back also features 3 rubber walls for anti-slip and anti-scratch grip on handlebars. This mount can be adjusted to fit handlebars from 0.9” to 1.3” in diameter.

There’s a metal bolt provided, with which can squeeze the clamp shut onto the handlebar.

Unlike complicated bike mounts, Widras bike mount hardly requires 45 seconds to attach onto bikes. No tools and no assembly required whatsoever.

​All in all, it’s a breeze to set up and disassemble it!

360-degree Rotation

Rotatable Cradle on Widras bike mount allows you to rotate it in 360 degrees and adjust to precise viewing angle!

Widras has backed their smart bike mount with one year of warranty and 100% refund policy.

Customer Reviews

Buyers took Widras bike phone mount through several bumpy rides, yet it managed to secure the phone tightly and protect it from slipping.

Much loved feature about this bike mount is its simple design and how easy it is to install. No need to assemble its parts and no installation tools required.

​Customers claim that it outperforms its high price.

Things we liked

  • ​Rubber Clips to absorb vibrations
  • ​Includes 2 Silicone bands
  • ​Fits up to 3.7” wide phones
  • ​Extremely easy to install
  • ​360-degree rotation
  • ​1-year warranty

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Some users have complained of stem breaking in just a few uses
  • ​Not ideal for large phones

Final Impression

Widras gives substantial attention to details, as it offers anti-shock design and aids quick installation.

Those of you who don’t mind its expensive price tag will surely appreciate its premium construction and secure design. Rubber clips and silicon bands work to absorb shocks, protect your phone from scratches and hold it securely.

​Overall, it is sturdy, durable and reliable to use on bikes, strollers and few motorcycles.

Features to Consider Before Buying A Bike Phone Mounts

Below given are significant factors you need to consider before getting your best bike phone mount.

Handlebar diameter 

Most of the bike phone mounts install onto handlebars of your bike.

To get a precise fit, you need to make sure the mount is of the correct size. Regular bikes and mountain bikes have handlebars from 1” up to 1.25” diameter.

Almost all bike mounts will fit these standard diameters, but always make sure to check the size before buying.

Phone compatibility

Universal mounts are desirable to choose, as they will fit most of the devices, be it small or large. This is especially great for buyers who keep changing their phone model.

Make sure you check the maximum width the mount can fit. Most of them only widen up to 3.5”.

​All of the bike mounts mentioned in this review are Universal brackets that will fit most iPhone and Android devices.

Mounting Methods

Different types of bike mounts are designed with different purposes in mind.

There are 3 major types of mounting methods found in bike mounts. Choose the one that suits your cycling needs:

– Bike Phone Case: This option is great when you don’t use a water-resistant or shatter-proof phone case.

The mount in itself comes with a case to protect your phone from potential threats. Such case is ideal for mountain bikers and cyclists who ride on all types of terrain and use one specific device.

Case and mounting block are strongly connected. Hence, such a mounting method is most secure out of all.

– Universal Mount: Universal Bike mount is an incredible choice for people who want their bike mount to fit different-sized devices, small and large both.

People who already use a protective case or who change their phone model frequently can choose such type of mount to reap its maximum benefits. It does not come with a case but has an adjustable bracket that narrows or widens to fit most smartphones.

– Frame Bag: As the name suggests, frame bag will cradle your phone as well as other small items such as keys, flashlight, etc.

This will keep your handlebar clean, as it attaches lower down onto the bike’s frame. As compared to other two mounting methods, this provides the least protection to your phone on bumps. And, it is also not ideal if you want to access your phone’s screen for navigation.

Waterproof body

Overexposure to bad weather elements can cause poor-quality bike mounts to degrade in no time, especially those made from rubber materials.

The Best bike phone mount is the one that can withstand little puddle jumps, slight drizzle or humid weather.

Look for bike mounts made from waterproof hard plastic bodies, featuring strong silicone bands.


High-end bike mounts are made from steel or aluminum bodies, boasting excellent durability.  As for average bike mounts, most of them feature a hard plastic frame that can last for up to a year or two.

If you’re unwilling to compromise with durability, you can opt for steel-made, high-priced models.

But for infrequent rides, you can go for hard plastic mounts as they are durable as well. Another advantage of hard plastic bike mounts is that they are lightweight, waterproof and won’t rust when they get wet.

Low Profile Design

Nothing is more annoying than a bike mount that sticks out too high and hinders with your range of view.

Some cyclists might like this feature as it provides better access to your phone, but others might find it obstructive.

​Low-profile bike mount sits low to the bike’s handlebar and is less likely to get stuck with something. Also, low-profile design happens to be more stable, as it won’t shake much.


Selecting a bike phone mount greatly depends on the type of cycling you engage in. For smooth rides, you might want to go for flexible phone mounts that rotate 360 degrees and allow angle adjustments.

But for rocky terrain, cyclists might prefer a stable mount that does not move at all. It depends on your personal preference.

But keep in mind that, flexible design generally features ball and socket joint, which need frequent checking and tightening.

Quick Installation

There’s nothing more impressive than a bike mount that’s easy to install and remove.

Every rider would want a bike phone mount that’s easy to attach and doesn’t demand to assemble of parts.

So, look for a mount that comes already assembled and requires minimal tools for installation.

Quick Release for Phone

Just like quick installation, your best bike phone mount must also allow immediate release of mobile.

Few bike mounts in this review come with a “Quick release” button; all you need to do is press it, and the phone will be released in no time.

Secure Grip

Some phone mounts only feature adjustable side clamp with foam fillers. While few others additionally provide silicone nets for extra protection.

Side clamp will provide two-point grip to your phone, but silicone net secures over your phone at all 4 corners and provides a six-point grip altogether with a clamp.

The later one is more strong, secure and reliable, especially for rough terrain rides.

FAQS regarding Bike Phone Mounts

Q. Why do you need a Bike Phone Mount?

Bicycle rides can be full of bumps and dips. Often, smartphones are not shatterproof and might undergo irreparable damage, if you happen to tip your bike.

That’s where you can use your best bike phone holder.

They are robustly designed to secure your phone, so you can access it for navigation or track your training metrics.

Not to mention, they are much more affordable than a cycling computer.

Q. How to install bike phone mount?

Most of the bicycle phone holder are considerably easy to install.

  • All you need to do is attach it onto the bike’s handlebar, screw the flipper to tighten ball and socket joint.
  • Side Clamp will generally clip on/off with the help of a release button.

​If there’s a silicone net provided, you can strap it over your phone for extra security.


The best bike phone mount is a “must-have” accessory when you’re outfitting your bicycle. You can get with its quick access to your phone to check riding stats, see GPS maps and so many other things while on the go!

Recreational cyclists and even pro bikers are going to love bike phone mounts that keep your phone secure during rides. All of the bike phone mounts mentioned in this review are Universal brackets. They are lightweight, low-profile, super affordable and a breeze to install.

We think Roam Co-Pilot is the best bike phone mount by far, given its amazing build quality and oversized clamp.

What sets it apart from the competition is its large clamp that fits bicycles as well as motorcycles.

​Other main highlights of Co-Pilot include its universal design and flexible silicone net that grips your phone snugly.

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